To facilitate your understanding of the game and which Dinosaurs you should focus on depending of what stage you are at in the game, we have created for you 6 Tiers ranging from the most useful and strongest Dinos to the most worthless ones! The Tiers are presented below and in this guide; we are bringing to you the Carcass Tier.

Every collect-and-battle game has powerful characters and characters that have no business stepping into the arena. In JWA, we’ve labeled the lowest of low tiers “Carcass Tier”. These dinosaurs are so bad, they end up just being dead weight.

Which Dinosaurs fall into the Carcass Tier?

Dinosaurs  Sprite Tier
Dilophosaurus Gen 2 Common
Iguanodon Common
Purrusaurus Gen 2 Common
Sarcosuchus Common
Suchomimus Common
Suchotator Rare
Dracorex Gen 2 Common

Why are they so bad?

These dinosaurs are bad for various reasons, but mostly because their design just doesn’t quite work, in the current state of the game. More specifically, we will explain why we qualify these dinosaurs as useless in the current Metagame based on the following three categories:
  • Weak support
  • Long cooldowns
  • Borderline

Weak Support

Battles in JWA play out quickly. Strong dinosaurs either have high health/armor to tank hits or can quickly dish out big damage. The best dinosaurs do this while inflicting status ailments or putting up shields. It’s not surprising then that dinosaurs with poor health and mediocre attack can’t be redeemed with support capabilities alone.
Wound: Suchotator and Suchomimus are cool dinosaurs, so I am sorry to have to discuss them here. Their wounding strikes inflict small amounts of damage over time but these dinosaurs are often dead long before their opponents succumb to that damage. Perhaps if their health was higher or wound did more damage they would be more threatening.
1X damage: Damage multipliers make a huge difference in JWA and dinosaurs that can only deal 1X damage are at a disadvantage. Every dinosaur on this list is here, in part, because of this. Their support moves just aren’t enough when other dinosaurs do what they do while dealing more substantial blows.

Long Cooldowns

Long cooldowns are the bane of dinosaurs with otherwise interesting kits. Dracorex Gen 2 and Iguanodon are fast, but their best skill can’t be used right away (and only deal 1X damage). Greater stunning strike has an excellent chance to inflict stun, arguably the most potent status, but Iguanodon has to use its basic for two turns before it can stun! Strike and Run would allow Dracorex Gen 2 to scout without any delay but, as is, it’s just a direct downgrade of Impact and Run.


Some dinosaurs could have possibly made the hatchling tier, but are so clearly outgunned by relatively common dinosaurs, we placed them here. Suchotator has immunity and some interesting support options, but none of that materializes into a clear, effective battle strategy. She’s kind of like a dinner made of random ingredients that don’t mesh well. Likewise, Purrusaurus Gen 2 has some armor and crit chance, but can’t quite decide what to do with that; it’s not quite a tank but not really a big attacker either.

Parting Words

There is hope! You may want to avoid collecting these dinosaurs, but don’t shun them just yet. At first Beta release, all of the counter-attacking dinosaurs like Majungasaurus were awful. They lacked counter and short defense and had abysmal stats. The first update gave these dinosaurs a much-needed re-imagining and made them viable in a new and interesting way. What’s more, it’s clear that Ludia heard player complaints, saw their mistake (overestimating the usefulness of swap blocking) and made a change. I predict we will see similar reworks in the future.

So stay posted to MetaHub and, hopefully, we can bump some of these dinosaurs up into higher tiers in the future! Make sure to join the discussion on the MetaHub Discord server here!

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