Explorers, Ludia has just announced via their twitter and the forums a new tournament for Jurassic World: Alive. What an unexpected development!

It would appear we get a short tournament (perhaps while we wait for the update? Unsure on that one) with some additional information included in the announcement.

In the announcement, Ludia mentions that they have heard our feedback and are in the process of making a new feature for a future update that allows tournament pools to be separate from the normal leaderboard. This likely means, in the future, we won’t have trophy resets but instead a separate trophy count.

But for this tournament, we are back to the same rules as before. Everyone above 4500 gets reset to 4500 plus any trophies they had above that (up to a maximum of 5500).

The reward tiers have also been expanded to include everyone above 2500 trophies! Take a look at the full picture below.

It is interesting that this is a shorter tournament than the last two, and it leads us at Metahub to make a bold speculation. Although we are not basing this on any information we’ve received, it would make sense if patch 1.5 was not released until December 4th (post tournament) as it would have substantial impacts on the battle elements in the tournament.

Boon’s note: Another speculation would be that the update could roll out later this week, while the new Dinosaurs would only roll out after Season 3 so to affect PvP as little as possible. This one is unlikely though…

Why do we care about Dsungaripterus?

We wish we knew… Is it a consequence of being more inclusive? Perhaps. It doesn’t [yet] have a Hybrid, so it doesn’t really have any use at the time being. Then again, neither did Brachiosaurus, but we still received 500 DNA towards it. The only difference here is that Dsungaripterus isn’t a classic or fan-favorite, so we’re left speechless as to why we’ll get its DNA.

Of course, this also could be completely false. Everyone would technically still be on an even playing field if the patch was dropped mid-tournament as we’d all still be working out how to adapt in the new meta.

Either case is certainly possible.

But what we know for sure is there’s a tournament afoot, so lets get out there and PvP with one another!

For the full details on the tournament, check out the post on the Ludia forums by clicking here.

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