Explorers! Ludia has released the featured dinosaurs for next week, and we’re getting more shots at those flying birds! Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu!

Week 17– Featured Dinos

Monday: Common Flying Creatures


Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday: Rare Flying Creatures

Friday + Saturday:  Epic Flying Creatures

Sunday: Legendary Flying Creature


On Monday, you’ve got the common flyer Hatzegopteryx to dart. Don’t feel too bad if you miss this single day event. The Hatzy is a global spawn in all four phases (day, dusk, night, dawn), so missing out doesn’t cost you much of anything.

For the Rare Flyers on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we’ve been reviewing our tier list and we’d probably recommend aiming at Arambouriangia. Of the rare flyers, she probably has the most utility. Although for me, the Dsungarpiterus comes in second. I don’t know that either of these birds will end up on anyone’s final arena teams, but they definitely have utility as you level.

For the Epic Flyers on Friday and Saturday, we’re still focused on Alanqa, but there’s definitely a case to be made for Pteranodon too. Alanqa will fuse with Ankylosaurus G2 to create the Legendary Alankylosaurus, and it’s only available in Arena 9 as an exclusive, so it may be pretty hard to come by for those not at 5000+ trophies. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Pteranodon got a hybrid at some point, and it too has utility. You could go either way.

And on Sunday, of course, don’t miss an opportunity to get Alankylosaurus. It’s quite the beefy flyer and could immediately find a place on many arena teams. This is our first shot at this legendary beast, so definitely take advantage! It isn’t all that often that we get to see legendary creatures in the wild.

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    • Actually, you can access them (at least those where the flyer is sitting down and not flying around) but it’s quite tricky and hard. You need to tap the flyer and it will zoom in, then tap the close button and while the flyer is landing, tap the green box. After 5-15 tries you’ll manage to access the box and not the flyer.

  1. I totally disagree with epic choice if you’re using these for combat. Pteranodon is the fastest of the birds and also has a impact and run ability which saves a move in combat that Alanqa and even Alankylosaurus don’t have. Plus getting past shields has proven invaluable for the swapping/bird war and Ptteranodon can remove shields and ferocity and cloaking. And then let us not forget that if you don’t kill it with a hit it throws back an entire 1x damage counter. Alanqa needs Pounce or some armor or something to even come close to Pteronodon.