Alien Worlds

How to trade Alien Worlds TLM tokens

If you just started playing Alien Worlds, you’re probably not sure how to get better mining tools. The best way to get better tools is not by spending your real money, but by converting TLM – Alien World’s in-game currency – into WAX tokens.

WAX Tokens are used for purchasing items on various marketplaces on the WAX Blockchain, among which the biggest one is the AtomicHub.

How to sell TLM for WAX tokens

The easiest way to monetize your TLM coins is by using an exchange built on the WAX blockchain. We recommend the WAX Alcor exchange.

Go to the Alcor exchange TLM WAX market and login with your WAX wallet

Set a price in WAX in the price box for which you want to sell your TLM for or use the Market Price option to trade at the currently best available price

We recommend using the Market Price if you want to get WAX instantly

Set the amount in TLM you want to sell in the amount box

Check the total WAX you are going to get in the total box

Press sell and sign the transaction

When your sell order gets executed (should be pretty instant), you will have WAX tokens and your TLM will be gone

Now that you have WAX tokens, you can decide what to spend them on. We recommend buying new tools via the AtomicHub market place. Check out our Ultimate guide to Alien World Tools before spending WAX.

You can go to AtomicHub and check the Alien worlds tool schema to buy any equipment you need. Once you buy the equipment, it will appear in your inventory.

If you want, you can purchase multiple same items and use our How to equip same item multiple times in Alien Worlds guide to use them.

Multiple Standard Shovel builds incoming!

How to sell TLM on Binance

Another way to sell Trillium (TLM) is via Binance and Binance Smart Chain. In order to get Trillium out of Alien Worlds you need to use the Teleport function. We won’t go in depth about it, please check the official Medium post by the Alien Worlds development team on the topic.