With 1.6 having officially dropped, we’ve got some exciting things to discuss today. And while the team at Metahub is hard at work getting staple content up for you — such as our spawn guide, updating the dinodex, and maybe even talking about that dreaded tier list, let’s dive into the most obvious subject first.

Alliance Missions

Alliance Missions are a new feature in update 1.6 and we’re pretty excited about them. Over the course of a week, you and your fellow alliance mates will work together to achieve two sets of goals in order to cash in on a sweet incubator with guaranteed DNA.

In the upper right corner of your screen, you’ll see the Dinosaur Protection Group logo (where you normally click to see your daily missions), and there will be a new tab for Alliance Missions.

Your missions will be focused on Exploration-based missions and Defense-based. You’ll get 5 Exploration missions and 5 Defense missions. When you click on each tiny logo, it will give you details on the specific mission. It looks like this:

The coin reward you see at the right side of the bar tells you what the top contributor for that mission will receive once it is complete. You can get coins or hard cash for completing missions (at least at the early levels that I tested).

If you complete all five missions, you’ll level up your reward and get five new missions. You can level up your reward up to 5 times (called a Rank 5 reward).

You’ll also notice the red banner at the top that indicates a timer counting down. This is the weekly timer. Once the time runs out, you and your whole guild will get to collect a reward based on your rank when the timer ran out.

And the next week, it all starts over again. Potentially with different rewards. Below are some example rewards (possibly what we will see for the first week).

You’ll notice the incubator changes color each time and has different guaranteed contents.

It also seems the contents are intentionally spread across the board to give players at all levels of play (beginning, intermediate and advanced) something useful to their progression.

In addition to having rewards and ranking up, there is one more really convenient feature that comes with Alliance missions. Guild leaders have been asking for more tools to see who is active and participating in their guild, and up until this point there wasn’t really a great way to do that.

While you still can’t entirely tell who is donating without getting some screenshots sent around, what you can do is see who your top contributors are in your Alliance missions each week. When a particular task is completed, the top contributor in that task (whoever fired the most darts or collected the most coins or did the most battles) gets a badge on that reward.

Better yet, EVERYONE will first see a small reward like this where the mission used to be:

Clicking that x15 will give them the hard cash or coin reward for the guild completing the mission, and then everyone will see this:

A badge showing who the top contributor was — and a convenient way to show who is putting in time in the game to achieve the various alliance rewards that everyone is working towards!

Pretty cool, right?

Wondering if you’re the top contributor in your guild while a mission is in progress? The bar beneath each mission will be two colors. The blue portion shows what you individually have contributed. The orange portion shows what the guild has contributed. So if you see a nice big blue portion, you’re probably on track to get that badge!

So now Alliance Leaders (and the rest of the Alliance for that matter) will be able to see who is contributing most in what ways in their guild!

In Conclusion

Alliance missions are a great addition to the game, offering users an opportunity to collect smaller personal rewards for being a top contributor in a particular mission, as well as offering up a way for the whole guild to improve their strike teams by getting guaranteed incubator DNA that should help them across all levels of progression.

We’re really excited about what alliance missions look like and how they are being implemented! How about you? What are your thoughts on Alliance Missions?

As always, comment down below your thoughts and let us know in our Discord what you’re darting!