Explorers, after a week of intensive calculations, testings, and arguing; we’ve finally come up with the long-awaited updated Tier List for Version 1.5! This list is effective as of November 29th, 2018.

Big thanks to the entire incredible team at Metahub: Dwebble, Pocemon, MnBrianReebecca, Triceratops, JHVS, ZhengTann, Jacqueline, CHayes99, Professaurus, Antithesis, Temerity, NathanH96. A special shout out to Legomin1314 and PokeFodderYT as well for the help creating this list. Finally, HUGE thanks to our amazing artist, Orange Heart for these incredible graphics! Make sure to show him your support right here!

Editor’s note: BoonSlevin had no part in this project. The entire thing was carried over by the incredible team which I am thankful to be a part of everyday! Believe me when I say this, things got heated during the deliberations! BoonSlevin only served to put pressure.

Important Note 1For 1.5, we had too many Dinosaurs to maintain our usual Tiers. We had to find a way to be more inclusive and for the list to be more representative of the actual Tiers experienced in the game. Therefore, the classification was adapted to reflect this reality. Among these changes, 2 new Tiers were created: Tyrant and Omega! Tyrant rank is the new highest ranked! Yes, we dared create a rank higher than APEX. In your face ApexPredators. We also felt that between Alpha and Survivor there were too many Dinos, so we split that in two. We also eliminated Carcass tier, since we don’t think any Dinos at the moment warrant being in Carcass. Specialist was changed to Scavenger to avoid confustion.

Important Note 2Articles laying out the thought process behind all this will soon be available as well. These articles will focus on each Dinosaur individually, so expect so quality content in the week to come!

Tyrant > APEX > Alpha > Omega > Survivor > Scavenger > Hatchling

Interpreting the Tiers

If you are familiar with tier lists, this should be pretty self-explanatory. However, we’d like to add in a precautionary note on taking this tier list as a straight-up prescription for team building. Make sure to build a balanced team and keep specific counters in mind. An all Tyrant-Apex team probably won’t be bad per say, but you may be passing up some good lower tier dinosaurs that would mesh well with your team. That being said, here is what we have in mind when putting a dinosaur in a specific tier…

Hatchling – These Dinos are fresh from the egg and have some growing up to do. They tend to have niche uses but even within that niche they are outdone by most other dinos.

Scavenger – Scavengers are opportunistic, preying on the poor Hatchling tier dinos below them and one each other when the situation presents itself.

Survivor – Though these dinosaurs are somewhat outclassed by others, they perform at least one role pretty well and can pull off surprise victories on occasion. They are the backbone of early to mid game teams.

Omega – These are solid dinosaurs that can carry your team mid-game and still hold their own in higher arenas, though they become noticeably more situational.

Alpha – These dinosaurs are among the best in the game and are capable of easily defeating most of the dinosaurs in lower tiers. The only thing they really have to fear is…

Apex – These dinosaurs define the meta and can win against almost anything not in this tier. They either have a single, difficult to counter strategy or are able to tank hits and deal big damage.

Tyrant – These Dinosaurs are the Kings of this current meta and they will be able to perform incredibly well under most circumstances.

Keep in mind when creating this tier list we evaluate each dino at even levels, while ignoring availability. In past lists we weighed heavily on each individual dinos head to head matchups as if they were both the starting dino in a battle. However, the game is evolving which brings some good news and some bad news. The good news is more depth for the players and a bigger variety in possible teams and synergy in teams being quite important. The bad news, it makes evaluating dinosaurs a bit more subjective since suddenly you have to weigh the importance of individual strength versus what each does for the team as a whole. At the end of the day, each match begins with 4 dinos and due to Swap-In Abilities and Hit & Run abilities being on generally powerful dinos we felt the need to evolve in the way we determine tier placement. Head to head match ups are still a part of the decision but are holding less weight overall.

Parting Words

All in all, we think this was a pretty big change in terms of balance. We keep seeing a growth in the number of top tiers, to the extent that we had to literally create a new Tier, which means that Ludia is doing quite a good job at making more and more dinosaurs viable at the highest levels of play!

We like to see some variety and personal expression in teams being used and we can definitely see it shaping out that way even more then before! Share your thoughts on our newest tier list and stay tuned for another article that will outline some of our thoughts behind the changes that were made!

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  1. Like the list, but I have one question. There were some dinos who changed massively, either up or down. Would you mind to elaborate those choices? I really like the thought process behind the scenes and would like to know a bit about it.

      • I love how you just completely avoided the fact that your predicted raptor meta is nowhere to be found, and instead resorted to your usual weak attempt at trolling. I’m rank 29 and haven’t ran into anyone using things like your predicted pyroraptor, pyrittator, blue, or any of the raptor pack. How about you?

          • I knew this would be your response. Keep avoiding the fact that you were wrong and talked down to me as if it was ME that was the idiot.

          • Tough to have any kind of real convo when arguments are misrepresented. I said come back in 3-4 months and we’d see a lot more raptors. Not 3-4 days. But I get it. Numbers are hard. Kind of like that weird number 29.

          • LMAO way to backtrack. You never ONCE said 3-4 months. Heck, in that amount of time we will already have at least one other major update with new dinos that could change things. You said after the update, there would be a shift towards less tanks and more raptors. You were wrong. It’s okay to be wrong. What’s not okay is to be wrong, belittle people when they try to explain why you’re wrong, and then not even admit that you’re wrong when the evidence stares you right in the face.

          • You’ve got a real talent for forgetting facts. It’s okay. I went back and you were right. I didn’t say 3-4 months. I said 1-2 months. Also, if you read my actual article on the meta, I pretty much predicted most of what we’ve seen, but hey. You raise a good point. Takes a big person to admit they were wrong. And I may be a little off on the time table here. 🙂 Now… back to the original point… what was that you were saying about your rank?? Or is admitting you’re wrong just something you tell others to do because you lack the self awareness to do so yourself? 🙂 Always a pleasure speaking with you Jon.

          • First of all, why do you keep bringing up rank? Ranks change when battles are played. I’m rank 53 right now. Who cares? Are you that insecure about being wrong about a meta shift that you think me dropping a few spots in the ranks is a moral victory for you? Stop trying to overcompensate. I’m sure you’ve been doing enough of that all your life. Also, there’s no way you went back through weeks of discord messages to see what you said. I’m pretty sure you didn’t give a time frame at all. You just said there would be a shift. I don’t know what else you’re referring to that you were “right” about, but I’m sure they were obvious things that everyone saw coming (like bleeders for example or stegodeus still being used). Ooooooh, what a bold prediction lol. “Arguing” with you is like talking to a brick wall, except the brick wall doesn’t make a fool of itself. Of course I put arguing in parentheses because arguing usually implies that valid points are being made on both sides. This is just me teaching – teaching people not to run their mouths and act holier than thou when they’re dead wrong. Always a pleasure, Brian.

    • I think if you actually took a look at the three dinos you mentioned, you’d understand better why they are where they are. Its also explicitly said this list is subjective to the opinions of the team at Metahub. Delta being slower than only one dino, and few in the same speed tier can massively take advantage of Pounce into Impact and Run meaning high damage output and likely living to come back in and do it again. Brachio, with SS and Bellow has a ton of flexibility along with a high health pool and pretty high armor. Draco Gen2 has swap in DSR, meaning a free 2x hit that shatters shields and goes through armor…idc who you are, at an equal level that’s going to hurt.

        • You have considered that at *equal* level, unless Tyrannolopho gets a crit, it’ll get killed third turn by Brachio, right? And that Brachio has a greater chance to crit than Tyrannolopho? Not to mention being faster than Tyrannolopho, which is saying something for a Sauropod. Tyrannolopho has to be at least one level greater to be able to win.

          • Not everything is based on dino 1v1 matches to decide who’s better. For example, just cuz Alankylosaurus has a winning matchup against Pyrritator doesn’t make it better.

          • Hi! Trust me when I say we pore over most, if not all match-ups, to determine the tiers. We don’t put Brachio a tier above Tyrannoloph just because the former beats the latter.

          • Why is it a tier above? Tyrannolophosaur is an easily accesible tank buster. That’s why its so good. Brachio is easily replacable by other tanks that are also easy to get.

          • “Keep in mind when creating this tier list we evaluate each dino at even levels, while ignoring availability.”

            We stated that in the article, so Tyrannoloph being accessible doesn’t help it too much when other tank busters outclass it. Brachio, as an Epic, beats pretty much everything Stegod, a Legendary hybrid, does. Sure, Brachio is easily replaceable, but that’s due to Brachio being lower in levels rather than having a bad stats / moveset.

          • Huh? Tyrannolophos impact to Rampage kills faster than Brachiosaurus can kill Tyrannolopho. As for Delta, it doesn’t have much health to begin with, anything with SS will kill it. Put the epics that are in C Tier to B Tier, and move Draco down to B Tier.

          • Check your math, when Brachio and Tyranno are at same level. Not everything has SS…in fact a lot of creatures don’t, and it isn’t nearly as prevalent as it was before 1.5. Indoraptor is rather vulnerable to slows and stuns as well…should it not be top tier because of that? lol

          • Except Indoraptor is fast, and its also couped with shieldbrekaing abilities, armor piercing, dodge, and it can cleanse. Plus it has way more HP and attack than Delta. Thats why its good. Having Impact and Run doesnt make you good.

          • And lmao, check your math. Ill do the math right here. Lets say they’re both at lvl 26.

            Brachiosaurus uses rampage. 2100 damage to Tyranno.
            Tyranno uses DSI. 2400 damage to Brachio.
            I think you made the mistake of thinking that Rampage doesn’t have a cooldown. Brachiosaurus uses SS. 1050 damage to Tyranno.
            Tyranno uses DSR. Brachio is dead.

            Tyrannolophosaur can take this battle even if it doesn’t crit.

          • Wow. Just wow. You just went somewhere you’re never supposed to go. I don’t know if you’re special needs, THAT bad at math, or both, but I’m actually laughing out loud at you right now. Still. Five minutes after I originally read this. Seriously, how bad you obviously are at math is just astounding. I know 3rd graders who would have ran the numbers correctly, and arrived at the correct winner. It wasn’t me who made a mistake in forgetting that Rampage has a CD of 1 turn, which is 100% irrelevant anyways, its your mistake in not being able to do simple math.

            Here, I’ll break this down in terms even you’ll be able to understand, turn by turn, with all numbers shown so you may attempt to comprehend as well. I’ll stay with your example of keeping them both at level 26 and using numbers from the Dinodex here on Metahub.

            Starting health: Brachiosaurus 5700/Tyrannolophosaur 4200
            Starting damage: Brachiosaurus 1050/Tyrannolophosaur 1600

            Turn 1 –
            Brachiosaurus uses Rampage – deals 2100 damage (Tyrannolophosaur at 2100 health)
            Tyrannolophosaur uses Defense Shattering Impact – deals 2400 damage (Brachiosaurus at 3300 health)

            Turn 2 –
            Brachiosaurus uses Superiority Strike – deals 1050 damage (Tyrannolophosaur at 1050 health)
            Tyrannolophosaur uses Defense Shattering Rampage – deals 3200 damage (Brachiosaurus at 100 health)

            Turn 3 –
            Brachiosaurus uses Superiority Strike – deals 1050 damage (Tyrannolophosaur at 0 health and dies)

            So, lets see…after that exhaustively difficult math, it looks like Brachiosaurus *will* actually kill Tyrannolophosaur at equal level, if Tyrannolophosaur doesn’t get a crit. Look at that.

            It’s also rather humorous that you completely ignore the question posed to you based on your original argument and instead of addressing the actual question of because something is vulnerable to a specific status affliction it shouldn’t be in the tier it was given. You DO realize that Delta can kill Indo with Pounce and Impact and Run, and survive, up to 2 levels LOWER than Indoraptor, right? At worst, if Indoraptor uses Evasion, it may do zero damage, but will take zero damage and burn 2 turns of the Evasion.

            Now please, put the shovel down before you dig your hole any deeper than you already have.

          • oh shit, i thought brachio had only 5500 health, that was my bad and im a fucking retard

            And yes, I realize that Delta can kill Indoraptor with its Pounce+IaR combo. That still doesn’t make it worthy of A Tier, especially since no one uses the raptor pack at the top of the leaderboard. Indoraptor is high tier because its more versatile than Delta. There are other errors, like Pteranodon being in A but not Rex or Erliko.

            As for Dracorex gen 2, I feel like it does deserve high tier but not Alpha, even with that amazing SIA it still has an awful moveset that doesn’t really compensate it.

  2. Why would you call a tier in the middle “omega?” Omega means last. This is needlessly confusing and hard to read and understand what tiers mean because of that. If you wanted “second to an alpha dinosaur” then you wanted, you know, beta… that’s even used in JWA in descriptions of the raptor pack.

    • Hi!

      Yea I agree with you completely but unfortunately I was about a day too late I think. Orange Heart had made the art based on the team’s wording. For now we’ll both have to consciously recognize that “Omega” means “Omega of the endgame meta”, as in anything below it is not efficient enough to warrant anything.

      • Haha, fair enough! Didn’t mean to nitpick or the like, it’s just hard for me to see Omega and think anything but! I started trying to think “end of the metagame” too. And thank y’all for the great work!

  3. In my opinion Thoradolosaur should be in tyrant tier.It is so much better than Allosino,it has 40% crit chance,higher damage,higher speed,and much better moveset. Allosino’s Armor piercing impact got upgraded to defense shattering impact and it’s defense shattering impact got upgraded to defense shattering rampage.The only problem with Thoradolosaur is that it has no armor unlike Allosinosaurus,which doesn’t make any sense.That’s just my opinion,I want to know what you guy’s think.

  4. Okay, first, really nicely done on the graphic part so good job Orange Heart!

    Also with a new tier system you may think about adding number behind the name for better understanding. Not every player will be able to see this article, and it’s definitely not easy to understand on the first sight anymore. I think it can be seriously confusing if they check some specific dino and see just “Omega” there. Maybe the number even in format of (4/7) or “Fourth”?

    I definitely hope that you will update dinodex with all this new stuff and 1.5 information so it’s up to date. It’s still the most useful part of this web for majority of players. Especially as we are unable to see hybrids moveset and stats if we don’t have them unlocked.

    1) Ankytrosaurus in apex -> rofl, the love for counter dinos is strong with this team no matter how shitty the dino is 😀
    2) Brachiosaurus is also above his true strength. He can counter specific Dinos but that does not Apex make, but at least it’s not so ridiculous as the one above.
    3) Dracorex gen2, one-trick pony is not Apex worthy. Especially with attack stat that is so bad that even 2x shield destroying rampage is not a nuke but a little tactical missible at best. Don’t get me wrong, Dracorex was boosted really well and it’s definitely usable. But having one surprising finished that goes through both shield and invic at your hand is nice, but it still takes slot of a whole other dino. And Dracorex rarely survives long enough to be used or force you to sacrifice other dinos. I guess he could be a good part of swap in based team but still not an apex himself.
    4) Diloranosaurus, I love this dino. Still using it myself, but the SS nerf hurt him more than most tanks, because now the bigger slow out there really hurts him. Still he got some of his teeth back and there are still enough good matchup for him to get into Apex if barely. But more power to him! 🙂
    5) Megalosuchus, no, just no, he is lucky enough to have passable attack stat for counter dino, but something that your opponent is glad to see cannot be Apex. And the “I’m gonna finish this dino, oh no! He counter swapped!” is not good enough excuse.
    6) Utasinoraptor – finally in Apex, glad you guys got it finally right 😛 Dino that can sweep the whole team is definitely Apex material and was for some time, even if he can suffer against faster dino if met in round one without Instant Charge ready.
    7) Monolometrodon, umm, did you guys missed the fact they forgotten to give this dino an attack stat? 😀 I love immunity dino and with his moveset he cannot have to high attack or he could be overpowered, but sadly they were so afraid to make him too strong that they made him too weak. The fact that his HP is nothing to sing about either and he won’t bring enough of his moveset to the battle to make himself a true Alpha tier dino.
    8) Kentrosaurus, Crippling Distraction counter attack strategy is not exactly a bad thing, but not enough hp, attack and Counter str to be an Alpha either. Not sure what he does here at all but I probably shouldn’t be surprised with Ankytrosaurus being rated as he was.
    9) Dracoretops is too low, he got an interesting moveset and interesting swap in ability to boot. With his Hp stat you can cycle through him easily twice and that’s kind of awesome.
    10) Velociraptor is still the fastest dino in the game and with a big opening attack. Yes, sadly that’s all he brings to the table and any kind of slow, if the opponent survives, is enough to bring him down with his low HP stat. Still he eat a lot of the other fast dinos and it’s definitely not a scavenger.

    There are probably more but these were the most alarming or, in Utasinoraptor case, satisfying
    But just the fact how much you struggle with placing them properly is a good thing, since it means the power scale is not so set in stone and there are a lot of things that can work 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing the articles, especially the excuses in some case 😛 I wonder who in team has such a pull to always push counter dino to the forefront 😀

  5. Rajakylosaurus is the MVP on my team (I’m in arena 7). Pinning Strike makes it perfect to bring on when the opponent is on their third creature (unless it’s immune) and hasn’t made a substitution yet, and the combination Instant Invincibility + Counter-attack has finished off a few opponents.

  6. Some things I don’t understand. The huge drop for Rajakylosaurus and Tanycolagues.
    The reasoning behind even head to head match ups as the major determiner.
    At first head to head sounds like a good idea, but how many people are going to level Indominus Rex to maximum level? The same thing about Kentrosaurus or other components that should be saved up for something better.
    Also your tier system seems to indicate some flaws on Ludia’s part and/or your tiers need even more striations.
    Example: you guys place Dracorex Gen II as an Apex. To me this says that Ludia has errored, because you have Dracoceratops as a lowly survivor which has Dracorex Gen II as one of its components. In fact if a component is in the same tier or higher of its future combine, that is most likely a fail on Ludia’s part or the tier system. Examples are Stegodceratops and Monostegotops; Pyrritator and Magnapyritator; Einosuchus and Sarcorixis; Purrolyth and Purussaurus Gen 2

  7. Can’t believe people are whining on Dracorex Gen 2. As soon as I put in my team (over Rajakylosaurus) I earned 300 arena points within 2 days. It’s not that it’s got a x2 shieldbreaker attack only, it’s that you can easily use it twice or even three times during the same match if your oponent doesn’t destroy it asap. Mine is just level 15, and its like 1350 dmg which I have managed to pull up to three times, plus two auto attacks and once an impact and run, which in some cases you can manage to pull …just do the math…

  8. Can you explain Dimodactylus in Alpha? I just don’t get it to work. How do you use it, when do you play it? Quite a few things have to come together for me for it or work. I think I’m using it wrong. On the other hand: I don’t see it in Arena (~3000) at all. In my ranks it should be more common if it really is Alpha, as it’s quite easy to obtain and lvl up, shouldn’t it?