Durango Wild Lands: Beginners Guide
Part 1: Profession, tools and basics
Part 2: Setting up a Domain and Types of Islands
Part 3: Catching and Taming a Dino

Welcome Back Pioneers! Hopefully you now have the basics of the game and have successfully set up your domain and started travelling to unstable islands for missions. Now it’s time to catch and tame your first dinosaur!

Catching a Dinosaur

After you have completed some more missions on your first unstable island you should reach player level 15 and survival level 15 and get the opportunity to catch a dinosaur. To tame a dino, you first need to make sure you have acquired that skill. You will do this through the skills portion of your menu.

After you have the appropriate skill, you will need to go find a Zebraceratops. Enter in to combat and try to stun it by kicking and hitting it as much as possible. When this symbol appears, it means you can try to capture the dino. Click it as fast as possible. If the dinosaur “recovers” before you capture it, you will need to just continue with the battle. 

It took me several times to get my first one, but I found that hitting and kicking as much as possible worked to try and “knock it out. The Body Tackle move works really well to try and stun it. As soon as you capture it you will get a notification saying it has been captured and you will be able to see it in your bag.

After you catch a dino, you will be given a makeshift taming pen. Don’t set the taming pen up on the unstable island! Go back to your domain to tame the it. But before you do, collect as many Crabgrass flowers as you can to feed it while it is being tamed.

Taming a Dino

As soon as you get the makeshift taming pen immediately set it up in your domain. If you set it up on the unstable island you are on someone can destroy it and you will lose the dino you are taming (I learned this the hard way). Go to your domain and set up the taming pen you are given. Click on Animal Handling and add the Zebraceratops from your bag. Feeding it while it is being tamed will help ensure you will have a successful training and will also take time off the taming process. Feed it any crabgrass flowers you collected.

After the appropriate time has elapsed you should have a tamed dino. Access the animal through the “animals” menu. There you will have the option to bond with it. This will allow you to keep the dino as your companion and allow you ride it around the various islands you visit. It can also assist you in combat. As you increase your skills in animal taming, you can catch a variety of creatures including raptors, dire wolves, and even a TRex! Your companion also has a bag so you can store extra items in there as well.

Caring for your Animal

Each animal has its own attributes just as your character does. It has Life, Life Span and Vigor as well as Attack, Defense, and Accuracy (to assist in battle). 

Make sure you are feeding your dino to keep up its Vigor. It will get hungry just like you do. Herbivores can eat any plants or flowers and carnivores will need meat. Plants are easy to forage and I usually keep a stash in their bag so they are carrying their own food. You will need to move the food to your bag when you go to feed it though. Carnivores can eat fish, clams, and any dmeat that you hunt. Clams and fish are easiest to obtain since you don’t have to risk going into battle. 

Training your Animal

Your companion will level up as you continue to level up, but you can also train it as well to add more xp to it. It cannot, however, be a higher level than your player level. In addition to the makeshift training pen, you will need to build or buy a makeshift pen. This will allow you to train your dino when you aren’t out exploring on other islands.

Empty the bag and then place it in the pen. Then you will need to select “train dino”. There are several options based on its level. I usually do the longest one overnight so it’s ready to go the next day.

You can also use your animal to collect resources such as animal droppings (for fertilizer), eggs, feathers (from the birds) and milk. You just select the resources option instead of the training option.

If you aren’t out exploring, keep it in the pen as well (even if you aren’t training it). If you leave it out and then come back after a long time, it will be hungry and you will need to feed it right away. If you keep it in the pen, it will not need to be fed and you can take it out at full health ready to keep exploring.

Parting Words

This is just another way to customize your character and play style in this game. As you keep leveling up and travelling to higher level islands, you will have the opportunity to catch and tame a variety of different creatures. Right now I have a Pavomimus and let me tell you, she’s a beauty. They help immensely in battles and you look pretty cool riding them around as well. For more tricks and tips make sure to check out our discord and we hope to see you around Durango!