Commanders! The long-awaited update 1.3 is here! It brings many changes, big and small. Although I personally was disappointed when I first heard that the balance changes aren’t coming with 1.3, the new features excited me and made me quite content. Let’s go over what these changes are.

New Unit

The Laser Drones have been released! We won’t go into detail about them in this post, but CaptainBenzie and Excoundrel both have nice videos that can tell you all about it. Otherwise, if you want to read a little bit about them in text, we briefly covered them in a previous article.

No news on the Mohawk Gunship yet, though.

Custom Lobbies

We now have the ability to create custom game lobbies. This means we no longer have to alliance-hop play friendlies with other players. However, since you cannot message your friend the code in game, you still need another form of communication to get the lobby code to them. You can create lobbies from the setting button on the bottom right side of the screen.

Improved Replays

We can now see the economy, unit cooldowns, and even toggle fog of war for players in replays. This is a very welcome change. For one, casters will have an easier time keeping track of the economy and vision of players. Cheaters will now have no place to hide as well, as you can now know for sure if your opponent got a sudden injection of Tiberium or turned off their unit cooldowns.

Watching some replays gives me an idea. I believe some games (possibly Starcraft II, can’t quite remember) have an option for players take control of players in a replay. I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement for the devs, but that would be a cool and fun feature to have.

Other Changes

Let’s rapid fire through some other changes.

  • You will now trigger challenge battle if your opponent is using a unit/commander that you have not yet unlocked.
  • Tiberium league players will now see their faction rank on top of their league symbol. This acts as motivation to climb and gives instant feedback on winning or losing a battle.
  • We can now turn on the game timer in the settings. This can help solidify build orders and timings. Players can now also refer to this timer to identify interesting parts of a replay.
  • Missile interaction vs. squads is now fixed. Overkill missiles will now correctly go to the next squad member. This means that MLRS will now always one-shot a full squad of bikes if it’s fully reloaded. This also means bikes will now consistently take down dogs/drone swarms in 3 volleys, rather than the potential 4. Thanks to Jeffrey for testing this out with me, be sure to check out his stream!
  • Flame trooper 2-tile attack bug has been fixed. You can now safely move away from flamers without taking extra punishment.
  • New visuals are in the unit tab when you have enough cards to upgrade a unit. These look pretty cool.
  • Units training now display correctly in match history. Before this fix, only the commanders’ training was shown.
  • In game, the unit production panel now have additional indicator to remind players of counters. The production panel will also flash to remind you when you are ready to produce another unit.

Final Thoughts

While the balance patch isn’t here, we can have some fun playing around with the new custom lobby system and new unit. The various other changes are nice to have as well. The devs mentioned that the balance patch won’t be until next week.

With that said, we now have 1.4 to look forward to, which will probably be released sometime in February. It will bring the cloning vats and probably the mohawk gunship. Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

CaptainBenzie has also put out a video showing some of the changes, so check him out here if you want to see some of these changes in action.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep waiting for the dog nerf.

Enjoy the new features, commanders!