Complete guide to Alien Worlds Lands

    Lands are an essential element of Alien Worlds, as they allow players to mine and collect Trillium (TLM). In order to mine, you need to select a Land which will be mined and a set of tools that will be used for mining.

    Alien Worlds Lands are owned by players. Players can set a commission percentage that they get every time another player mines on their Land. You can buy Lands on the AtomicHub marketplace, or during special events called Land sales.

    Lands are distributed across Alien World Planets and not every type of Land is available on every planet. The Land that you mine on is equally important element of your build as your tools.

    Land stats and formulas

    Alien Worlds Land Stats

    Each Land has stats that determine the following:

    • TLM multiplier determines how much Trillium you will get,
    • NFT luck multiplier determines the chance to get a NFT drop from mining,
    • Charge time multiplier determines how long you will have to wait until mining again,
    • and POW reduction determines how difficult is to mine the land

    The total amount of Trillium (TLM) you can mine in a single is calculated based on the following formula which accounts for Land and the tools used:

    Mining Power = Land Multiplier * (Sum of Tools' Mining powers)

    Mining Reward = Mining Power * Planet's Mining Pot

    Similarly, your chance to get a NFT is calculated as follows:

    Chance of NFT = Land Multiplier * (Sum of Tools' NFT Luck)

    And lastly, the total charge time since last mine is calculated with the following formula:

    Charge time = Land Multiplier * (Sum of two largest tool charge times)

    The Proof of Work reduction (POW) makes it easier to mine by reducing the waiting time on the mining screen and preventing stalls from occurring there. Lands like Grasslands and Plains are very easy to farm, but offer low rewards.

    List of Alien World Lands with stats

    Land NameCharge multiplierPoW reductionTLM multiplierNFT multiplier
    Active Volcano502.52.5
    Methane Swampland3.502.32.3
    Dormant Volcano2.502.11.2
    Icy Mountains201.91.7
    Rocky Coastline201.81.8
    Icy Desert1.711.71
    Geothermal Springs1.501.60.8
    Rocky Desert201.61.9
    Small Island2.101.52.2
    Inland River1.501.41.3
    Mushroom Forest201.42.2
    Sandy Coastline1.501.31.8
    Tree Forest1.301.21
    Grass Coastline1.1011
    Rocky Crater1.2111.2
    Sandy Desert1.2211.1

    Planets and Lands

    As mentioned above, each Planet in Alien Worlds holds a specific set of Lands. Not all Lands are available on every planet:

    Alien Worlds land per planet distribution

    How Lands compare to each other

    Alien World Lands with stats

    Each Alien World Land has its ups and downs, especially when deciding what type of player you want to be and what you need at the moment. Lands with higher Charge Time multipliers are more favoured by players who prefer longer AFK sessions.

    In order to help you out figure out where to mine, here’s a short list of best Lands for a given scenario. The stats and calculations for these charts were provided by Vulpes, a group of Alien Worlds players that help out new players.

    Best Lands to mine Trillium

    The best Lands to mine Trillium are Lands with medium charge times and high TLM multipliers:

    1.Geothermal Springs1.51.6100.00%
    2.Icy Desert1.71.793.75%
    3.Icy Mountains21.989.06%
    4.Inland River1.51.487.50%
    5.Tree Forest1.31.286.54%

    Bets Lands to mine NFTs

    The best Lands to mine NFTs are Lands with medium charge times and high NFT multipliers:

    #NameChargeNFTNFT Efficiency
    1.Sandy Coastline1.51.8100.00%
    2.Mushroom Forest22.291.67%
    3.Small Island2.12.287.30%
    5.Rocky Crater1.21.283.33%

    Best Lands to mine overall

    The best of the best, or in other words, Lands which are perfect if you want a good balance between the amount of TLM mined and the chance to get a NFT are as follows:

    #NameChargeTLMNFTTLM EfficiencyNFT EfficiencyTotal Efficiency
    1.Sandy Coastline1.51.31.881.25%100.00%181.25%
    3.Rocky Crater1.211.278.13%83.33%161.46%
    4.Grass Coastline1.11185.23%75.76%160.98%
    5.Icy Mountains21.91.789.06%70.83%159.90%

    Map of Alien Worlds Lands

    Alien Worlds Land Map across all planets

    As we already mentioned, Alien Worlds Lands are distributed across different planets in the Alien Worlds universe. In order to get a fast overview of every planet, we recommend you use the Alien Worlds Interactive Land Map on

    For convenience reasons and because we know our readers love Legendary items, we’re listing all of the available Legendary Alien Worlds Lands below:

    VelesLegendaryMushroom Forest on Veles21.402.21013
    KavianLegendaryPlains on Kavian0.70.620.52511
    KavianLegendaryPlains on Kavian0.70.620.52411
    VelesLegendaryMushroom Forest on Veles21.402.21112
    NeriLegendaryGrassland on Neri10.921295
    KavianLegendaryTree Forest on Kavian1.31.2012710
    NeriLegendaryActive Volcano on Neri52.502.5189
    KavianLegendaryMushroom Forest on Kavian21.402.2279
    MagorLegendaryIcy Mountains on Magor21.901.7182
    EyekeLegendaryActive Volcano on Eyeke52.502.593
    EyekeLegendaryActive Volcano on Eyeke52.502.5104
    KavianLegendaryTree Forest on Kavian1.31.2012611
    EyekeLegendaryRocky Desert on Eyeke21.601.9617
    MagorLegendaryIcy Mountains on Magor21.901.72219
    NaronLegendarySandy Coastline on Naron1.51.301.81710
    NaronLegendarySmall Island on Naron2.11.502.2511
    KavianLegendaryMushroom Forest on Kavian21.402.276
    NaronLegendarySandy Coastline on Naron1.51.301.81811
    NeriLegendaryGrassland on Neri10.921297

    Parting words and additional reading

    We hope this guide tells you everything you need to know about Alien Worlds lands. We recommend checking out the following links if you’re looking for more information:

    Good luck miners!


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