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Ingress Prime double AP hacking bonus event is live and it lasts until November...

Agents, in order to celebrate the release of Ingress Prime, Niantic has launched a special event that celebrates portal hacking. From November 18 to November 12 (UTC 18:00) you will get double AP for...
Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime Swipe Shortcuts

Agents, the new Ingress Prime scanner brought a completely redesigned interface for portal, map and inventory interactions. A reddit user named lefthandedchurro brought attention to a new set of hidden swipe shortcuts that are sprinkled...
Ingress Prime Recursion guide

Ingress Prime Recursion Guide

Recursion is a new, level 16 exclusive, feature introduced in Ingress Prime. Recursion enables max level Ingress players to start again, returning them to Level 1 but without loosing medals, inventory items, mission progress...
Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime’s new player tutorial is actually not bad

Ingress is a great game, it truly is, with real world espionage, player interactions, lack of secrecy and the emphasis on tactical elements of day to day game play. However, it was always notorious...
Ingress Prime

Niantic launches Ingress Prime worldwide!

Agents around the globe, get ready for the next chapter in Ingress history! Ingress Prime, aka Ingress 2.0, the long awaited platform upgrade for Niantic's oldest game, is now officially live! You can see the...
Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime on iOS: see the all new UI in action

Ingress Prime, the infamous vaporware update for Niantic's oldest AR game, is coming. With iOS beta underway, Ingress Prime videos and screenshots are slowly appearing online, showing how the future of Ingress looks like....

Google is shutting down Google+: Ingress AMAs need a new home

Dear readers, Google has announced that they are shutting down the Google+ service, at least for the consumer segment. The shut down comes after a bug in Google+ People API was recently discovered. The...
Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime release date pushed back to November 2018

Niantic's official Ingress account has shared an important update in regards to Ingress Prime's release date: it's being pushed back to November 2018. According to the official tweet (embedded below), the extra time will...

Ingress Prime video leak – a shaky, but glorious, minute of Ingress Prime’s gameplay

Despite the secrecy, despite all precautions Niantic put in place, this was bound to happen. A whole minute of Ingress Prime footage has leaked, showing the newly redesigned overworld map, portals and the new...

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