Beginners guide to Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is an uniqe nft/yield farming game based on Polygon network in which you control your aavegotchi (small & cute spirit) in series of small gaming assignments which in turn generates passive income for you. All of the games are yet to be announced but the gotchies are already here so what can we do with them for now?

The aavegotchi ecosystem token is Aavegotchi (GHST) which has an unique bonding curve system which controls its price by increasing and decreasing supply of coins making the price relatively stable. You can read more about it here. The GHST coin is used everywhere in the ecosystem but mostly for staking and buying and trading gotchies, portals, wearables and tickets on in game market.

Now, first go to Aavegotchi to what it is all about. There is also official wikipedia where you can find tons of content regarding the game and the active Discord server where you can get help regarding mostly anything.

How to get a gotchi and what do do with it?

First, you can go to their web page and get either a portal (from which you summon a gotchi) or buy a gotchi from their ingame market (called Baazaar). Another alternative is waiting for the new “haunt” (aavegotchi portal generation – date TBA) as that would be a cheaper option. Cheapest gotchies on the Bazaar as for now are about 400$ which is actually a lot so we hope they have new “haunts” soon and they become more affordable to new players.

After you get a gotchi you need to equip it with wearables to make it more rare (get a higher absolute rarity score or ARS) as the goal is to have the rarest possible gotchi which of course demands investing more money in the game but can also give nice returns. Now you are ready to play the game (or at least participate before new game missions are announced) and earn some passive income.

So how can we actually earn that income?

First you have the option of staking your $GHST coins on aavegotchi web page. By staking at the 3 pool options you actually earn “frends” (in game currency) which can be used to participate in the nft lottery which can give you some really cool and valuable wearables, or just to sell your lottery tickets on the market which is also not a bad option as frends->tickets->ghst selling gives about 100% APY (annual percentage yield), depending additionally on which pool you choose.

The second option is using your gotchi, there are three leaderboards which earn you income: rarity score (most rewarding), kinship and XP. Here is the beta leaderboard. Kinship is just interacting often with your gotchi and getting points so everyone can do it, XP is won by playing games and using XP potions and rarity is gotchies/wearables combinations which requires and earns the most $GHST coins. That’s it, you are ready to try the game and have fun.



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