Explorers! Some of you may remember our Challenger Series 1.0. Well, prepare your team as we are bringing the Challenger Series 2.0 very soon! Things will work differently this time around, and the reward will also be different! Time to determine if you are stronger than the people behind Metahub!

What is the Metahub Challenger series?

Basically, members of our Discord server will be given the opportunity of gaining unique exclusive roles (Triassic Tamer) on the server, along with eternal recognition! But wait! There’s more! Some may even have the chance to join the Metahub.info Alliance! We know that many of you still want to get in, so this is your last chance! Keep on reading to know how this all works!

To gain this unique role or even a chance at a spot in the Metahub Alliance, players will have to complete a series of challenges. For the purpose of this Challenger Series, members of the Metahub team will so forth be called: Challengers.


  • You will need to sign-up by filling up your alts in Discord and JWA in the form below.
  • Once done, please wait 24 hours, maximum, to be added to a #challengers Discord channel in the Metahub server.
  • When you’re free, post a message there with your free time duration (eg. “I will be free for the next hour”) and we, the Metahub Challengers, will add you as a Friend and initiate a Friendly Challenge with you!
  • When you no longer have the time to engage, please delete your message from the #challengers Discord channel.
  • If you lose twice, whether to the same Challenger or 2 different Challengers, you’ll be out of the game!

How do prizes work?

  • If you manage to defeat 4 of us without losing twice, you will be eligible for the “Triassic Tamer” Discord flair!
  • If you already have the flair above and still defeated 4 of us without losing twice, fret not – we’ll add a new flair to your Discord name!
  • AND FINALLY, THE GRAND PRIZE – If you can make it as far as defeating 6 of us, you will be presented with an offer to join the JWA Metahub Alliance! We will present this offer until we have 5 slots filled, so keep fighting!

How to participate?

Join our Discord Server here and head over to the channel titled #announcements. There, you will find the link to the form to complete in order to register. Why do I have to go there? Why not post the link here? Well, because, as dumb as it may sound, in the past some people simply completed the registration form with never actually joining the Discord Server, which was a requirement in order to participate. This time, we are forcing you to be on the server before you can actually register. Makes sense, right?

You will have until Friday, December 14th to register. Set-up for the Challenger Series will take place over the weekend and things will begin on Monday December 17th!

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact ZhengTann or a Metahub Specialist on the server. May the odds ever be in your favor!

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