Our lovely devs just released some new information on how the cloning lab will work along with a few other tidbits of information. Let’s get right into it.

Cloning Lab

We get our first look at the cloning lab interface. There will be 6* slots for cloning chambers so you can run 6 chambers at a time. We will have a free, infinite use chamber that is on a 24-hour cooldown. This cooldown begins when you activate the chamber, so you can start a chamber today, finish the games (30 games) tomorrow and be able to use the chamber again.

*Although the image shows 9, the devs confirmed that we’ll be starting with 6 slots as 9 was just for testing purposes.

We can see that each chamber yields 30 commons or 10 rares or 1 epic. At this ratio, rares would seem to be the best rarity to clone. Upgrading a common card from level 9 to level 10 takes 600 cards, rares take 180 cards, and epics take 30 cards. So that’s 20 uses, 18 uses, and 30 uses respectively for commons, rares, and epics. We already get a good ratio of common cards to rare cards in alliance donations, so cloning lab would seem to be our place to get more rare cards. And indeed, this is the developers’ intention as well.

Chambers will also be available for purchase. The devs have not set a price for these chambers (we got this picture with the blue stuff already on it). The basic chambers will be one time use and will act similarly to the free one otherwise. In the future more chambers with different variations maybe added (perhaps needs fewer games played or gives higher yield). Other than purchasing chambers, chambers may be obtained as event rewards or part of other promotional offers as well.

Economy-wise, it’s still probably more worth it to spend your diamonds rushing crates if your end goal is to have all units at a high level. However, if you want to focus on a particular unit, buying cloning chambers would be the way to go. There’s much not else we can say before the prices are set and the feature is released, but I’m excited to find out exactly how worth purchasing cloning chambers is.

Other Changes

A minor change is the stacking of some tabs, as seen in the picture above. Cloning lab will go in the same tab as bounties, as it is another objective requiring players to play the game. Alliances will also be folded with the network tab, so you will be able to find social features under one tab. Don’t worry about the other things in the picture such as tiberium league at 3.1k medals, the developer’s build is different from ours and the only thing to take away from this are the tabs.

Another change that is being planned is the ability to reset bounties for some diamonds. As the rare crate’s only requirement is completing five bounties, we will be able to obtain multiple rare crates per day as well. As bounties are a good source of credits, I wonder if this feature will be a better alternative than rushing crates if you are purely credit focused. We’ll have to see what the cost of resetting bounties is before we can make judgements.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of cool features coming in 1.4. The ETA on that is sometime February, so we’ll have plenty to look forward to in the next month. Of course, these information that we have is still subject to change and balancing, so don’t be surprised if things come out slightly different.

I applaud the developers for creating more incentives for players to play. This was one of the complaints that players have had. Now that we can play 30 games a day for 10 rare cards, that issue is somewhat addressed (the next question to ask would be if 3 games for a rare card is enough of an incentive, but I mustn’t be too greedy). Free to play players get a healthy extra source of cards as well, helping them progress. Overall, I love the direction that the devs are taking the game in.

Now then, when are we going to see some nerfs on dogs?

On another note, Metahub is looking for more writers for Command and Conquer Rivals. There are tons of stuff to cover about the game. If you’re interested, please email a writing sample to [email protected] Feel free to chat with us on our Discord server as well, it’s a pretty casual environment.

Good luck on the battlefield, commander!