Niantic Peridot gameplay videos shared by official TikTok channel

Niantic Peridot

Niantic has released the first official gameplay videos for their upcoming AR mobile game, Peridot. The videos posted on TikTok (@playperidot) detail how Dots discover different food in different environments, how it looks when you interacting with a Peridot, and adopting your first Peridot works.

Peridot discovering food in different environments

The latest video showcases Dots discovering different food in different real-world environments. Niantic has shared earlier (source) that Dots can recognise different real-world surfaces such as dirt, sand, water, grass, and foliage and react to them accordingly.

We finally see this feature in action, as Peridots interact with concrete, water and grass.


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♬ original sound – Peridot

Peridot interacting with the player

The second video shows how cute Dots really are, but more importantly, it shows that Dots are aware of objects in the real world. Peridots can recognise tree branches, fixed surfaces and other material planes in our world. Niantic’s AR technology has come a long way from PokΓ©mon GO.


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♬ Cutest Pet on the Internet – Alto Key | Indie Artist

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Adopting your first Peridot

Niantic’s last gameplay video shows how it looks to adopt your first Peridot. Peridots animate when they’re hatched, and they look incredibly cute!


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♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Parting words

We’re excited to see the first glimpse of Niantic Peridot gameplay – it looks as cute as we imagined the new digital creatures game to be.

We are also excited for the potential that Niantic’s Lightship platform has for building new AR worlds and interactivity. Peridot seems to utilise a lot of Lightship’s Augmented Reality Developer Kit (ARDK) in creating immersive AR experiences that inspire movement, exploration, and interaction.

Niantic Lightship supports hundreds of millions of users through a client platform that sets a standard for AR, using segmented semantics, mapping, and multiplayer. We hope Peridot will be a successful showcase for the power of this platform.