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Top 3 Mining Builds for Alien Worlds Beginners

Howdy, miners! In order to help you get started with farming Trillium (TLM), we’ve prepared the top three builds for absolute beginners in Alien Worlds.

All three builds require no upfront investment of real money and are guaranteed to give you a steady progression path in the early stages of your Alien Worlds adventure.

This guide focuses only on mining Trillium – it is possible to get NFTs while using these builds, but they are not optimized for the task, so consider any NFT drops a bonus when using those.

We are of the strong opinion that beginners should aim at mining TLM, as it ensures a steady influx of WAX tokens (check our How to trade Alien Worlds TLM tokens guide) and unlocks the progression path to better tools.

You should definitely read our Ultimate guide to Alien World Tools and Complete guide to Alien Worlds Lands before diving in. We will describe each build first and then do a comparison between these builds on a typical land.

All of the items in this build can be bought on the AtomicHub marketplace.

Three Standard Shovels

Alien Worlds Standard Shovel
Standard Shovel

The Three Shovels build focuses on the most common mining item available in Alien Worlds – the Standard Shovel. The Standard Shovel is a terrible item on its own, but it is also dirt cheap and you can triple the amount of TLM mining for almost nothing.

So what do you need to do? You need to buy and equip three shovels mate. Actually, you only need to buy two, since you got one when you started playing.

Buy the two missing shovels and equip them following our How to equip same item multiple times in Alien Worlds guide.

Your mining stats with this build are as follows:

  • Mining power: 3%
  • NFT power: 1.5%
  • Charge time: 160s

Standard Capacitor and Two Standard Shovels

Standard Capacitor

The Standard Capacitor is a slight upgrade over the typical Standard Shovel as it’s 5 seconds faster and gives you 1 PoW power. TLM and NFT power remain the same, so there is no increase in TLM amount farm.

Yes, this build is identical to the Three Shovels builds in terms of TLM output, but you are guaranteed less stalls in the mining screen.

Your mining stats with this build are as follows:

  • Mining power: 3%
  • NFT power: 1.5%
  • POW power: 1
  • Charge time: 160s

Standard Drill, Standard Capacitor and Standard Shovel

Standard Drill

Our third mining build for beginners is focused around a new item – the Standard Drill. The Standard Drill is unfortunately quite expensive these days, but it is a significant step up from the previously mentioned items.

Unlike the Capacitor and Shovel, the Standard Drill gives you 2 Mining power and 0.7 NFT power, with the added benefit of having an additional 1 in Proof of Work reduction. It does carry a higher charge time – 120 seconds – but it’s well worth the difference.

Overall, the Standard Drill is the best item for beginners when it comes to farming TLM.

Your mining stats with this build are as follows:

  • Mining power: 4%
  • NFT power: 1.7%
  • POW power: 2
  • Charge time: 180s

Parting words

All three builds are aimed at complete beginners and people just starting out with Alien Worlds, but they do allow a relatively smooth transition path. When you start out, go first for the three shovels and then slowly progress towards a better build.

As time goes by and you earn more TLM, you can replace lower tier items with Standard Drills and increase your TLM output from the initial 3% to 6% in total. That’s not bad, and sets you up to grow further.

We strongly recommend you check out our How to earn money by playing Alien Worlds and How to trade Alien Worlds TLM tokens guides if you’re really serious about playing and earning from Alien Worlds.

Again, check out our other guides for Alien Worlds and make sure you’re ready for your mining adventure.

Good luck!