Alien Worlds Tools Guide

Ultimate guide to Alien World Tools

In order to farm Trillium (TLM) in Alien Worlds, you need to have equipped tools. Tools come in various configurations – some yield more TLM, some increase your chance to get a NFT, some reduce the Proof of Work requirement (POW).

This is a complete guide to Alien Worlds tools, including stats, recommended builds and formulas that describe the mechanics behind mining. Check our our Complete guide to Alien Worlds Lands for more information on Lands.

Tools basics

  • You can equip up to 3 tools at any given time
  • You can equip the same tool multiple times, but they need to be different NFTs
  • Tools vary in usage. Most builds focus on balanced TLM and NFT gains, but there are outliers to this rule
  • Every Alien Worlds player starts with a Standard Shovel

Tools stats explained

Standard Drill

Each Alien Worlds Tool has 4 stats that you need to be aware of:

  • TLM mining multiplier – top left corner of the tool shows a multiplier that this tool gives you when mining at a planet. The higher the number, the more TLM you will farm each time
  • NFT luck multiplier – bottom right corner of the tool. Similar to the TLM mining multiplier, this number increases your chances to get a NFT drop.
  • POW multiplier – bottom left corner. Every time you mine, your device needs to obtain a proof of work. This slows down your mining process, especially on mobile, and especially if you’re not using a WAX Wallet address. A higher number here will reduce the time you’re waiting on the Mining screen and reduce the number of stalls there.
  • Charge time (seconds) – the textual portion of the tool describes how long the tool needs to recharge before being used again. Different tools have different times, and the game sums the charge times of two of your slowest tools to calculate the total recharge time.

The following table shows stats for every tool in Alien Worlds, sorted by rarity:

IDNameRarityMax IssuanceTypeCharge time (sec)POWTLMNFT luckTLM efficiencyNFT efficiencyTotal efficiency
EQ028AI ExcavatorMythical128Extractor30065553.33%100.00%153.33%
EQ029Waxtural ProcessorMythical128Manipulator24001202526.67%62.50%89.17%
EQ027Lucky DrillLegendary1024Extractor160051100.00%37.50%137.50%
EQ024Exlian StaffLegendary1024Exotool720210644.44%50.00%94.44%
EQ026Particle Beam ColliderLegendary1024Manipulator1300415836.92%36.92%73.85%
EQ025Quantum DrillLegendary1024Extractor4500440528.44%6.67%35.11%
EQ020Advanced TDEpic2048Manipulator8022.50100.00%0.00%100.00%
EQ021RD9000 ExcavatorEpic2048Extractor24027093.33%0.00%93.33%
EQ022Localised AttractorEpic2048Manipulator45016542.67%66.67%109.33%
EQ019Quark SeparatorEpic2048Explosive45000351224.89%16.00%40.89%
EQ018Causian AttractorEpic2048Manipulator66020100.00%90.91%90.91%
EQ012Large CapacitorRare4096Manipulator1440020344.44%12.50%56.94%
EQ015Artunian ShovelRare4096Extractor750210542.67%40.00%82.67%
EQ017Barrel DiggerRare4096Extractor70027732.00%60.00%92.00%
EQ016Large ExplosiveRare4096Explosive36000301026.67%16.67%43.33%
EQ014Glavor DiscRare4096Manipulator30011410.67%80.00%90.67%
EQ011Draxos AxeRare4096ExoTool4203167.62%85.71%93.33%
EQ013Processing RingRare4096Manipulator6001185.33%80.00%85.33%
EQ008Basic Trilium DetectorCommon16384Manipulator17014075.29%0.00%75.29%
EQ005Infused ExtractorCommon16384Extractor36018071.11%0.00%71.11%
EQ003Power ExtractorCommon16384Extractor27015159.26%22.22%81.48%
EQ004Gasrigged ExtractorCommon16384Extractor54009253.33%22.22%75.56%
EQ010Power SawCommon16384Manipulator36016253.33%33.33%86.67%
EQ006Basic ExplosiveCommon16384Explosive1200018148.00%5.00%53.00%
EQ002Standard DrillAbundantUnlimitedExtractor120120.753.33%35.00%88.33%
EQ007Standard CapacitorAbundantUnlimitedManipulator75110.542.67%40.00%82.67%
EQ001Standard ShovelAbundantUnlimitedExtractor80010.540.00%37.50%77.50%

The data is also available as an infographic:

Alien Worlds Tool Stats

Formulas that determine TLM and NFT yield in Alien Worlds

As we already mentioned, each tool has 4 different stats that are applied in Alien Worlds. These stats determine the amount of TLM you will mine, the chance to get a NFT and the overall delay before you can mine again.

The following image describes the exact formulas behind these mechanics:

Alien Worlds Tools Formula
How multiple tools work in Alien Worlds
  • Mining Power = Land TLM Multiplier * (Sum of tool mining powers)
  • Chance of NFT = Land NFT Multiplier * (Sum of tool NFT luck)
  • Charge time = Land Charge Multiplier * (Sum of two largest tool charge times)

In essence, when you have three tools equipped, your fastest tool will not be taken into consideration when calculating the total charge time you have to wait.

Let’s see how these formulas work on these two Lands if you mine only with a Standard Shovel:

Alien Worlds Tool stats

The Standard Shovel has 1x TLM, 0.5x NFT and 80 seconds Charge time. Here’s the resulting calculation:

  • Plains
    • Your total TLM multiplier is 0.6 * 1 = 0.6
    • Your total NFT multiplier is 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25
    • Your total charge time is 80 * 0.7 = 56 seconds
  • Active Volcano
    • Your total TLM multiplier is 2.5 * 1 = 2.5
    • Your total NFT multiplier is 2.5 * 2.5 = 0.125
    • Your total charge time is 80 * 5.0 = 400 seconds

Of course, there’s more to this, as the underlying formula takes into account the current mining pool size on a particular planet. You can see what the pot size is on each planet by visiting Alien World’s official Grafana dashboard.

Your mining power gets multiplied with the planet’s mining pot in order to calculate the amount of TLM each mining attempt will yield.

What about Proof of work reduction? Well, it’s a simple way of reducing the time you’re stuck on the mining screen. Some lands – such as Plains – are more difficult to mine than others, and you can often wait quite a substantial amount of time in order to mine them.

It’s worth investing in POW reducing tools, but not at the start of the game. Just farm lands that have 0 POW requirement, and there’s plenty of those. Check out the AWStats website for more information.

How to get tools?

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Parting words

We won’t leave you out for dry now that we got you interested, so take a look at these guides as well:

Good luck in your mining adventures!