Axie Infinity Builds and Breeding Guide

If you already read our intro to the game and tried to play it you probably saw that there are thousands of Axies combinations to play with. Those combinations also vary a lot in their combat abilities and their marketplace value. So why is that and how can you know what Axie do you need and which Axie should you get that is inside your budget? We will try to help you with that now. First of all check this to see the basics of Axie combinations that will help you to understand this article and you are good to go.


As you know, for Axies PvP and PvE battling you need three Axies. Long story short, as in every other RPG best thing to do is to have 1 tank (good at defending) at the front, 1 all arounder in the middle which you can tune more towards defending or attacking depending your wishes; and 1 damage dealer (good at attacking but fragile) at the back of your team. Here you can see some example of an Axies battles gameplay with some useful tips along the way.

There is so much Axie classes, how will you know which to pick for what?

For the tank role you should always target high HP Axie class and those are: Plant, Aquatic or a Reptile. Focus on the ones that have 55+ HP when selecting them from the marketplace. Another thing to look for is that they have parts from these three classes and that they have good moves (“cards”). You need the moves that actually do something that helps Axie to defend better and protect other teammates. For better understanding which are those check this tier list.

For an all arounder you need an Axie that is good at both attacking and defending and can often have some buff / debuff or support moves. Popular classes are Beast, Reptile or Bug but really you can use any class for this role depending on your play style. Aim for the support cards and use the tier list for cards provided above. The goal is to have cards that disrupt your opponent like poison, stun and similar. You can see them all on this link.

For the damage dealer look for moves that deal more than 100+ DMG per move (you can see that on the Axie card written on the left side inside a red circle). High speed is also a plus so Bird, Aquatic and Beast classes are often good for this role. This is an Axie that most often decides the outcome of your battle so take your time when picking it. Keep it protected with other Axies and give it the most damage output that you can.

You can also check some nice builds with good to have cards here. There is also a leaderboard where you can see some top players teams to give you more ideas.

Breeding guide

We will try to keep this as short as possible. The goal is to produce Axies that are useful in the battle and valuable on the market. You can read all you need to know about Axies in this article and combine that with builds you want to get that you learned about here.

So how do you breed them? Each Axie can be bred 7 times at the most with each breeding getting more and more expensive. Each breed costs 1 $AXS plus number of $SLP-s (for both parents cumulative) that can be seen on the image below.

1 potion image represents 100 Small Love Potions

Out of the two parent classes, offspring has 50/50% chance of being either of them. It takes 5 days (3 days to “petite Axie” and 2 more for “adult Axie”) and 3 interactions in total to have a full grown Axie. With the recent implementation of Ronin wallet the game will solve fees problems and this will become much easier and cheaper task.

There are also 3 types of genes when inheriting body parts:

  • Dominant(D): 37,5% chance to pass this gene to offspring
  • Recessive (R1): 9,375% chance to pass this gene to offspring
  • Minor Recessive(R2): 3,125% chance to pass this gene to offspring

Here is the calculator where you can just type your Axies ID and it will give you the % chance for every body part possible. Between this and Axie builds that we already explained you should know what to aim for when buying and breeding your Axies.

For some gameplay mechanics check some videos on Youtube and with all of this combined knowledge you are now more than ready to build you Axies team and start playing the game.



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