Explorers! As Season Two of the tournament heads towards closing, we wanted to touch on some tips & tricks and things to consider for the last few days. A few items we’ll touch on in this article:

  • Best guess benchmarks on where your team should end up
  • Answers to “Should I try to tier up or stay where I am” questions
  • Thoughts on consistency in wins/losses and when to battle
  • What to do for the last day of the tournament (battle or stay out of the fray)

Let’s get to it!

Best-Guess Team Benchmarks for Rewards

Some of us experienced the first tournament and the chaos that took place in the last few days. Others of us didn’t really do much to participate in Tournament Season One and have taken Season Two more seriously.

But many may be wondering how to close out these last few days of the tournament. If you’ve just breached the 4250 mark, do you sit tight at this trophy count and not try to push harder? If you’ve hit top 500, how many positions is enough to hold your spot? If you’re in the top 250, is it worth it to push for the next tier (top 100)?

So let’s take a look at the reward structure and make some decisions together. Granted, these are just opinions, but they should give you some idea of where you could end up.

1st-10th place: Average dino level of 28, with at least 3+ uniques, and a few level-capped dinos. Minimum 10,000 trophies needed.
11th-50th place: Average dino level of 25 with 2+ uniques and at least one or two dinos in the 26-30 range. Likely 5500 trophies needed.
51-100th place: Average dino level of 24 with 1+ unique and at least one or two 26+ leveled dinos. Probably 5250 trophies needed.
101-250th place: Average dino level of 21 with mostly legendary dinos and one or two in the 24+ range. Likely indoraptor and stegodeus on every team. Likely 5100 trophies needed.
251-500th place: Average dino level of at least 20 with mostly legendary teams and a few overleveled dinos at any rarity. Likely has indoraptor but definitely has indominus rex unlocked and using regularly. Likely a few dinos at 22+. Likely 4900+ trophies needed.
Top 500 Mark: Best guess at this point is 4900 trophies will be needed to hit top 500 by season end. Everyone above 5000 trophies (so everyone who makes it and stays in Lockwood Estates) should definitely place in the top 500, perhaps even in top 250 depending on how much progression slows.

Should I Tier Up, Or Stay Put?

I think the core of this question comes more down to team makeup than anything else. What you need to ask yourself is, based on the above estimations, are you over-achieving or under-achieving.
Obviously, the average level of your dinosaurs (or even your team makeup for that matter) is not the only limiting factor. Your own skill at playing the game with that team also comes into play. And luck does too. Sometimes you go on a winning streak. Sometimes you go on a losing streak. And some of it has nothing to do with how good you are at playing. Rare critical hits, a string of dodges that don’t work for you, or work in your favor, stuns that don’t land when they should and do land when they shouldn’t, a lot of other things can affect your standings.
So I think the best way to go is to figure out where you “should” theoretically be based on your team, and try to land there if the reward difference isn’t that big.
Using myself as an example, my team should qualify me for that top 50 mark, but there’s no way my team is strong enough for the top 10. Yet, in my experience, my playing style seems to keep me firmly fluctuating between rank 35 and rank 135. If I really grind it out, I bet I could get to and stay in that top 50, but the reward for position 11 to position 250 is pretty darn similar. Same cash bonus. Same coins. Just slightly different DNA reward for Brachiosaurus (by 500 DNA increments).
So for me, the 51-100 mark is fine.
Maybe you’re at 4250 trophies and you know getting there was a bit of a struggle. The nice part about that is you don’t need to worry about someone lapping you and pushing you down.
Or maybe you alternate between #400 and being out of the top #500 regularly and you aren’t positive what you can achieve.
The places where I might be pushing higher are as follows, based on reward tiers:
  • Top 10 – If you’re close to the top 10, I’d bust tail to get there. The reward increase between being 11th overall and 10th overall is significant. 100,000 coins, 2,600 extra hard cash, and 500 extra Brachi DNA? I’d take it.
  • 250 Bubble – An extra 50,000 coins and 1,400 hard cash is worth taking a stab at it.
  • 500 Bubble – If you’re close, gaining 700 hard cash and 25,000 coins is also probably worth going for it. It’s not as much of a tier break as the 250 range, but still might be worth going for it.
  • 4250 Trophy – Probably worth it to go for a reward. Worst case, you get no reward. If you hit the mark and over-achieved, I’d probably hold at just above 4,250 rather than trying to jump higher.

But Where Do I Belong?

One thing is for certain. Your highest rank is probably not a measure of where you belong. It’s where it’d be nice to finish, but it’s likely not where you’ll end up. And if you’re in a competitive tournament like this one and you look at it like that, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

It’s tempting to think “Well, I hit #241 overall once… that’s where I should be! I’ll battle my way back up to that point!” But honestly, you’d better be okay with dropping a tier or two if you want to commit to hitting a mark near the highest you’ve ever finished.

The best way to approach this is probably to look at where you usually are and sort of aim for a little higher than that, especially if the reward tiers aren’t all that world-breaking.

So back to our example, last tournament I aimed for top 100, I hoped for top 50, and I was okay with finishing in the top 250. Battling with that mentality meant I didn’t mind where I ended up (I think 87th was my final rank).

Last Day of the Tournament Advice

So what do you do on the last day of the tournament? A few things.

  • Expect to fall in rank. I stopped battling the night before the reset when i hit rank #67 and fell at least 20 places in 6 hours.
  • Aim for a trophy count you can be satisfied with, and just let the chips fall. I know people feel like the rewards in upper tier are just phenomenal, but unless someone is rolling out a level 25 Blue or level 29 Brachiosaurus, I think you’re going to be fine in your progression if you end up a tier below where you hoped.
  • Remember, it’s a game. Have fun. Ask yourself where you’d like to hit, and where you’d be okay ending up, and quit when you feel comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with putting down the phone for the last 6, 12, or 24 hours of the tournament and just letting the chips fall wherever they may.

So good luck to all of you! I’ll see you out there in the arena!


    • Oh and also you have to pay Ludia $100s in incubators and coin to even have a competative team (which still won’t stand a chance). Don’t Ludia know anything about competative battling, for a FAIR CHANCE all dinos should be flat levelled! The way it is those with the most money and time to waste win, not the most skilled. Rediculous!