How to equip same item multiple times in Alien Worlds

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If you’ve ever tried to equip a same item multiple times in Alien Worlds, you’ve probably noticed that it is not possible to do it via the in-game built UI. Alien Worlds interface prevents you from doing so, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible – it is just slightly inconvenient.

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Here’s how to equip multiple same items by using a little bit of WAX’s blockchain magic:

  1. Go to the and keep your WAX wallet open
  2. On WAX Bloks search for the m.federation user. This is the official WAX account that holds Alien Worlds smart contracts
  3. Click on Contract tab and then on the Actions tab
  4. Click on the setbag smart contract
  5. Enter the contract data:
    1. account field should be filled with your WAX wallet name (the one ending in .wam)
    2. items field should be filled with a list of item IDs that you want to equip. It should be formatted as a JavaScript array: ["12345", "12345", "12345"]. You should replace the 12345 numbers with ID numbers of tools you want to equip. You can only equip 3 tools at the same time.
  6. Click Submit Transaction
  7. Verify the transaction
  8. The tools should now be equipped. Refresh your Alien Worlds tab to see them in action.
How to equip same item multiple times in Alien Worlds

How to find item IDs

You can find item IDs in your WAX Wallet’s NFT library. Here’s a screenshot of the ID you’re looking for:

Rules of the smart contract

The setbag smart contract has a few rules that have to be honored in order for this to work:

  • You need to own the items you want to equip
  • You can only equip tools (shovels, extractors, etc)
  • You can’t equip your tools to someone else’s bag

Can I get banned for using multiple tools at the same time?

No, you cannot. Multiple tools are allowed in Alien Worlds and the only thing standing between you and using them is the in-game UI. The setbag smart contract is the source of truth and it allows them to be used.

Parting words

Now that you know how to equip the same tool multiple time, check out our Alien World Tools Ultimate Guide to get a better understanding of tool mechanics, stats and formulas. You may be also interested in ways of earning WAX tokens by trading TLM and purchasing better tools with WAX.

And that’s it! Happy mining!





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