To facilitate your understanding of the game and which Dinosaurs you should focus on depending of what stage you are at in the game, we have created for you 6 Tiers ranging from the most useful and strongest Dinos to the most worthless ones! The Tiers are presented below and in this guide; we are bringing to you the Survivor Tier.

The best dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive (JWA) are powerful, but inaccessible to most. Many dinosaurs are pretty accessible in the game, but most of these are relatively weak. Here in the middle, we find the “survivors”. These dinosaurs can’t quite go toe to toe with the Alpha and Apex dinosaurs but they are generally accessible and hold their own in many battles. These dinosaurs will likely be staples on many players’ teams for quite some time!

Which Dinosaurs fall into the Survivor Tier?

Dinosaur  Sprite Rarity Tier
Argentinosaurus  Rare
Einiasuchus  Rare
Gorgosaurus  Rare
Koolasuchus  Epic
Majundasuchus  Rare
Megalosaurus  Rare
Nodosaurus  Rare
Postimetrodon  Epic
Proceratosaurus  Rare
Pyroraptor  Epic
Stegoceratops  Epic
Triceratops  Rare
Utahraptor  Rare

How do Survivors survive?

Dinosaurs in this tier earned their spot because they perform at least one role quite well, and have enough flexibility to pull off surprise victories outside their comfort zone on occasion. As such, it seems pertinent to describe these roles.

Disruptive tanks

Tanks can take lots of punishment either through high health (Argentinosaurus), high armor (Nodosaurus), or a combination of health and armor. But it isn’t sufficient to JUST take hits. These tanks transcend the specialist tier because they have the capability to be disruptive. Nearly half of the dinosaurs in this tier could be considered disruptive tanks. Whether it’s getting stunned and slowed by Triceratops/Stegoceratops, having to work around buffs from Einiasuchus/Nodosaurus, or getting smacked with big 2X damage from Argentinosaurus, these are not tanks you can safely switch in on!

Disruptive Support

Proceratosaurus and Koolasuchus can’t really tank hits, but they are great at debuffing your opponent. Both dinosaurs can inflict slow and lower attack while using their basic to strip buffs. Generally, Proceratosaurus is the better of the two as it is faster (can debuff before getting hit) and it’s attack debuff hits for 1.5X damage. These two often lose 1 v 1 battles, but are great at setting up kills or finishing the job for teammates.

Counter attackers

Being able to counter attack effectively doubles a dinosaur’s attacking power every turn. Majundasuchus can boost its own attack while Megalosaurus can inflict bleed damage, meaning they can then hit for closer to triple their normal damage output! Couple this with the ability to hide behind a shield and you have a recipe for wonderfully annoying dinosaurs.

Tank Killer

Gorgosaurus is like T-rex light. It does the same thing (big damage bypassing armor), only slightly less effectively. If you are struggling to unlock either T-rex, Gorgo can be your go-to bulky hitter!


If Gorgosaurus is the poor man’s T-rex, Postimetrodon is the poor man’s Secodontosaurus. However, Postimetrodon can be trickier to unlock, given it’s a hybrid. It also has an arguably better skillset, but decidedly inferior stats to Seco. If you can’t seem to find Secodontosaurus, but are rolling in Postosuchus and Dimetrodon, this is a great dinosaur to field! Able to ignore all debuffs and shrug off stun, it is a solid, albeit somewhat easy to kill, attacker that even comes equipped with priority recovery in adrenaline surge.


Utahraptor and Pyroraptor hit hard and fast. They can be somewhat easily and quickly worn down due to their low health. However, they can also sweep through a weakened team by alternating their 2X and 1.5X attacks, killing all remaining (damaged) dinosaurs before they can hit back.

Highlighting two hybrids

Majundasuchus and Einiosuchus deserve special mention here because they are extremely accessible and have really flexible skill sets. Though created from rather lackluster common dinosaurs, these two hybrids cherry pick the best skills from each line and combine stats ideally to give them everything they need to excel. Einiasuchus can deal increased damage via its ferocious strike buff, stun on both its basic and special, then recover and cleanse itself when you think it’s down for the count.

Likewise, Majundasuchus has the choice to play more defensively by putting up its shield, or come out swinging with ferocious strike. So make sure to dart as many Nundasuchus, Einiosaurus, and Majungasaurus you see in between pursuing the rarer dinosaurs on this list!

Parting Words

If you want to survive in the Arena Mode, you will certainly want to focus on this Tier in the early stages of your game. Some might be more difficult to obtain, such as Pyroraptor or Stegoceratops, but in the long run, you’ll be happy to have them on your team.

So stay posted to MetaHub and, hopefully, we can bump some of these dinosaurs up into higher tiers in the future! Make sure to join the discussion on the MetaHub Discord server here!

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