Durango Wild Lands: Beginners Guide
Part 1: Profession, tools and basics
Part 2: Setting up a Domain and Types of Islands
Part 3: Catching and Taming a Dino

Hello again Pioneers! If you haven’t already heard, there is a new survival/dino game out there and we are pretty excited about it. Durango: Wild Lands is like a Last Day on Earth Meets Jurassic World Alive. Check out our original review here.

This adventure based game throws you into the world of Durango where warp holes send you into a world of uncharted, unstable islands full of dinosaurs! You have to learn how to survive in this hostile environment by crafting your own weapons and clothes and scavenging and hunting for food. In this guide, we will go over some of the basics of the game and some tips and tricks that will hopefully help you out along the way.

Choosing a Profession

There are 8 “professions” you will choose from when you build your character. All of them are featured in the train ride at the beginning of the game, but you don’t have to commit until after the train is derailed and you create your character.

Each job is associated with a specific skill in the game and it will basically start you at level 20 in that skill. You will work on all of the other skills as you progress, but it is important to choose your profession wisely, based on what you want your character to “specialize” in. These are the professions and associated skills:

Engineer – Lvl 20 Weapon/Tool Making
Office Worker – Lvl 20 Construction
Student – Lvl 20 Gathering
Farmer – Lvl 20 Farming
Attendant – Lvl 20 Tailoring
Soldier – Lvl 20 Melee
Homemaker – Lvl 20 Cooking
Job Seeker – Lvl 20 Defense


I am finding the Construction skill harder to level than the others so Office Worker could be a smart one to start with. You won’t use it as much in the early game, but it will be helpful when you go to start building your village with your clan.

Weapon/tool making is also essential when getting started so I chose Engineer as my profession. This will allow you to build better weapons/tools at higher levels and they won’t wear out as easily. You need tools or weapons for almost anything you do in the game, so this is the best one to start with if you don’t have a specific high level specialization in mind. This will also help you get through some of the missions much faster as many of them require a specific level tool that needs to be created.

Learning the Basics

You start off on the island of Ancora where you will get a brief tutorial. Then you will move on to “The Company’s safe house” island where you will continue with tasks and learn the basics of the game. Spend as much time as you need on this island to learn the skills you need as they will be important as you move up through the various islands. You will need to be able to craft weapons and tools, forage for plants as well as hunt.

Keep an eye on your health, engergy, and fatigue bars and make sure to eat and drink as you need to.

I also carry a makeshift tent in my backpack once I learned to make one so I could rest anywhere I needed to as my stamina got lower. Make sure you know where the closest fresh water is so you can drink fresh water and wash yourself as needed.

As you gather resources keep an eye out for this symbol:

Once that resource is collected, that material will disappear so make sure to collect that item last. You can also only gather as much as you can carry in your backpack so keep an eye on the items you have in there as well. You can always discard what you don’t need at the time (especially resources readily available like leaves, branches and roots). 

Crafting Tools, Weapons & Clothing

Every tool, weapon and clothing can be made from the materials found on the islands you visit. Each island is a certain level and the materials on the island correspond with that level. Higher level materials will result in higher level crafted items (weapons, tools, clothing, ect.).

Accept missions through the Communications Center. These will earn you more xp and coins so you can level up faster. Also the more you forage, hunt, and craft, the more you will be able to level up those particular skills.  

Essentials like rope are usually required for a majority of items you need to craft so keeping stalks and reeds on hand will be very helpful. Crafting these resources will also allow you to level up faster as you gain xp for each item you create.

Building your skills through Radio University

Radio University is where you will go to do research and level up each skill. You gain skill points each time you level up as a player and will need to allocate those skill points to the different skill sets. Eventually you will need to “specialize” in a particular skill since there aren’t enough skill  points to max everything out.

You also have the ability to “unlearn” 5 skills a day and get those points back. A good place to do that is in the melee specialization. Pick a weapon you want to focus on (sword, bow, blunt weapon, axe) and only level up that particular weapon and the moves associated with it. You don’t need a lot of levels on a sword if you don’t plan to use it.

Parting Words

This game has a lot going on with it and is great for even the casual gamer since it is very self-paced. This should help you get started and we will have a second guide out soon to help you set up your domain, learn how to tame (and ride!) a dino and more tips and tricks to surviving Durango. In the meantime check out our discord for more discussion, tips, and tricks!