Explorers! It’s been two months since Ludia’s last big update to Jurassic World: Alive. Two months without news about what is coming over the horizon has many of us around Metahub tearing our hair out with anxiety.

Okay, maybe not tearing our hair out. But we’re all really excited to see what is coming in patch 1.5 and most of us are anxiously holding off on upgrading dinosaurs until we know what the new hybrids look like.

So if you’re waiting on pins and needles with us, it’s time to discuss what we know for sure (mostly) and what we don’t.

This may be review for some of you but these may be a few items others hadn’t realized yet, and it’s been a while since we talked about it in an article.

Dinosaur Levels Needed For Fusing Hybrids

Looking at the Dinodex now, we know that there are a few rules to hybrid creation. When you fuse two dinosaurs to make a hybrid, the level of those base dinosaurs needs to be one level less than the base level of the fused dinosaur. Confused yet? Let me clarify.

All common dinosaurs start at level 1.
All rare dinosaurs start at level 6.

But in order to fuse a rare dinosaur, we must have two dinosaurs at level 5, and because Rare dinosaurs start at level 6, neither of those dinosaurs can be rare or better. You can’t make a hybrid with components at the same rarity. In other words, you can’t use a Legendary dinosaur to create another Legendary dinosaur. You can’t use a Rare to create another rare. And you must always level up to one level below the starting level of the next tier in order to begin fusing for the hybrid.

This is why Indoraptor requires a level 20 Velociraptor and a level 20 Indominus Rex in order to begin fusing instead of, say, a level 15 Velociraptor and a level 20 Indominus Rex. So the full chart looks like this.

Hybrid Rarity Level Required DNA Needed For One Fuse
Common Rare Epic Legendary
Rare 5 50 X X X
Epic 10 200 50 X X
Legendary 15 500 200 50 X
Unique 20 2000 500 200 50

So no matter what we end up getting for Hybrid materials, we know at bare minimum that the above chart should prove consistent. So a Unique level dinosaur will require level 20 components. A new Legendary will require level 15 components. Etc.


If you look through the Dinodex, you’ll also notice another distinctive trend so far. There are two classifications of hybrids presently.

Hybrids – A hybrid created by fusing two non-hybrid dinosaurs.

Super-Hybrids – A hybrid created by fusing one hybrid dinosaur and one non-hybrid dinosaur.

There are currently NO super-super-hybrids (something made of two hybrids or something made of a common and super-hybrid).

That being said, we can also safely assume that anything that is already a super-hybrid will not get used as a component for yet another level of hybrid. At least that’s what we’re thinking at the moment. This rules out dinosaurs like Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaurus, Tragodistis, Tryostronix, etc. from being a component in a further hybrid.

Multiple Hybrids

We also know that presently, only one hybrid has three potential super-hybrids. Nodopatosaurus can be used to fuse Stegodeus, Gigaspikasaurus, and Nodopatotitan. Having multiple potential super-hybrids also doesn’t seem rarity dependent. For instance, Indominus Rex has two unique-class super-hybrids in Indoraptor and Erlidominus.

So anything that presently is a component in a super-hybrid is technically still fair game for a new super-hybrid as well.

Prior Patch Trends

The worldwide release represented version 1.2 of the game (the beta was 1.1) and since then there’ve been two major updates (1.3 and 1.4) with new dinosaurs added. I created the following chart to assist us in looking at previous trends. The results are pretty interesting. The following fields are represented:

  • Total new dinosaurs added in update
  • Total Common/Rare/Legendary/Unique dinos in each update.
  • Total new hybrid/non hybrid dinosaurs added in update
  • Total dinosaurs used as a component for a hybrid in the same update
  • Total dinosaurs used as a component for a hybrid in a future update
  • Total dinosaurs without a hybrid as of yet
  • Total dinosaurs that are already super-hybrids (thus not eligible for a future hybrid)
Total Dinosaurs in Each Category
Patch 1.2 1.3 1.4
New Dinos (Total) 28 11 11
    New Common 5 1 1
    New Rare 10 4 4
    New Epic 4 3 2
    New Legendary 5 2 3
    New Unique 4 1 1
    New Hybrids 10 6 4
    New Non-Hybrids 18 5 7
Used for Hybrid in Future Update 3 2 ?
Used for Hybrid in Same Update 6 1 1
No Hybrid Yet 12 3 6
Max Hybrid (Unique or Super) 6 2 2

You’ll notice updates 1.3 and 1.4 had about the same number of dinosaurs added by rarity. So if 1.5 follows the same trend, we can probably expect 11 new dinosaurs, 1 new unique, 2-3 new legendaries and 2-3 new epics, 4 new rares, and 1 new common.

And looking at the hybrid components, you’ll also notice Ludia likes to use new dinosaurs as components for the same update or for future updates. In fact, in all the updates, Ludia used a new dinosaur component (or a recent update component) in hybrids about 75% of the time. So they like to use the shiny new dinosaurs to make shinier new hybrids/super-hybrids.

Which brings us to the main event.


There are 4 Legendary dinosaurs and 1 Epic dinosaur that are already Super-Hybrids from the last 3 updates. Nodopatotitan, Spinotahsuchus, Stegodeus, Tryostronix, and Sarcorixis are all on the ineligible list. All the uniques are also ineligible by default, since every unique at this moment is a super-hybrid. And every Unique to date has used at least one Legendary dino in the fusion. Which means the following legendary dinosaurs are possible components in a new Unique.

Unique Hybrid Possibilities
w/o Unique Now with Unique Now
Alankylosaurus * Paramoloch
Monolometrodon * Pyrritator
Monomimus * Ankyntrosaurus
Allosinosaurus Diloranosaurus
Indominus Rex

You’ll notice three out of these four are shiny new things. Interesting, right? A lot of people around MetaHub are hoping (predicting) a Monomimus Unique in the next update, though we have no real idea. But that could mean Monomimus gets a slight debuff and people who leveled it past level 20 may be disappointed (similar to what happened with Diloranosaurus when the unique Diloracheirus came out).

But I think both Allosinosaurus and Ankyntrosaurus also make for sneaky unique possibilities. Or Ludia could make the most attainable unique yet by creating a unique for Monolometrodon.

As for Legendary Hybrid Possibilities, I made an interesting list of those that are not currently used as a material in another hybrid. Similar to making Anky Gen 2 relevant with Alankylosaurus, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ludia took a rare or epic creature without a hybrid and gave it one. Below are some possibilities from the dinosaurs in the 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 updates (sticking with the shiny new toy idea).

Legendary Hybrid Possibilities (Not already a material)
Spinosaurus GEN 2
Arambourgiana *
Baryonyx GEN 2 *

The most interesting of these so far are the birds. It’s likely we’ll see more flying hybrids. Pteranodon seems like a likely candidate. The same is true for Brachiosaurus and Gryposuchus who currently don’t have a solid place in the meta. But to me, the most interesting are Arambourgiana and Baryonyx Gen 2, and Purussaurus. And here’s why:

Only 5 of the 10 arena exclusive dinosaurs have a hybrid, and 4 of these 5 are from updates 1.2 or 1.4. These seem like prime candidates for a hybrid, especially considering the hybrids that other arena exclusives create are pretty important to the meta.

Arena # Arena Exclusives Has Hybrid
10 Arambourgiana nope
9 Alanqa YES
8 Gallimimus YES
7 Baryonyx GEN 2 nope
6 Stygimoloch GEN 2 nope
5 Irritator YES
4 Purussaurus nope
3 Stygimoloch YES
2 Irritator GEN 2 YES
1 Proceratosaurus nope

So folks, you heard it here first. Coming to a cell phone screen near you, the insanely confusing, armor toting, swap-in-invincibility wielding, armor piercing, tongue-twisting, monstrously-slow Brachiolankylosaurus [Alankylosaurus + Brachiosaurus], our newest Unique super-hybrid. 😀

Or at least this sauropod fan can dream. 🙂

What do you think? What predictions are you making based on previous updates? Which dinosaurs do you think deserve a hybrid?


  1. I hope they mix things up and make more use of commons and rares. They previously stated the intention to eventually have all creatures have a hybrid. Perhaps a new tier of Ultra that starts at lvl 26, maybe a slew of new rare hybrids that form mega hybrids at the legendary level, or maybe a new battle mechanic altogether.
    Or maybe they can create something similar to PoGo’s gyms where you battle for control and leave a Dino to guard it. The longer it stays, the more DNA you can farm, but at a cost of not having access to that Dino….all sorts of possibilities

    • It would be cool! It is nice that they left room for a super-super hybrid (level 26) without having to raise the level cap. No idea if they have any intention of ever using that, but I’m guessing that isn’t a coincidence.

      Love the gym idea! 🙂 Having a way to farm DNA would be stellar and to meet other local gamers who play JWA. Right now, there’s no real good way to know if people are local or not.

    • Ooh, also loving the gym idea. I think the best part with the updates we’ve seen so far has been adding new ways to play the game & collect DNA (strike towers, daily battle incubators, scents etc), so adding more things into the game would be great.

  2. The analysis is brilliant but I hope it is not correct. The hybrids of the previous version were for me completely disappointing. Why create the NodopatoTitan if no one will use it because the DNA of Nodopatosauro is used in the creation of two very powerful hybrids? Why create a very powerful hybrid bird if then for its fusion you need DNA that only appears in an incubator of such a high level that there are just over 500 users that can access it? And while, a lot of creatures without hybrid. I hoped that finally Ludia would realize her mistake and start creating useful hybrids of creatures without hybrids (proceratosauros, Wherosauro, Concavenator, Brachiosauro, tsungaripterus, …) but if this article is true, the new version will be again disappointing and, to some extent, useless.

    I hope especially that the article is not right in the creation of a new Ankyntrosauro hybrid. The appearance of that creature would make me want to leave the game (although surely I would not). The anger would still be higher than the one I had with the creation of the nodepatotitan. I will never be able to have an Ankyntrosaurus once I decided to use the Ankylosauro DNA in the creation of Rajakilosauro. Therefore, I will never be able to create Trykosaurus either. That creates a new hybrid that I can never have, would be a low blow. By the way, I do not know why the creation of a hybrid of Ankyntrosauro and not Rajakylosauro (which I do not want) is proposed if they are two hybrids of the same nature.