This week’s dinosaurs have been announced, and it’s looking like a lockdown kind of week. This is certainly a newer version of an old theme — dinosaurs with the ability to lock down the opponent so they cannot swap!

There will be eight dinosaurs featured so we don’t have any marathon days, which is good. And a few of these will be interesting for those of us who haven’t unlocked Gryposuchus yet, or who need components for other useful hybrids.

And what a welcome surprise to see our favorite Apatosaurus making an appearance in the daylight instead of just at dawn/dusk. Many have missed our long-necked friend as they continue to level or try to create Stegodeus.

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Which Dinosaurs To Focus On

This week is a strange one. I wouldn’t call any of these dinos “must have’s” by any stretch. You could theoretically take this whole week off and not miss too much. But then again, we know Ludia wants to create hybrids for all the dinosaurs out there, and seeing things like Purusaurus and Argentinosaurus who don’t have a hybrid yet, and Gryposuchus who doesn’t have a hybrid, makes for some interesting options.

For Commons: If you’re focused on getting or leveling Gigaspikasaurus, Nodopatotitan, or (more likely) Stegodeus, you’re going to need a lot of Apatosaurus. And now that Apatosaurus can only be found during dawn/dusk (since update 1.4.23), this could be a really good time for you to catch a whole bunch of long-necks. On the other hand, if you’re working on Sarcorixis, the Sarcosuchus DNA would be appreciated. The only reason to go for Purusaurus Gen 2 is just for future potential hybrids.

For Rares: Amargasaurus seems to be the clear winner for hybrid materials. You need Amargasaurus to make Amargocephalus and then later Tragodistis. And again, Amargasaurus is used to make Gigaspikasaurus as well. The other two options do not presently have a hybrid, but they may have one someday.

For Epics: It’s really a toss-up here. If you haven’t unlocked Gryposuchus, here’s a perfect opportunity to do so and not miss out on anything. If you’ve got Sarcorixis and are leveling it, then here’s some free DNA.

RECAP: How Do Featured Dinosaurs Work?
1. You have a set number of hours to collect DNA from the Featured Dinos, as indicated on the Special Event Supply Drop once you open them.
2. Cycles always begin at 10:00 a.m. EDT and last for however many days indicated by Ludia.
3. Number of attempts is based on the dinosaurs Tier:
Common: 12    Rare: 6     Epic: 3     Legendary: 1     Unique: 1
4. During the given time period, there will be anywhere from 1-5 different Featured Dinos and you will have a combined number of attempts for the Dinosaurs together! For example, If Ludia gives us two common dinos to choose between, you will have 24 attempts. If you need more of Dino A DNA then Dino B DNA, Do more attempts on Dino A! Or vice versa!

Parting Words

Nothing in this week’s set is particularly earth-shattering, but I for one appreciate the palate cleanser. The last month of the tournament has been grueling. Each featured week has had must-get dinosaurs for the arena.

And this week seems geared towards those who just enjoy unlocking things, or who need some components for some great Legendary dinos. I’m fine with that.

What about you? Were you happy with this weeks dinos? Will you be following our advice or do you have your own unique strategy?

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