Top 3 NFT Projects coming in 2021

We decided to give you an introduction to which games we are most excited about coming this summer. Although there are a lot of new games coming to NFT world each day, three of them stand out with having the potential to have tens of thousands of users and be most enjoyable and lucrative to their players. We hope you will understand why we are so excited about them and join us in playing when the time comes and they become playable.


We already wrote about this game and there is a reason for that. With their $ILV coin already issued and trading in $40-50 mil range without even having a beta it speaks a lot. The (future) game can be found at, but besides some very good looking images there is not much to be found out about the game there.

There is not even a gameplay preview available anywhere, all we know it is an open-world RPG game with “Pokemon” type creatures, built on the Ethereum network. There is only a few images of creatures available as the sneak-peek for now:

Although there isn’t the actual gameplay available, the team looks serious and the in-game images look great. Comparing this to some other games we’ve seen makes us only more bullish.

The game’s beta will be coming in June of this year and the game itself should come out at the late summer of this year (probably September).

Meanwhile, staking of their tokens will be available soon and be sure to check their Discord to find out more news coming about the game and maybe snatching some airdrops.


Fanzone is a digital trading cards and collectible game based on $LUKSO network with which they already partnered with. That is why there are two things we are excited about regarding this game; launch of the game itself and launch of the $LUKSO mainnet which will come very soon. We will explain both of those things.

Fanzone, as we already said, is a digital trading cards game. Not much is known as of yet about the game, but we do know that they will start their collectibles with German (male & female) national football players. It is a game similar to the NBA Top Shot that we already talked about. Fans will be able to use their cards to compete in fantasy sports challenges and engage in head-to-head duels – fans activity in the game will be rewarded.

It is very likely that German players are only the first step and that they will spread to all football leagues and national teams – similar as Sorare already did. All things considered the team behind Fanzone looks good, they already have nice partnerships and the market looks more than ready for something like this. You can sign up for some news about the game and a chance for getting some free NFT cards here.

A few more words about $LUKSO – this is a really innovative NFT project which is built by Fabian Vogelsteller who is a well known figure in blockchain world. $LUKSO aims to give people unique digital identification and with that digital ownership over NFT-s.

They are also looking to get into digital fashion and as you already saw into digital gaming. We can’t wait for their mainnet to launch and expect a lot of cool new NFT games coming along with it.

Lost Relics

This is a Diablo style RPG that is already playable at Lost Relics. It has been in beta for over 2 years. So why are we excited about this? It is the most active Enjin game with its trading volume on Enjin marketplace surpassing everything by a lot so it might be a good idea to spend some time playing the game and getting those nice blockchain drops which you can trade.

We already tried the game and liked it a lot. It is built by only one man which makes it even more interesting.

At the moment they are building their own in house wallet which will eliminate those pesky ETH fees and bring wider adoption to the game. You can see how the game looks like below:

For those who don’t know that yet, Enjin is the biggest NFT ecosystem there is in crypto by far and new projects are coming there every week. With their L2 solution which will solve ETH gas problems they will eliminate their last obstacle in a wide adoption of users and new projects being deployed there.

Lost Relics as an already established game will for sure only rise in all ways together with it so check it out and get some blockchain drops out as soon as you can.


We hope you liked our choices, if we got your interest you can find Twitter profiles and Discord groups for each of these projects where you can read all about them and find some people to help you out regarding any questions.

Time of blockchain games and of Gaming NFT Ecosystems (like Enjin, Lukso, Flow, Gala… ) has only just begun and we think this will be a really exciting year regarding a bunch of great new games and projects overall.