Best Telegram Crypto Groups and Channels in 2022


Here are the best Telegram crypto groups we use in 2022, or at the very least the ones we found that to be reliable and mostly accurate. We are including some wild picks as well and a lot of information on groups we found on reddit.

As a newcomer to Crypto Currencies and Crypto Trading, you have probably heard that most Crypto communities have massive followings on Telegram, the most secure messaging app on the planet.

Telegram has a long history of supporting crypto currencies, including groups that promote legitimate crypto trading signals, but also groups that promote pump and dump schemes, news, discussions and more.

Telegram crypto groups are a wild west when it comes to information quality and trustworthiness, so take any advice you find online – including our own – with a grain of salt.

💰 Please be aware that this is not financial advice, and that you should always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) when it comes to investing. Capital at risk.

Telegram groups for crypto news

Featured crypto news groups

Crypto World News shares the latest Crypto News, updates, analysis and deeper insights across the whole crypto space. It’s a massive channel with a good track record, although they can be a bit much in terms of notifications.

Unfolded is a general purpose group that shares news across the entire industry, including financial regulatives, world crypto news and a wide selection of relevant reading for anyone looking to learn more about crypto.

Metaverse NFTs Investing and Crypto News is a Telegram crypto channel focused on NFTs, rather than the wider crypto movements. Especially useful to learn about new and upcoming collections, but also about recent developments with existing NFT marketplaces.

NFT Projects & Crypto News 🚀 also specialises in NFT news, new and upcoming projects and interesting articles from the NFT ecosystem.

List of crypto news groups

The following Telegram groups specialize in crypto news, rather than trading signals or speculative market analysis. We are not including all group links, but their handles make them easy to find via the Telegram’s built in search.

  • @AltCoin – EN
  • @Avalbit – EN
  • @Bit_Novosti – RU
  • @BitcoinBravado – EN
  • @BitcoinChannel – EN
  • @BitcoinExchangeGuide – EN
  • @BitcoinMagazinebot – EN
  • @BitOracle – RU 
  • @BitRu – RU 
  • @CDiamonds – EN
  • @Coin_Analyse – DE
  • @CoinCentral – EN
  • @CoinDesk – EN
  • @CoinGape – EN
  • @CoinNewsChannel – EN
  • @CoinNewsDE – DE
  • @CoinTelegraph – EN
  • @Cointified – EN
  • @Cripto247 – ES
  • @CriptoNoticias – ES
  • @Crypto_News_Channel – EN
  • @CryptoAlerts – EN
  • @CryptoAMB – EN
  • @CryptoAsiaNews – ZH
  • @CryptoChan – RU 
  • @CryptoClubAlerts – EN
  • @CryptoCurrency – EN
  • @CryptoExplorerChannel – EN
  • @CryptoMartez – EN
  • @CryptoNinja_News – EN
  • @CryptoNyka – RU
  • @CryptoRankNews – EN
  • @CryptoSentinel – EN
  • @CryptoSeson2020 – EN
  • @CryptoSlateNews – EN
  • @CryptoSnippets – EN
  • @DeCenterOrg – EN
  • @DecentralBox – DE
  • @ForkLog – RU
  • @JingBao – ZH
  • @Krepta_News – RU
  • @Krypto_Deutschland – DE
  • @KryptoNachrichten – DE
  • @NewCryptoJournal – EN
  • @MGonCrypto – EN
  • @OfficialCryptoDaily – EN
  • @OneMinuteLetter – EN
  • @RichardsCalls – EN
  • @SmartLiquidNews – EN
  • @TheBCJ – RU
  • @TONorg – EN
  • @Unfolded – EN
  • @WhalebotAlerts – EN
  • @Xblockchain – FA 

Telegram groups for crypto signals

Before we share any of the channels, please be aware that these channels can be quite insane. The difficulty of verifying the owners, with the added impossibility of recognising pump and dump schemes, makes it quite hard to say that all of the messages in the channels are legitimate.

Wall Street Crypto Trading is absolutely bonkers, with a ton of information, and often, but not always, accurate predictions. Usually coins have a few targets that WSCT wants them to hit, sometimes they’re right, sometimes they are not.

Big Daddy Signals is fun, laid back, with frequent mix and match of good content, news and very light trading signals. They share a metric ton of infographics over the week, so there’s always something to read and look at.

Whales Crypto Guide is similar to Big Daddy Signals, and we enjoy both of them. Often both groups are in sync about which coins are hot, and they frequently have good guesses. Sometimes the group completely misses the point, but that’s crypto, right? Buy high, sell low.

JustTopIco is random. Just plain random, but you can see some coins not mentioned in other groups, so that’s something. We sometimes throw a dime on their prediction, lost every one so far. Guess we weren’t lucky.

The Bull is bullish as hell. There’s no other explanation. He’ll buy things other people won’t touch, and often be accurate.

Are Telegram groups a good idea for crypto investment?

No, they are not. But you should still be involved, at the very least to have some idea of what’s hot and what’s out in the crypto world.

Some groups are better than others, and most get things right every once in a while, but as we mentioned earlier, this is the wild west of crypto trading.

Why are you not listing groups for pump and dumps?

Because we think pump and dumps are unethical and lead to financial disasters for majority of non-participants. Most of pump and dumps are scams that actually rely on FOMO and greed. Usually, the mods or owners who disclose the coin to pump have all bought before the signal, and set sell limits before even the pump begins to profit on others. It’s a literal pyramid scheme.

Are Telegram airdrops legit?

Some Telegram airdrops are legit. You should always be aware of scams and double check that you are in an official community channel before proceeding to do anything with the airdrop you were given.

Other airdrops are scams that try to force you to disclose your wallet address, or give access to your crypto currencies. Most Telegram airdrops take place in official, verified groups with a good long-term standing in the community.