Monster Hunter Now Announced

Monster Hunter Now

Introducing “Monster Hunter Now” Niantic and CAPCOM team up to bring Monster Hunter to the real world in September 2023

Niantic and Capcom have announced a new collaboration set in the Monster Hunter universe – Monster Hunter Now, a real-world hunting action role-playing game. Set in the Monster Hunter universe, Monster Hunter Now launches in September 2023 on Android and iOS. A closed beta test begins on April 25, and interested players can register on the website.

Monster Hunter is one of the most popular action role-playing game franchises of all time, with more than 90 million units sold globally, and CAPCOM’s most popular video game franchise.

During an online press briefing, Kei Kawai, the chief product officer of Niantic, expressed how “fascinating the concept of colossal creatures roaming around urban areas was for a real-life game.

He further boasted that the idea of creating an augmented reality Monster Hunter game was so obvious that Capcom accepted Niantic’s proposal in their initial meeting.

The game is currently under development at Niantic’s Tokyo studio and will be free to play, with the support of in-app purchases.

Monster Hunter Now combat is tap, swipe & wipe

Niantic and Capcom have introduced a simplified yet authentic combat system for their Monster Hunter game. Players will use taps and swipes on the touchscreen, making the game playable one-handed in portrait mode or in a landscape presentation that is closer to the console and PC Monster Hunter games. The maximum battle duration is limited to just 75 seconds to make it suitable for outdoor play.

According to Niantic senior producer Sakae Osumi, the developer’s objective is to capture all the excitement and challenge of Monster Hunter battles within this brief window. The game still features the series’ unique weapon classes that can significantly impact gameplay, but players should anticipate switching between them more frequently.

Niantic Tokyo’s executive director Tatsuo Nomura hopes that users will explore the various weapon types available.

Play at home

Monster Hunter Now is designed for everyone to enjoy at their own pace, regardless of whether they are long-time Monster Hunter players, someone who hasn’t played for a while, or even a newcomer to the series.

Additionally, players can choose to play whenever and wherever they want. An item called the Paintball enables players to bring monsters back home after using it to mark them, allowing for solo or group hunting even after returning home.

It is still unclear how the game’s co-op will work, but there are some mentions of possible co-op and even cross-platform multiplayer.

When asked about competitive multiplayer and potential integration with mainline Monster Hunter games, Niantic said it couldn’t couldn’t comment, but Kawai encouraged fans to “please stay tuned.

Monster Hunter Now combat

Niantic and Capcom band together to launch Monster Hunter Now

According to Ryozo Tsujimoto, the Producer of the Monster Hunter series for CAPCOM, “Monster Hunter Now is a new and unprecedented Monster Hunter game that entices players to go out with their Palico and encounter incredible monsters in the real world. Niantic’s AR technology delivers a ‘here and right now’ hunting experience, something that can be played casually, while honoring the gameplay and hunting action that only Monster Hunter can offer. Let’s get out into the real world and enjoy hunting!”

John Hanke, the Founder and CEO of Niantic, said, “Monster Hunter Now will be the ultimate experience for anyone who has dreamed of facing off against epic monsters and battling them with friends. Filled with fantastical creatures, engrossing hunting and opportunities for teamwork, with the best possible graphics on mobile devices, Monster Hunter Now is the perfect franchise to bring into the real world.”

The game is built on Niantic’s Lightship platform, using industry-leading location-based technology and augmented reality to overlay the real world with MH’s iconic creatures.