My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Guide

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.

Inspired by successful games, such as Animal Crossing, the game combines the best of the two worlds – a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFT’s, even if they have no idea what an NFT is.

My Neighbor Alice is not just a game for blockchain players. But it’s a game that could
introduce blockchain to millions of players. Check out the game play before reading the rest of this guide:

And now, My Neighbor Alice is hosting a Land Sale that could become very profitable in the months ahead. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to the game and the upcoming land sale format.

How to participate in My Neighbor Alice land sale

The basics

  • You need to have ALICE or CHR tokens. Preferably on Metamask, or anywhere else where you can connect to Binance Smart Chain
  • My Neighbor Alice land sale takes place on the land sale website, where you can stake ALICE and CHR tokens for a chance to buy a plot in MNA.
  • Not everyone will be able to buy a land plot, as the developers opted in for a lottery system. During the land sale event there will be 927, or approximately 5% of the plots in the ‘Nature’s Rest’ biome up for sale (source). 
  • To be eligible to win, you need to have lottery tickets, winning tickets will be drawn at random.

The following is a list of required steps for participation:

  1. Users must deposit 20 ALICE tokens in order to register their address. If the user is selected in the land sale lottery, these tokens will be used as a payment for the plot of land. If the user is unlucky and does not win, they may leave these tokens deposited for the next land sale or withdraw them.
  2. A few days after the lottery portal goes live, the 14 day ‘staking for tickets’ phase will begin.
  3. Depositing 20 ALICE tokens will automatically generate 20 tickets per day of staking for the user. In theory, you can win a plot of land simply by staking 20 ALICE. However, staking extra ALICE and/or CHR will generate extra tickets and give you a higher chance of being selected.
  4. Users receive one additional ticket per 1 ALICE staked, per day. ALICE tokens are staked directly in the land sale dashboard.

How to get lottery tickets?

  • In order to get Lottery tickets, you need to stake ALICE or CHR (Chromia) tokens.
    • CHR tokens can be staked using
    • ALICE tokens can be staked using the land sale dashboard (not yet live)
  • Users earn tickets at the following rate:
    • 1 ticket per day per 1 ALICE staked,
    • 1 ticket per day per 20 CHR staked
  • Once the ALICE Land sale website goes live, 14 days of staking will commence, with the land sale immediately following that 14 day period.

How many tokens do I need?

  • Land plots will cost 20 ALICE each. You need to deposit this using the dashboard to be eligible for the lottery. If you win, the amount will be deducted. If you are unlucky, you can choose to leave it for the next land sale lottery, or withdraw it.
  • Your deposit entitles you to twenty tickets per day during the lottery period, but you can receive more tickets by staking ALICE or CHR. You will receive one additional ticket per day during the staking period for every 1 ALICE or 20 CHR staked.
  • We recommend going in with 20 ALICE tokens and staking them
  • The more tickets you have, the higher the chance that you will be a winner, but it is only possible to win one plot per address and deposit.

Note: In order to be eligible for the draw, you need to leave your deposit and stake untouched up until the draw. Attempting to withdraw tokens before the lottery draw will result in the loss of the accumulated tickets. It is possible to increase the amount of tokens staked at any time.

What can I do with a land in My Neighbor Alice?

You can buy and sell lands both on the in-game marketplace as well as on third-party NFT exchanges. As a landowner, you could also rent out the land to make a profit.

Land will be a foundational asset in My Neighbour Alice. It will be the space in which much of the gameplay will take place, as well as being a canvas for player customisation and self-expression.

So… if the game goes big, and with Binance’s backing it could, you own a part of the game world.