In a surprisingly player-oriented move, Bethesda has pushed a new patch for Elder Scrolls: Blades which fixes one of the biggest gripes with the chest system: Silver Chest timer! Silver Chests now take only 1 hour to open, down from 3 hours.

Here’s the full changelog:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for playing The Elder Scrolls: Blades and helping us make changes during this Early Access period. We’ve updated the following:

  • Silver Chests! These now only take one hour to open, or 12 Gems. (They were 3 hours and 36 gems before).
  • Wood Chests and Elder Chests have been added to Job rewards. Elder Chests are extremely rare, but possible.
  • Silver Chests no longer appear in the Abyss.
  • Adjusted Abyss floors below your level to reward more experience points.
  • Added confirmation for any Gem use above 11, so you don’t accidentally use higher amounts.

Thanks again and keep sending us your feedback. We can’t believe how many of you are playing, and playing a lot! We’ll have more changes during Early Access as we tune and balance the game. Stay tuned!

Suffice to say, the official Blades subreddit is on fire right now, praising the devs for the decision (link to thread):

“Excellent. This is much more manageable and will promote engagement with the app every hour instead of every three. It’s a win win.”

“Exactly. I appreciate how quick they made these changes and unlike other mobile games they are ACTUALLY listening to their community!”

“A-fucking-men. I don’t think people realize how long it can take to implement what seem like simple changes, especially with a large company like Bethesda. This wasn’t a bug so it wouldn’t be the highest priority, but you can’t just go in, change a number from 180 to 60, and push to production. There needs to be thorough testing to check the balance of every little component against the change; basically smoke testing how this change affects all levels and areas of play.”

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