Ludia is updating this game so frequently it is hard to keep up with, but we finally have an updated (as of June 14, 2018) Jurassic World Alive tier list for you! In this article, we highlight our rankings and explaining how to interpret the tiers!

You can find stats for each and every Dinosaur mentioned here in our JWA Dinodex.

Without further ado, I give you the updated tier list (special thanks to Pocemon and Triceratops for help developing this!):

Legend:  Blue  = Promotion     Red = Demotion    Yellow = New Dinosaur

Interpreting the Tiers

If you are familiar with tier lists, this should be pretty self-explanatory. However, I’d like to add in a precautionary note on taking this tier list as a straight-up prescription for team building. Make sure to build a balanced team and keep specific counters in mind. An all Apex-Alpha team probably won’t be bad but you may be passing up some good lower tier dinosaurs that would mesh well with your team. That being said, here is what we have in mind when putting a dinosaur in a specific tier…

Carcass – These dinosaurs are just bad. Their kits don’t work, their stats are sub-par and they are killed by most other dinosaurs. In short, they need a buff (or three). Current Carcass Tier here.

Hatchling – Hatchlings are cute, cuddly, and not terribly threatening. These dinosaurs may not be the strongest, but can be very useful early-game or when over-leveled.

Survivor – These are solid dinosaurs that can carry your team early-game and still hold their own in higher arenas, though they become noticeably more situational. Previous Survivor Tier here.

Specialist – Though these dinosaurs are somewhat outclassed by others, they perform at least one role pretty well and can pull of surprise victories on occasion.

Alpha – These dinosaurs are among the best in the game and are capable of easily defeating most of the dinosaurs in lower tiers. The only thing they really have to fear is…

Apex – These dinosaurs define the meta and can win against almost anything not in this tier. They either have a single, difficult to counter strategy or are able to tank hits and deal big damage.

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    Put a letter at the end of the name to describe what kind of Dinosaur it is. (c)= common, (r)= rare, (e) = epic, (h) = hybrid and (sh) = super hybrid (hybrid made with another hybrid)

  2. Why is gigaspikasaur apex but nodopatasaurus just survivor? nodopatasaurus is significantly better than gigaspikasaur if the stats are correct on the dinodex pages. nodopatasaurus has more survivability even with less armor and they have basically identical stats other than hit points. vs non armor piercing nodo comes out on top because its base increased hp is greater than the damage the little extra armor giga has will absorb. against armor piercing nodo pulls even further ahead.

  3. You know the point of the second iteration of the tier list was that people wanted pictures of the dinos to better help easily identify dinos in game at a glance, right?

    While this third iteration of the tier list is much more streamlined than the first, I feel it’s a step backward from the second.

  4. For anyone using this as a guide, I feel like this tier bases things mainly on Speed and Defense.
    Some dinos are ranked above another dino with the same job simply because their Defense and Speed is higher, and it’s depending on you to overlevel it to make up for the rest. A good example of this is Parasaur being ranked anove Tenoto, despite Tenoto having a lot better utility in its set.

    • Tenoto lacks a very important multiplier, which parasaur has, and also, parasaur has a 20% crit chance, which is another high damage multiplier, and at 128 speed, it pick up many very important outspeeds such as ourano, utahraptor, utahsino, pyrritator, monoloph, utahsino and paramoloch, thus making Parasaur a way more viable option over tenanto in most situations.

      • Parasaur also lacks the attack debuff that Tenoto has, so it takes a ton of damage and ends up dead unless it gets lucky with stuns. It’s so much more of a gambling game.
        Some of the stuff Parasaur can outspeed that Tenoto can’t are liable to kill it in a single shot if, once again, you don’t get the stun hax.
        I ended up swapping out Parasaur for Tenoto because it was just dead weight, and I ended up better for it.

  5. Its clear that the guy that made this list has 0 knowledge of JW A arena. PLEASE do not use this as a guide to rank up dinos in hopes of doing well in arena. Im starting to think MetaHub is clickbait and doesnt care about accuracy.

  6. Would you consider moving ankylosaurus up? Instant invincibility is a real game changer… It takes down all raptors and I was able to beat a level 15 Indominous Rex with a level 12 tank. You probably have some formula and I probably know nothing, but…

  7. why is stegosaurus so low in tier? his base damage is high, and hp/shield isn’t that low. Not to mention the slow with 1.5x damage. I cant imagine trading him soon of my team. I may not be in higher ranks now, but I think he could easily be in specialist tier. And maybe in survivor.

  8. Can this post be updated weekly as new dinos are released? It is very helpful and I thank all who are involved!! Also my GF had this happen last night… it showed up as all dinos around her but she relaunched her game after this screenshot and it was fixed… maybe they are placeholder when dinos won’t load idk but it was funny

  9. Question? Why is the Gigaspikasaur a tier higher than Nodopatosaurus? Gigaspika has 2 points more in speed, but it’s still pretty slow and surely to be outsped by a majority of dinosaurs. In terms of raw HP and effective HP, Nodopatosaurus actually beats it. Using comparable high levels, Nodopato has a raw HP of 5250 and an effective HP after 25% armor of 6562, whereas Gigaspika has a raw HP of 4360 and an effective HP after a 40% armor of 6104. So in HP, a crucial stat in being a tank, Nodopato beats it by 458-890 HP. And their attack stats and damaging moves are identical.

    I’m just curious if the speed stat means that much extra as otherwise I’d have thought them in about the same tier.

    • Good point. I think it may be due to that Nodopato will receive more damage with his lower armor over two or more attacks, so his HP compensate for only one attack and then he’s weaker. Just a speculation off the cuff.

  10. sooooooo, I know the pterosaurs are new so I doubt they’d be on her yet, but….
    Ankylocodon, Blue, Brachiosaurus, Charlie, Delta, Diloranosaurus, Diplotator, Dracorex, Echo, Gallimimus, Giraffatitan, Gryposuchus, Indoraptor, Monomimus, Ornithomimus, Sarcorixis, Tuoramoloch
    Are nowhere to be seen on these lists…