There’s a new Strike Event out today, and it’s an Epic One featuring Dinosaurs with the ability to buff their own damage output for a handful of turns. It may be only one step, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

So let’s talk about what to do to beat this one. Let’s dive into the walkthrough and strategy.

Enemy List

  1. Irritator (Level 30) + Kaprosuchus (Level 30)


This Epic Strike Event should prove to be one of the most difficult strike events yet, but is still certainly doable with a team of level 20ish dinosaurs or higher. As with many strike events, one of the easiest strategies is to bring out your hard hitting fast dinosaurs like the Velociraptor or TanycolagreusRaptors have the advantage of not only hitting hard, but Pounce should help you reduce the damage output of both Kaprosuchus and Irritator to make for an easier time. And Tany has the added nullifying ability so you can get rid of the damage buff that these two enemies will use.

A few other raptor options include:

Going along with the damage reduction mentality, you can also use dinosaurs that lower the damage output to try to offset these power-up dinosaurs. For instance:

Another Strategy

If you’re not sitting on a bunch of level 20 fast attackers, another potential strategy is to use bleeders and high HP tanks. Using something with Lethal Wound (especially if you anticipate a swap) would be very helpful and then swapping in some Sauropods or tanks with VERY high HP. Remember, these monsters have armor piercing attacks so many tanks (if not high enough in HP) might not be all that useful. But perhaps if you can survive long enough to bleed them out, you’ll make it work.

And if tanks don’t do it, you might also try attackers with instant cripple to bring the damage down to minimal levels after using a bleed move.

Don’t Forget: Kaprosuchus has a Swap-In strike and it packs a PUNCH at just north of 1200 damage. Maybe the swap in ability didn’t do much damage to your team in previous strikes, but at a higher level, this SIA is going to pack a bit more punch. If you’re close to losing a dino, consider the fact that you could get hit with a swap in strike, even if you are faster. Because all swaps happen before any regular moves (even instant or priority moves). As in previous cases, most likely, the AI will swap them into combat if its current Dinosaur is rather low health, so keep that in mind if yourself you are sitting on a low health Dinosaur and the AI has already defeated two of your Dinos!


Step 1

Potential DNA in Incubators

Anything! Remember the amount of DNA will vary by level but since this is just a standard Epic Incubator you can receive DNA for any creature!

Parting Words

Were you successful? How do you feel about such high reward Strike Events?

If you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, let us know in the comments or join MetaHub’s Discord server!

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