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Jurassic World: Alive – Strike Events + Incubators + More

Explorers! On Sunday, Ludia announced the strike events that are upcoming for this week, and we're looking at two new Epic Strikes this weekend! Here's the tweet from Ludia. https://twitter.com/JWorldAlive/status/1061755450058829824 As you can see, there's a "Master"...


Local 1 Anytime Nest: "Gas Station"


Night/Dawn/Dusk Global Nest: "Hospital"

Jurassic World Alive: EPIC strike event! Level 30 Indoraptor Strike! EPIC Incubator!

Explorers! This Strike Event is a tough one featuring the incredibly strong Apex Dino: A Level 30 Indoraptor!  Disclaimer: This is probably the most difficult Strike Event. Some players are reporting being unable to complete...

Jurassic World Alive: Week 34 Featured Dinosaurs – Fallen Kingdom

Explorers! In an unexpected turn of events, we've got Fallen Kingdom week coming next week! That's right! So January 21st to 27th is going to feature some of the most famous dinosaurs from the Fallen...

Baryonyx Gen 2

Arena Exclusive


Local 1 Night/Dawn/Dusk Nest: "Post Office"


Arena Exclusive

Monolophosaurus Gen 2

Local 4 Day/Dawn/Dusk Nest: "Beauty Salon"

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