Illuvium Beta: Gameplay, How to join, Requirements

Illuvium Beta Gameplay

Illuvium private beta is currently ongoing for a limited number of Discord members, but fortunately there are newly uploaded videos on YouTube that showcase how the game looks and how the Illuvium gameplay feels.

Illuvium is one of the most anticipated Web 3 video games on the market and rightfully so. This game has been advertised as one of the most advanced, most high quality games in crypto gaming’s history, with open world exploration, player versus player battles, and an intricate system of NFTs and tokenomics.

Illuvium Private Beta key information

  • Private Beta is invitation only, you need to pre-register to get access
  • Private Beta applies only to the main Illuvium Autobattler game that will be available on PC and Mac.
  • Illuvium: Zero, the mobile companion app for Land owners is not a part of this beta test. Learn more about the Illuvium Lands here: Illuvium Land Sale: Date, Prices, Rules and Format explained
  • You can increase your chances of getting an invitation by joining the Illuvium Discord server and actively participating in the discussions
  • English is the only supported language in the Private Beta phase
  • The beta takes place on the PC. Private Beta 1 will be PC only. Private Beta 2 will include Mac OS as well.
  • As the game is still in development and has not yet been fully optimized, higher end, more capable PCs will be selected to participate in the beta
  • You can learn more about Illuvium here: Illuvium: Everything you need to know and here First look at

Beta Gameplay

Although beta testers are required to sign a NDA with the developers, early gameplay footage has found its way on YouTube and Twitch. Here be Illuvials.

The beta is solely focused on PvE aspect of the game, with Survival being the only mode being right now.

In Survival, players assemble their teams and fight through endless waves of increasingly powerful Illuvials, creatures that inhabit the world of Illuvium. The creatures are controlled by an AI, rather than another player.

The game is an autobattler, which has sparked some controversy, but the team is adamant about making this genre fun and enjoyable for a wide variety of audiences.

Each round you’re given a certain amount of Mastery points, which is used to summon different Illuvials. Illuvials cost Mastery Points to summon, and each of them can synergise with other Illuvials of a similar type. The goal of the Survival mode is to – well, obviously – survive as long as you can.

How to register for the Illuvium Private Beta?

In order to take part in the Illuvium’s private beta, we suggest our readers do the following:

Step 1: Register an Illuvium Account

Please register an account with your email address in order to access the beta registration form.

Step 2: Complete the Beta Application Form

After registering for your account, please fill out the application form for the beta test. It won’r take longer than five minutes. Please note that applying does not guarantee that you will gain access to the beta test as there are limited spaces available.

Step 3: Join the Illuvium Discord server and actively participate in the discussions

Illuvium’s developers frequently extend Private Beta invitations to Discord members, but you need to have a particular server rank to join. Ranks are obtained by participating in various server discussions and activities, so be sure to be active on the server and there’s a good chance of being selected.

How are Beta participants selected?

There are many factors that are considered for Private Beta selection, including but not limited to, completeness of registration information and system specifications.

The team stated that they want to “ensure that we select participants who will best serve the needs of our beta test. We will also be inviting passionate community contributors, influencers and media journalists to participate in the beta test for their feedback.”

How will I know if I have been selected as a beta tester?

You will receive an email if you have been invited to take part in this beta test. In order to prevent the invitation email from ending up in your junk/spam folder, please add the sender of the verification email you received after registering your account to your contacts and mark that email as ‘not spam.’

You can also check the status of your application on the registration page. If you have been selected to be a beta tester, you will have access to the private beta page where you can download the game client, as well as access the tutorial page for the survival game mode.

Will my data be deleted after the Beta Test?

Yes. All game progress will be deleted at the end of this beta. No progress will be carried over to future betas or the final released version of the game.