There’s been an update to the JWA Field Guide. After the release of patch 1.6, we got a new version of the field guide that not only includes all the new stats for dinosaurs, but also a few other new features as well.

First and foremost, our friend Matt (the mastermind behind the field guide) has updated all the stat changes for existing dinosaurs and added all the new dinosaurs as well.

In partnership with our datamining efforts, the Field Guide also shows all the updated spawn locations (which locals you can find dinosaurs in) for your convenience.

As always, the handy app still includes features such as the DNA calculator (to figure out how many coins and how much DNA you will need to evolve something to the level you want it at) which is a lifesaver when you want answers quick. And it of course still shows all stats for all levels (for health and damage) so you can see just how hard certain dinos can hit you.

But the newest feature is the Creature Compare. This handy tool allows you to look at two dinosaurs side by side, including their moves and stats, so you can figure out for yourself if you’d rather put Utarinex on your squad or Utahsinoraptor.

About the only thing that isn’t updated at the moment is the official Metahub Tier List, but that’s only because we’re still busy debating which dinos belong where and running our own matchups.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the field guide yet, take a look at this video exploring the app and some of the features!

The JWA Field Guide is the unofficial app to own when it comes to dinosaur hunting. It’s convenient and easy to use, and better still — the creator is a great dude who loves Jurassic World Alive.

Check out the app in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and be sure to comment below if you’ve got ideas that you want implemented into the JWA Field Guide.

Happy hunting, Explorers!

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