How to earn money by playing Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

A complete guide to earning money by playing Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds is a crypto game about space exploration, Trillium mining and fighting other explorers while doing it.

Alien Worlds TLM currency is publicly traded on Binance and other crypto markets, making it safe and convenient to get USDT if you have TLM. There are a few ways to earn in Alien Worlds:

  1. Mining for Trillium (TLM)
  2. Selling Aliens World NFTs
  3. Buying a Land in Alien Worlds

Mining for Trillium

Alien Worlds Tools Guide

Mining is a core activity in Alien Worlds, and much of the game’s economy revolves around Trillium staking, mining and conversion. Naturally, you have to mine, as mining also rewards NFTs.

Our Ultimate guide to Alien World Tools and Complete guide to Alien Worlds Lands should get you up to speed on the two main aspects of mining – tools and lands – and you should definitely check out the Top 3 Mining Builds for Alien Worlds Beginners if this TLM mining is the way you want to earn.

How much you can earn from mining in Alien Worlds?

As a complete beginner, you can earn around 1 USD per hour:

  • Players usually mine for 1 hour per day, as the process gets rather boring rather quickly
  • With a typical beginner’s build, you will complete roughly 15 mining attempts during that hour
  • On average, each mining attempt will give you ~0.15 TLM (with a medium charge time land)
  • That results in 2.25 TLM per hour, which is roughly 1 USD per hour
  • You can teleport TLM to Binance by using the Alien Worlds Teleport protocol and complete the trade there

This seems pretty low, but do remember that we’re talking about earnings you can get as soon as you start playing the game.

Advanced players have access to better mining tools which reward more TLM per mine, so their earnings can easily go from 1 USD to 6 – 10 USD per hour.

Selling Alien Worlds NFTs

AtomicHub – buy and sell Alien Worlds items

A natural byproduct of mining Trillium is having a chance to get NFTs. Every time you mine, the game calculates your chance to get a NFT and rewards you if you’re lucky.

The chance to get a NFT depends on your tools and the land that you’re mining on, and ranges from 0.5% to roughly 20% with the best tools.

Here’s how to earn from selling NFTs in Alien Worlds:

Buying a Land in Alien Worlds

In addition to mining and selling NFTs, players can invest in owning a part of Alien Worlds. Lands are super expensive, but for those loaded with cash, it can be a viable way of earning side income.

In no circumstances would we recommend rushing in and buying a Land in Alien Worlds if you’re just starting out. Take your time to play the game and figure out what is the best approach for you.

With that said, here’s how to own a piece of Alien Worlds universe:

  • Go to AtomicHub and filter out Lands in the Alien Worlds collection
  • Find a Land you like and don’t buy it yet
  • Check out the AW Stats website which tracks Landowner earnings from mining and see if your land is popular among players
  • If it is, buy it, set commission and sit back and enjoy

It’s hard to project how much you can earn from owning a Land, as it depends on the overall in-game activity and player interest in your land. However, most Lands we checked earn around 30-50 TLM per day.