Alien Worlds Mining Build Analyzer

A tool for creating and comparing Alien Worlds Mining Builds. Select one Land and up to three different Mining Tools to see the final stats for your Alien Worlds mining setup. You can learn more about Alien Worlds in our Alien Worlds guides section.

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Metahub's Alien World Mining Build Analyzer uses the official formulas for calculating total Mining Power, NFT Luck, Charge Times and PoW reduction values.

Mining Power = LandMultiplier * (Sum of Tools Mining Power)
NFT Luck = LandMultiplier * (Sum of Tools NFT Luck raised to the power of 1.2 and halved)
POW Reduction = Land POW Reduction + (Sum of Tools POW Reduction)
Charge time = LandMultiplier + (Sum of two slowest Tools in Bag)

Change log

  • May 10, 2021: Tools NFT calculations adjusted to be raised to 1.2 and halved (source)