Now that we have had the pleasure to trade DNA for a couple days, how satisfying is the Alliance feature exactly? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article! We’ll do so through a Pros and Cons list, where our Cons will (for the most part) actually represent suggestions on how to improve the feature.


Interactions and pride

One thing that we certainly love from Alliances is the fact that players across the world can now connect more easily with other DPG members encountered in the Arena (provided that they end up in the same Alliance).

Although our Discord and the Ludia Forums sort of already helped with that aspect, it’s nice to have this ability directly from the game.

Despite all this, we have to admit that it’s fun to simply be able to say “I’m part of an Alliance!”


Trades are currently the most interesting aspect of Alliances. Having the opportunity to rid of some DNA that you could not care less about while being gifted some DNA that you so desperately need is bliss!

Cons (or how to improve Alliances)

Identify Donators

One thing that we have been asked frequently about: “Do Leaders get to see who gifted DNA?” The answer: No, they don’t. However, we do agree that it is one thing that every Leader should have access to.

For our argument to make sense, keep in mind that most Alliances have never actually met or don’t even know the person behind the player’s ID. 

Why should this information be accessible to Leaders? Because as of right now, Trades is the only feature requiring people’s participation. Sadly, some players will ever only request DNA, and never give out any. We think that it would only be fair that, at least, Leaders be able to reach out to (or kick out if needed) players never sharing DNA so to avoid any abuse.

Set DNA Prices

At the time being, Trades isn’t really a way to make Coins as in no way does it compare to Supply Drops, Strike Events, etc. That is, unless you are willing to spare all your DNA. One way to make it a better way to collect Coins would be for players to be able to set a price to the DNA they want to gift. Of course, this would have to be done within a certain range so not to have people abuse the system, but we think that it could benefit the community.

Distinct Chats

One thing that is must needed in our opinion: separate chats for DNA trades and discussions in an Alliance. As of right now, it creates quite a mess as discussions are lost between DNA requests. One way to fix this would be to have one chat where Alliance mates can simply chat about the weather, and a separate one where DNA Requests show up.

Additional Features

Finally, if there’s one thing missing with Alliances, it’s the sense of belonging and competition. A way for Alliances to compete (whether it’s through battles or a point system where points are obtained through quests) would incredibly help this feature!

Another element that would definitely help people participate in the feature is something exclusive to Alliances like a Store. This Store would not require spending of any real money, but items in the Store would only be obtainable through the use of an Alliance currency which would be obtained through quests completed as a group. Those who participated the most a in quest would gain the biggest amount of this Alliance currency and be able to purchase in-game items (which would be aesthetics) that are exclusive to the Alliance Store.

Parting Words

What do you think of Alliances so far? How do you think that Alliances could be improved? Let us know in the comments below!

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