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Jurassic World: Alive news, guides, leaks, APKs and updates now has a new home. Metahub used to be your primary source of Jurassic World: Alive coverage, tailored for beginning and advanced players alike. Now you can find us at https://gamepress.gg/jurassicworldalive/

Jurassic World Alive: First special event is now underway! All you need to know!

The very first Special Event for Jurassic World Alive just started today (June 4th at 10 am EDT) and a lot of exciting things are happening and more is expected to happen! Explorers, it's...

What the new update tells us about Ludia and the future of JWA

Many mobile games are pretty straightforward cash grabs with antagonistic relationships between the developers and the playerbase. Ludia is clearly out to prove that they want something better for Jurassic World Alive. If you...

Jurassic World Alive: New Moves and Effects! The end the meta-dominant Raptors?

Explorers! Do you remember our recent article where we presented several unreleased moves that had been discovered in the APK? Well, we have been able to decode them all and figure out their effects!...


Local 3 Anytime Nest: "Beauty Salon"

Jurassic World Alive: One-Time Offers for leveling up and ranking up in the Arena

Explorers! Many of you were asking for it, and I have been gathering data for a long time now, so it's time to reveal our partial findings! The tables below show the One-Time Offers...


Anytime Park Nest: "Pet Store"


Local 2 Anytime Nest: "Hair Care"


Global Friday Spawn Nest: "Bank"

Week 14 Featured Dinos Announced, With 15 Attempts on Epics!

Explorers! Week 14 of JWA's Featured Dinos has been announced, and we are definitely excited about this one! This weeks theme is ARMOR, and it features some dinosaurs that we have been waiting for!...

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