Explorers, welcome to the second of our explanation articles into our recently published 1.6 Tier List! While we endeavor to produce an accurate and objective ranking; such a list will always be somewhat subjective. As such, we think it’s important to share with you how the decisions were made and be able to present strong arguments for any controversial choices.

High Apex:

To reiterate the point we made in the Tyrant Tier explanation article, the group of dinosaurs included in the top of Apex could all be referred to as ‘Low Tyrant’. As such, I am not going to dedicate much space to their strengths in this article; but more focus on the arguments that convinced us enough space existed between these and those included in Tyrant Tier. That said, please do not read the below and think we are suggesting any of the following dinosaurs are weak. They’re not. They’re among the best in the game. The arguments below are reasons why they aren’t the absolute best of the best.


An increase in unfavorable match-ups meant while Indo herself was untouched by 1.6, the changing meta around her meant a decrease in relative strength. While her ability to sweep an entire team is still there, this is now extremely unlikely given the increased number of top-tier counters and their prevalence in the arena. To us, this says far more about how balanced the game has become than that Indoraptor lost a step.




With Null Impact/Slowing Impact changes further increasing Monostego’s strength as a top-tier generalist, we genuinely don’t have any strong argument against including her in Tyrant. That said, it was our collective opinion that she should share a tier with a lot those dinos we were able to argue against being in Tyrant. The fact that all it’s moves are impacts and that Monostego really relies on a critical hit to 1v1 some of the top tier options does play into this decision to keep it in High Apex over Tyrant tier.


Yoshi’s frailty is really what ended up killing her chances at a spot in Tyrant. While evasive, immunity and distraction with 131 speed and 1400 damage do a lot to mitigate this shortcoming, if she doesn’t dodge/out-predict her opponent she simply doesn’t stay in the game long enough to warrant Tyrant-tier relevance. Like Indoraptor, while this Christmas chicken can single-handedly make your whole game, it can also singlehandedly break it in a way that simply isn’t the case for the other tyrant tier dinos that leave a much more lasting mark even with bad RNG.


Like Indo, Spino was not directly affected by 1.6, however the increase in immune/high speed/swap-orientated dinos do mean Spinotahsuchus has gained a number of less favorable match-ups. She did make some gains this meta due to Dracoceratops – working very well particularly alongside but also against DC, though this is not enough to outweigh most of the meta shifting against her.


An incredibly versatile move-set, while offering great outplay potential, also means Tenontorex can suffer when making the wrong choice. As such, she is not necessarily reliable in making full use of her excellent kit and high damage, and is very susceptible to being revenge killed. Still, the things that work in her favor work well, but the lack of usable tanks at the highest tiers means a portion of her kit is not AS useful as it could be.



While Thor will seriously punish swaps and is often a 1-shot threat in this low HP/swap heavy meta, she is very predictable. This inflexibility gives a lot of outplay potential to her opponent. It also doesn’t really translate into reliability given how the 40% critical strike chance drastically affects her power level. Again, when hitting all her crits, Thor is a clear powerhouse. But with missed critical hits, she is too easily distracted and dispatched without enough damage done. Again, the lack of tanks in the highest levels of the meta also contributes to Thor being in a separate tier, especially as the kit is so fine-tuned for destroying all types of tanks.

UtasinoraptorUtasinoraptor & Utarinex:

Let down by a sheer lack of bulk, Utasino has exceptionally strong damage output and now Decelerating Strike adds speed control to an already very versatile kit. While Utarinex doesn’t suffer from the same lack of bulk Utasino does, this increased survivability comes at the cost of a significant difference in damage output. It can be argued that the lower damage isn’t significant enough to outweigh Rinex’s bulk and built in escape; however often overlooked is that a lot of Rinex’s damage output is tied into that escape. Sometimes it is very beneficial to not swap; and instead you can let Utasino die after putting out 3 turns of damage, very often setting yourself up for the win. As such, there is not enough space between the two to justify placing them in different tiers. While they perform exceptionally well against most of the meta, the rise in prominence of Magnapyritor and Erildominus, along with both being very susceptible to Dracoceratops, means they are too vulnerable to be considered Tyrant.

Parting Words

High Apex is probably the most controversial section of the Tier List; with a lot of very strong dinos that don’t quite make the cut for Tyrant but are still undoubtedly among the strongest in the game. Do you think we have validated those disputed placements? In the next couple of weeks, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Twitter, Facebook page or Discord server.

We really value your input, and will try to address any valid points about any upcoming tiers in the rest of this series of explanation articles. To this end, I would particularly appreciate you contacting me through our Discord (either DM or @Antithesis me) if you feel you have a strong argument we may have overlooked. Not only that, but this patch we intend to review the tier list mid-cycle to correct any potentially erroneous placements, and see how the meta might have shifted as it fully develops.