Disclaimer: Metahub.info is in no way, shape or form paid or compensated for any of the content we provided, provide, and will provide. For the haters, be warned, this article outlines our genuine impressions of Ludia, which are overall incredibly positive. Although this will not prevent us from writing articles with a negative perspective on future updates, games, actions, etc., we truly have the utmost respect for what Ludia does and the entire team it represents, and we hope this transpires in this article. Did Ludia Games simply use a charm potion on us? If they did, it worked wonderfully!

Special thanks to Marcus, Jorge, Marc, Benoit, Francis, Maggy, Olivier, Guillaume, Vincent, Ariane, and everyone from Ludia! You’ve set the bar really high and we truly enjoyed every minute spent in your studio!


In its early days, Metahub reached out to Ludia Games through several channels (forum, email, support, etc.) in order to open a channel of communication with them. This relationship rapidly resulted in us having access to sprites, early access to update 1.3 for Jurassic World Alive, and also in us having exclusive access to some unreleased features. All this so that Metahub, as an Influencer, could provide the best content for the community as soon as possible when a new feature is released! More recently, Ludia invited us to visit them in their main office in Montreal, Canada; which we immediately accepted. This article outlines our thoughts and impressions about Ludia based on this visit. BoonSlevin (Jimmy) and Incien (Jason) visited Ludia on September 7th, 2018.

Thoughts and Impressions

What we thought would be a simple 2-3 hours meet and greet became an entire day of discovery, awesomeness, and inspiration! As soon as we entered the studio, we were welcomed by several members of the Community Management team!

From left to right: Marc Devillard (COO of Ludia Games), Jimmy (BoonSlevin), and Jason (Incien).

The visit began quickly as Ludia had a FULL schedule for us! Marc Devillard, the COO of Ludia (What the hell, right? Metahub, being given a tour by the COO?) first explained to us how Ludia came to be, and how it expanded over the years to become what it is today, a landmark in the mobile gaming industry. Although we knew Ludia had worked on several games, we were surprised to learn that they had actually developed even more games than one can see on their website! Following the history lesson, Mark gave us a tour of the entire office (which spreads out over three floors). As we met everyone, one thing Incien and I noticed is how passionate, motivated, and involved the people working for Ludia are.

Through the entire day, we met game producers, game designers, artists, community managers, etc.; and one could tell that they genuinely are incredibly passionate about what they do, and that they genuinely love working for Ludia. How can we tell? Many things struck us both Incien and I throughout the day. Whether it’s from the smile of a Concept Artist designing Hybrid Dinosaurs for Jurassic World Alive as he explained to us how much freedom and creativity he is allowed to when it comes to creating new Hybrids for the game; or how complex and satisfying a Game Designer (Francis) described all the work he put into geolocation for Jurassic World Alive; or through the lengthy and emotion-filled discussions we had with another Game Designer (Benoit) were; everything just made it clear that what we saw was genuine.

We had the opportunity of leading interviews with some of Ludia’s team members such as Benoit Rullier (Game Designer), Olivier Rayé-Lalonde (Game Designer), and Guillaume Couture (Lead 3D Artist). These interviews allowed us to learn how actively Ludia is working on the issue of cheaters (which is something entirely new to them in a geolocalisation-based mobile game), how much work is put into the Battle Arena for Jurassic World Alive, how involved Universal Studio is (which is really a partnership between the two rather than Universal deciding every little aspect of the games), and how much things are planned out ahead of release!

Community Outreach

Throughout the day, something that we noticed is how important community outreach is to them. Marcus and Jorge (Head of Community Management and Community Specialist, respectively) frequently asked us how we felt about the game, the forum, Ludia’s support for the players, their outreach, etc. They wanted to know if what they were doing was enough and we didn’t lie to them: Ludia’s community outreach easily surpasses any other mobile game’s community outreach. Come on, stop being a kiss-***! We’re not lying.

Ludia Games’ Community Management Team

Worry not, we used this opportunity to provide as much feedback as we could to Ludia; feedback that we received from members of our Discord community, elements you would like to see implemented, concerns you have, etc. One of our goals is and will always remain to use this channel to advocate for the entire Jurassic World Alive community! If we could share with you the amount of emails we exchanged with them about concerns that were sent to me directly, observed on our Discord Server, voiced through comments on articles, tweets, etc.; you would realize that we are literally voicing YOUR opinion as much as we can, and that we did use this visit as an opportunity to advocate for you!

Have you ever heard of a company simultaneously dedicating a forum for a mobile game; producing extremely detailed release notes with every update; reaching out to the players through surveys in the game; actively working on providing fair gameplay for all players? We haven’t. Ludia is undoubtedly stepping community outreach step in the mobile gaming industry to a whole new level!

Jurassic World Alive

We were already hopeful about the future of the game, but this visit simply confirmed it. For those who have doubts that the game will not improve, think again. Ludia has a solid plan for upcoming updates; things are thought through again and again before being released; several parties are involved in making even the smallest decisions, etc.

Furthermore, Ludia’s dedication in providing the community with the most realistic mechanics, graphics, Dinosaurs, etc. can be witnessed at a simple glance around the studio. Whether it’s from the number of science books on every desk, the number of Funko Pops featuring iconic characters from the franchise spread out over the desks, the amount of sketches on the walls, or the simple fact that they took an entire day just to show us [almost] everything there is to see behind the curtain, we can simply not deny that Ludia is putting all their efforts into providing the best game they can! And they deliver!

We were lucky enough to learn about the upcoming plans for the game, and trust me when I say it, it’s freaking lit! (And I hate that word, but it just is!) One thing we can and really wish to tell you: Keep battling, keep collecting, have faith, and simply keep playing the game! I promise, it’ll be worth it!

Parting Words

Truth be told, we never expected all of this to happen. We’re not famous, we simply sit behind our monitors gathering data and writing guides for the mobile gaming community. The entire day was insanely heart-warming as we could have never expected to be greeted this way based on the little work that we do.

Are we being too nice? Perhaps, but think of it this way. Ludia created in 6 months (Jurassic World Alive) more (and in some ways better) than what Niantic did in two years (Pokémon Go).

Furthermore, everything we learned about Ludia Games simply helped us better comprehend how complex things are being the development of a mobile game, especially when such game involves geolocalisation! We have the utmost respect for what Ludia does and would join their team in a heartbeat! Did Ludia simply use a charm potion on us? If they did, it worked wonderfully!

One more word from Incien : Gosh, BoonSlevin said it all! We are not paid or forced to be kind. We try to be the most objective we can, and as someone who knows a bit about game development, Ludia really did put a smile on my face all day long and made me want to work for them, as their passion and joy doing what they do can be felt immediately, and they do a really great work. As a part of the community, I truly felt they genuinely want to be close to the community to always improve the games they make. Being invited was a great chance, and from what they showed us, you can trust us, the best is yet to come!