Explorers, after a week of intensive calculations and testings, we’ve finally come up with the long-awaited updated tier list for Version 1.3! This list is effective as of August 18th, 2018. 

Special thanks to my team, Dwebble, Triceratops, Tehj72 and Reebecca for helping out and doing testing! Credit to Pumpkins for the Graphic!

So without further ado, the list:

*Highlighted Dinos are new Creatures in 1.3

Interpreting the Tiers

If you are familiar with tier lists, this should be pretty self-explanatory. However, I’d like to add in a precautionary note on taking this tier list as a straight-up prescription for team building. Make sure to build a balanced team and keep specific counters in mind. An all Apex-Alpha team probably won’t be bad but you may be passing up some good lower tier dinosaurs that would mesh well with your team. That being said, here is what we have in mind when putting a dinosaur in a specific tier…

Carcass – These dinosaurs are just bad. Their kits don’t work, their stats are sub-par and they are killed by most other dinosaurs. In short, they need a buff (or three).

Hatchling – Hatchlings are cute, cuddly, and not terribly threatening. These dinosaurs may not be the strongest but can be very useful early-game or when over-leveled.

Specialist – Though these dinosaurs are somewhat outclassed by others, they perform at least one role pretty well and can pull off surprise victories on occasion.

Survivor – These are solid dinosaurs that can carry your team early-game and still hold their own in higher arenas, though they become noticeably more situational.

Alpha – These dinosaurs are among the best in the game and are capable of easily defeating most of the dinosaurs in lower tiers. The only thing they really have to fear is…

Apex – These dinosaurs define the meta and can win against almost anything not in this tier. They either have a single, difficult to counter strategy or are able to tank hits and deal big damage.

Parting Words

This new shakeup in the meta sure makes it more interesting as we see the dominance of Tanks and Superiority Strike in the game. We will continue to give you detailed explanations on each tier starting next week. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for the latest changes or discussions on the list.