Durango Wild Lands: Beginners Guide
Part 1: Profession, tools and basics
Part 2: Setting up a Domain and Types of Islands
Part 3: Catching and Taming a Dino

Hello again Pioneers! Now that you know the basics of Durango (if not here is the first beginners guide) we will talk about setting up your domain and progressing through the various islands. After you get through the “tutorial” you will take a hot air balloon to your own personal island and this is where the real game begins.

Setting up a Domain

You will have a choice of 5 different islands. You will want to make sure and maximize the space you are given, so in my opinion, choosing the island with the most green space is best. When you land, that is where you will set up camp so make sure you are close to the harbor and near water.

Resources are NOT renewable so while you can forage on that island, those items will not return. Also keep in mind that your island is only a lvl 10 so the resources on it will stay at that level. So as you progress in levels it will be more beneficial to use resources from the untamed islands you visit.

Expand your Domain

After you establish your domain, you have the option to expand it through the domain menu. Go ahead and do that as soon as possible so you have your space ready to decorate. Make sure you only expand into green space as you won’t be able to place any objects in the water or on rocks.

You can “re-set” your domain once a day. But if you do that, make sure nothing is in your domain when you re-set it (I learned that the hard way). You can’t access any of your baskets or items that are outside of your domain. I always return to my domain before signing off the game so I can rest up before I’m ready to go exploring again.


Organizing your Domain

Build a makeshift tent and bonfire so you have a safe space to go to and rest if you need. Anything in your domain is safe from being destroyed or stolen so I usually only keep the essentials with me in my backpack and return to my domain often to re-stock/rest as I need to.

Build baskets to keep your resources since you won’t be able to keep everything in your backpack. I labeled mine based on the resource I was keeping in it. One for stones, wood, leaves, stalks etc. This helps when crafting and building so you can always have the right resources on hand.

I also like to do a majority of my crafting in my domain. I will go to other islands to gather resources, but find it easier to craft in my own space where I can go rest at the bonfire if I need to. Build a workbench and other crafting structures (stove, bonfire, drying rack, ect.) so you can easily craft and create tools, weapons and even cook food. Remember that your domain is your safe space to keep anything in there you want to protect.

Types of Islands

There are several types of islands in Durango: Unstable, Civilized, Tamed, and Savage. The tamed island is where you will set up your domain and the resources are not renewable.

You will travel to the Unstable Islands to complete missions, acquire resources and work towards leveling up your character. The higher level island you visit, the higher level resources you get, so keep venturing to higher level islands so you can continue to craft higher level tools and weapons with those materials. These islands will disappear and “refresh” every so often. So don’t build anything on them you want to keep!

Civilized islands are another option to make your domain. You have to pay t-stones to maintain your domain, but the resources are renewable and it’s an option to set up camp with or around your clan members. Just like your tamed island, your domain is safe from other pioneers unless you give them specific permission to enter. The buildings’ durability decreases over time on the Civilized Islands, so you will need plenty of repair kits to keep them all up and running.

Savage Islands are the “end game” where there are no rules and it’s every pioneer and clan for themselves. They are high level unstable islands where pioneers are free to attack each other so it is PvP on these islands only. Once reaching level 56, you can join the Savage Islands to seek out and claim Outposts with your clan. Once you have an Outpost, conduct valuable research to gather better resources, earn special mounts, and develop new combat abilities. There are also very rare resources available on these islands. 

Parting Words

What I love about this game is the ability to play casually and just explore the untamed islands and civilized islands, or go all out on a savage island. You can customize your domain however you like and even throw house parties! Next time we will show you how to tame a dinosaur. And for more tips and tricks make sure to join our discord!