One of the most exciting aspects of Jurassic World Alive is the willingness on the part of Ludia to learn our thoughts and use them in growing the game. It’s a quality that does indeed set them apart from other AR and Geolocation games. So for me, one of the most exciting things to do is to speculate about future potential improvements.

Some of these enhancements come with a little knowledge from digging through the code and we’re pretty confident they are indeed coming. Some of them are more wish-list items we’ve all discussed on the Metahub team.

But one thing is for certain: we think these enhancements would make the game better.

#1) The VIP Elephant In The Room

We know from previous updates that Ludia is listening to what we have to say. They decimated the raptor meta. They brought flyers to us when we wanted flying dinosaurs. They improved on PvE experiences with strike events, added chests to help the coin economy, and they fixed special event supply drop distribution so that those not near parks could still get featured dinosaurs. But one complaint they haven’t yet addressed is the desire for improvement to the VIP rewards.

Alas, maybe that is because of what they have in store. We’ve found some interesting things in the code that we speculate are leading to a radar or alert system for VIP members. You heard me right.

It’s possible that Ludia is working towards setting up a nearby alert for those with VIP to notify them of a nearby epic spawn. This would be awesome. And I hope they do it.

#2) Scent Deals In Store

I was thrilled to see the scents priced relatively reasonably in the in-game store. One of the things we were hoping for as improvements are implemented are more cheap options for items that can be purchased with hard cash. Free-to-play players may only get 10 or 20 bucks in hard cash each day. So the chances of them waiting 500 days to have 5000 hard cash and then blow it all on an Epic incubator are pretty slim. The cash takes too long to earn for that type of usage.

But 50 hard cash for a pack of 5 common scents? That we can get behind.

But we’re very hopeful that the other scents too will go on “sale” at some point. It’d be so excellent to see 2 for 1 sales on Epic scents, or big packages of scents that can be purchased in store (say 3 epics, 5 rares, and 20 commons).

#3) Dart-o-rama

In addition to the awesome scents we’ve been seeing, we’d love to see some special darts. Perhaps these darts guarantee higher DNA rates, or maybe they are geared towards improved darting on certain dinosaurs. Maybe even a scope that gets you closer to the dinosaurs with your drone.

We have found some evidence of special darts in the code, and we’re looking forward to what these might be!

Of course, with special darts comes (hopefully) improved bag sizes. I think this improved bag size should be standard with VIP but that’s just my opinion.

#4) Legit Treasure Chests

There’s something about a lottery ticket that is so exciting. It’s that unknown element, that potential of something huge. And treasure chests, in my opinion, should be improved to implement this element of the unknown.

I appreciate the coins in the chests, for sure. But I’d almost rather a variable amount of coins (with some logical minimum) for the chance of something huge. Maybe a premium incubator? Maybe a few Epic scents? Maybe even a 10x the amount of coins (with some really rare 1% or less chance of finding that). I’d just love to see treasure chests have a small probability of larger rewards and a little more variation.

#5) Battle Stabilization

Although I appreciate the fact that matches are not set in stone in Jurassic World Alive, I have to agree that occasionally the random number generator system can be frustrating. Good players can go on a losing streak and end up with far lower rankings, and this is frustrating for anyone.

What we’d rather not see is a complete elimination of randomness in games. It’s certainly boring to see your going to lose as a forgone conclusion when the other team is simply better. But what we might prefer is just a little lessening of the random nature of matches.

A reduction in base crit chance from 5% to 1%, perhaps a reduction in the crit chance of those dinosaurs with 20% and above (down to 5%) and a boost in their stats would provide a little more consistent results. I’ll take guaranteed health any day over the potential for one big hit, because invariably I won’t get that hit in a string of matches when I really needed it.

And of course, we’d love to see the balancing continue. The tank meta seems to be at least slightly less prevalent with the boosts to DOT. I would like to see more from the sauropods (like Gigaspikasaurus and Nodopatotitan). And I’d like to see the flyers more involved in the meta.


All in all, we’re seeing a lot of great things from Ludia and hope to see more. I don’t know about you, but we here at Metahub are very much looking forward to the continued improvements to this game.

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    • Triggering due to the “THEY’RE NOT DINOS AAARGH” mania? 😀
      I really don’t get why the people get so mad about it. Especially with what was already featured even before them. For example Postosuchus is NOT a dinosaur 🙂 And we could mention others.

      I also agree that crits are quite fine. If you include the dino with 20% crit chance you’re gambling and you have to expect that it may not pay off when you need it.
      And honestly crits are still better than being stunlocked by a 10% stun chance :-/

  1. RNG reduced to near nothing would require intense balancing of every dino requiring that high crit chance to even be considered good.
    Plus smaller chance would only lead to even more rage over how someone won only because of a 1% chance. I’d rather know the crit chance is high and go “well, it is a crit monster”.
    Create an entirely new arena with zero RNG if people are so annoyed by it. Don’t ruin regular battles because the small majority can’t stand losing to chance.
    I saw a suggestion about changing evasive and cloak to less than 50% chance. Those moves would be literally useless at less.

    • Most games don’t have crit chance above 5% in general. I feel like this is a deviation from most games. I can live with it, as you say, but I (like many) don’t like to see myself go from 5200 trophies and ranked 14th overall to 4780 trophies and number 115th overall in a matter of a few hours. Big losing streaks due to good and bad swings in RNG do indeed need some form of solve. It doesn’t need to be as game-changing as I am suggesting. I just would like to see a little more consistency.

      • He asked about “disnosaurs”. Sounds like a Disney to me, so they can both swim and sing and your needless argument is invalid! Ha, take that 😀
        But really, everybody understand what he wanted to ask 🙂 Such nitpicking is plain stupid.

        • Well, let’s say that the “marine dinosaurs” exist (just a theory).
          If so, how could they be implemented in the game?
          Just visually, how should they appear on the map (each one in a fish tank?) and how should the battles work?
          “Normal” land dinosaurs and flyers are sharing the same space – land and air, but the “marine dinosaurs” don’t fly and don’t really get out of the water (not sure whether I’m fully correct but this is my presumption)… which means that the “marine” ones won’t really be able to interact with the “non-marine” ones in one battle arena.
          So, the question is HOW?

          • Truly marine lifeforms always have this issue.
            My personal favorite solution is the levitating water bubble 😀 But since this game takes it a little more seriously it’s truly a logistic nightmare.
            Probably the easiest solution would be to just let them appear there sort of levitating if they wanted to include also the marine life.
            But in my opinion we might not ever get them in JWA just for this reason alone.

            It depends on each personal opinion how much it bothers them (break immersion?). After all I admit this issue is much more obvious than some others, but if you really think about it logically. Imagine some Dilo or other small sized DIno attacking any of the Sauropods and you can laugh already 😉

            The other more difficult solution would include a change to all arenas. There would have to be an option to them being half-water. Sort of beach/shore kind of scenario with the marine dino being still in the water and the attacks sort of meeting in a middle. Still wouldn’t make sense for several types of marine life regardless but might be slightly better…

          • I mean you could just add rivers, lakes, and oceans in the map coding and have them only spawn on the shores of those areas…..the fact they best spawn zones the way they do proves they can enter codes to allow for specific geographic locations so you just type in river lake ocean instead of fire station….

          • Issue isn’t where to find them. The problem is how do you implement the fighting with them in arena? 🙂
            Or would you like them to be just a collectable but otherwise no use at all?

  2. I wish you could just click on an arena, and then do it later in the confort of your home, instead of standing for 20 minutes in front of somebody’s home while they wonder why you’re standing there, in the dark! Heck, if it was me, I would even go with: You need to spin X different spinners (to make people walk) and only then, you get one arena that you can start whenever you want…

    • Are you referring to the strike events? 🙂 If so, I hear you! I know you can start a strike event and walk away, but if it’s a 10 step or 8 step, it is a bit awkward to stand in front of someone’s house for that long. 🙂

  3. Please, give us an option to check the Leaderboard from the opposite side without needing to scroll for what feels like minutes. Either an implementation of a page system or something like “go to the last place” button would be very welcome and is needed!
    I’m often curious about what the “bottom” of the top 500 players is at, but checking it, is definitely a painful experience.
    And now with the tournament it’s even more important. I honestly can’t believe it wasn’t already added.

  4. What about new dino’s, hybdrids?
    Example: Create a unique one with the Monolometrodon + Lythronax = Monolomethronax:
    Rarity Unique
    Tier Alpha
    Health 4100
    Armor 5%
    Damage 950
    Speed 122
    Critical 10%

    Defense Shattering Rampage
    Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage.
    Cooldown: 1 turn

    Long Protection
    Deal 1x damage. 50% Defense for 4 turns.
    Cooldown: 4 turn

    Distracting Impact
    Deal 1.5x damage. Target’s damage is reduced 50% for 2 turns.
    Cooldown: 2 turn

    Nullifying Impact
    Remove Positive Effects. Deal 1.5 damage.
    Cooldown: 2 turn

    Passive effects
    All negative effects are deflected.
    Counter-attack (0.5)
    Deal 0.5x damage after receiving but surviving damage.

  5. I’d like to see some visual indicator when a rare or epic dinosaur is about to disappear from the map. Something like having the color shading below the dinosaur flash when it has less than a minute left on the map. Having the dinosaur vanish just as I was about to start darting it has been one of the more frustrating experiences in the game for me.

    • Fully agree and I have mentioned this issue about a week ago.
      However, I’d like it to be implemented not only for epic and rare but for any dinosaur on the map.

      Also, in my opinion it would be good if common dinos would have a circle shadow, similar to rares and epics, obviously coloured in grey.
      That would help people to see small dinos such as velociraptors and di/monolophosaurus on the map, especially during the night time when they look very similar to buildings and other useless elements on the map, especially if you’re playing with the minimum zoom of the map (like I always do; I like to see the whole picture from the above).
      Epics and rares are very easy to see but commons can often be hardly seen… and it comes to a serious issue when you need, for example, to catch an enormous amount of velociraptors to create/level up indoraptor.

  6. I like thinks like they are right now with the random chance, yes i want to see a deeper balance on every dino species of the game, taking these different species to a level of competitiveness with totally unique abilities and attacks that would make us have a more balaces team, but dinos that can combo with other spieces. Rather than trying to convince Ludia to take out something that works, lets rather ask then for more chances to get specific dinos dna like giving us that dna guaranted from strike events rather than ramdom ones from dinos we’re not goin to use ever, what about asking for new hybrids that are lesser versions of the top tier ones using those gen2 dinos of the same species.