NBA Top Shot Tools and Resources

In this article we will show you all the tools, resources and links you need if you want to take part in collecting NBA Top Shot moments. This tools will help you a lot in understanding the value of your cards and the ones you are thinking about buying.

If you still don’t know what NBA Top Shot is, first check out our intro. To know more about the games current popularity you can check dappradar. So we got that settled, now it is time to start learning about collecting.

First of all, you need to know how to fund your Dapper wallet. It can be done via credit card or via crypto. You can use any crypto wallet you have that supports $BTC, $ETH, $BCH, $USDT or $USDT. Soon $FLOW will be added also. All payments go via Coinbase wallet which is just a proxy to getting your funds to Dapper wallet.

Be aware of fees which are usually in the range of 10-15$ but hopefully that will also be the thing of the past after $FLOW payment implementation.

Now you should get some “moments”. The easiest and cheapest way is getting packs which drop weekly. The other way is buying the “moments” of the marketplace from other collectors. We will focus on that now as it is hard to know and understand the true values of “moments” without having some extra information.

We will give you the few tools that should help you a lot with building up your collection. Some of them overlap a bit but that just means you can pick your favorite site for tracking everything.

Tools and Resources

The best resources that we found for tracking the marketplace are:

  1. Cryptoslam – here you can track all the latest sales that have been done; you can also filter it or sort it however you want so you can for instance check the latest prices per some particular “moments” set, per NBA team, per play category, basically whatever “sort” you like you can get it
  2. Own the Moment – the complete and in depth marketplace analytics, for when you already have some info and want to be the real marketplace / trading expert you should track this site; you can find literally anything about marketplace trends here
  3. Evaluate market – three thing we like most about this page are Account valuation which tells you the total value of your collection; Challenges analysis which calculates the value of “moments” needed for completing a particular challenge; Moment analyzer where can learn everything about a particular player featured on the “moment” and / or all about the particular moment you choose
  4. Moment ranks – here you can see all the current collecting records like highest sales during some time or in some “set” or highest valuation accounts if you find that information interesting

This is mostly everything you need to know before hitting the marketplace so between this and our packs guide you are now ready to start your collection without fear you might overpay some “moment”. Now pick you favorite team, use the tools provided here and and have fun collecting your favorite NBA players in their best “moments”.