• Welcome back Explorers! On last week’s edition of “This or That!” we reviewed a pair of legendary counter attackers. When all was said and done, we found Megalosuchus to be the more accessible option of the two, and with better stats to match! With cunning creatures roaming out and about this week, we have another legendary showdown for you! While we may give advice that works for most, each explorer must walk their own path. Now let’s get started!

Diloranosaurus vs. Monomimus

If you’re a seasoned player, both of these names will strike fear in your heart. Diloranosaurus and Monomimus  first came to life in the 1.3 update and have evolved significantly ever since. Diloranosaurus was a staple player in 1.3, while Monomimus flourished in 1.4. Both share speed and distraction in their arsenal, but it’s their differences that make them each all the more interesting.


These cunning legendaries share a small, but significant portion in common with each other. Each possess similar base damage, share a 5% critical chance and with a speed of 126 for Diloranosaurus and 129 for Monomimus, they both land on the faster end of the spectrum. This becomes vital when considering each holds a distracting attack in its move-set. By getting to play first and reducing the opponents damage by 50% before they can cause any harm to you is a great way to start any battle! Keep in mind though, while 126 is faster than many, there are still plenty of dinos that can beat Diloranosaurus to the punch.


Key Differences:

Much of the differences between Diloranosaurus and Monomimus can be attributed to their pedigree. Diloranosaurus gets much of its speed and distracting abilities from Dilophosaurus (a local 1 rare) and its stunning, running and superiority moves from its epic parent Ouranosaurus (local 2). Monomimus on the other hand, has two speedy parents: the arena exclusive common, Gallimimus, and a local 3 epic, Monolophosaurus. Monolophosaurus enables its hybrid to distract and nullify, while Gallimimus offers its immunity and evasive talents.

While it may only be by 3, Monomimus’s faster speed does put it in the same lane as Spinotasuchus, Pyrritator and much feared uniques like Diloracheirus and Erlidominus (just to name a few). When equally matched for speed, Monomimus will only act first if it is at a higher level, rarer or maneuvered by a faster handler than its opponent. This becomes crucial considering a significant loss in HP after the 1.5 update. Speed and distraction become Monomimus’s saving grace considering its HP is now a meager 2,700, well within one-shot territory of many dinos. To its advantage however, are two very important skills. Being immune, it cannot be slowed, stunned, bled, vulnerable or even distracted itself. Next, its evasive stance has brought frustration to many, but is often the difference between life and death for this glass cannon. Remember though, a 50% chance of dodging also means a 50% chance of being hit! So before you pick this move, ask yourself: “Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?” To round out its moveset, Monomimus has two nullifying moves to make sure its opponent doesn’t get a leg up. This means: no cloaking/evasion, ferocious or RTC buffs or even shields for that matter! (armor stays however).

Outside of speed and distraction, Diloranosaurus is quite different from Monomimus, but by no means any easier to deal with. At 4200, its health is far more competitive and its move-set, much more diverse. With greater stunning rampage, Diloranosaurus can leave some serious second-turn damage. To make it even more formidable, a 75% chance of stunning its opponent gives Diloranosaurus the opportunity to land another hit before running away, only to repeat the destruction over again when it returns. The DI-GSR-I&R combo is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with and makes this cunning dino truly deserving of its Apex ranking. If this wasn’t enough, Diloranosaurus is an excellent long-term investment as it paves the way to the tyrant super-hybrid Diloracheirus, or the colloquially named Green Chicken (more on this later).


Parting words:

While both Diloranosaurus and Monomimus have become household names in past metas, their long-term value lies in what comes ahead. Its formidable health and deadly distracting-stunning-running combo are what give Diloranosaurus a strong advantage over Monomimus, not to mention, the the option to make a powerful tryant down the road. Monomimus loses its edge with the significant health nerf it suffered in the 1.5 update and the lack of a unique to call its own (at least for now)…


Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you on the next edition of “This or That!”