A few weeks ago (On April Fools…err I mean… April 1st) we posted the results of our Nickname vote survey.

Of course, this whole contest wasn’t just an elaborate ruse with a punchline. We really did collect the survey results and are truly posting them and will be including them in an upcoming addition of the JWA Field Guide!

So below you will find both the original April Fools article with those wonderfully strange results that were mostly crowdsourced from the survey results (props to anyone who had their name picked — we thought many were hilarious!) as well as the ACTUAL results.

Actual Voted Nicknames

We had right around 3000 responses for our voting contest, and some of the write-in votes were absolutely hilarious. As I mentioned above, we used some of these write-in’s for our April Fools gag. So in homage to that, we decided to post a few of the responses we found to be hilarious below, in addition to the winning names.

Without further ado, the REAL winners of the official Metahub and JWA Field Guide Nickname Contest!

Dinosaur Name Other Hilarious Responses Real Winning Response
Alankylosaurus Captain America Alanky
Alanqa OG Daily Reward Alan
Allosaurus Big Al Allo
Allosinosaurus Diet Thor Allosino
Amargasaurus Punk-o-saurus Amarga
Amargocephalus Margie Amargo
Ankylocodon Cockroach Ankyloco
Ankylosaurus Hanky Anky
Ankylosaurus Gen 2 Kylie Anky G2
Ankyntrosaurus Shredder|Prickly Pear Spikey Potato
Apatosaurus Littlefoot Apato
Arambourgiania Black Betty Arambo
Argentinosaurus Flubber Argentino
Baryonyx Chairy the bairy Bary
Baryonyx Gen 2 Koolaid Man Bary Red Bary
Blue B bopper Blu
Brachiosaurus RIP Fallen Kingdom Brachi
Carnotaurus Diablo | Red Bull Carno
Charlie Charmander Char
Concavenator Kronk Concav
Darwezopteryx Cat on a Keyboard Darwez
Darwinopterus Attack helicopter Darwin
Deinocheirus Slasher dasher Grey Goose
Dilophosaurus #JustWantedToHugNedry | Dennis Nedry Dilo
Dilophosaurus Gen 2 Big Fry Dilo Gen2
Diloracheirus CRAP! That’s a Draco Green Chicken
Diloranosaurus All Frills No Thrills Dilorano
Dimetrodon Synapsid of a Crit-er Dime
Dimetrodon Gen 2 Dime 2: Dime Harder Dime Gen 2
Dimodactylus Mosquito Dimo
Dimorphodon Screech Dimorph
Diorajasaur Useless Cactus Dioraja
Diplocaulus Frogger Diplo
Diplocaulus Gen 2 Sunburnt Diplo Red Diplo
Diplodocus Tourney Fodder Diplodo
Diplotator Rainbow Wobbler Diplo
Dracoceratops Oh F-! Dracocera
Dracorex Kermit Draco
Dracorex Gen 2 Zero To Hero DG2
Dsungaripterus Crying Zebra Dsunga
Echo Rocket Launcher RIP Echo
Edmontoguanadon Groundhog Day Eddy
Edmontosaurus Horsey Edmonto
Einiasuchus Nidorino Einias
Einiosaurus Can opener Einio
Erlidominus ErliDOOM Erlidom|Nightmare Chicken
Erlikosaurus Radioactive Chicken| Big bird on steroids Erlik
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 Science Experiment Gone Wrong Blue Chicken
Euoplocephalus Duplo Euoplo
Gallimimus They’re Flocking This Way | OG dodger Galli
Gigaspikasaur Tiny Gigaspika
Giraffatitan Blue giraffe Giraffa
Gorgosaurus gorgon Gorgo
Gorgosuchus The Setup Gorgosaur
Grypolyth Wait, this exists? Master Croc
Gryposuchus Bring back anky | Do you even hybrid bro? Grypo
Hatzegopteryx Hatz off to you Hatz
Iguanodon Lil Neddy Iguano
Indominus Rex Fifty percent of the time – works every time Indom
Indoraptor Nibbles Indo
Irritator #releaseirritatorinthewild Irri
Irritator Gen 2 Very Irritating The global spawn pest | Irri G2
Kaprosuchus Leonardo DiKapro | Gatorade Kapro
Kentrosaurus Kenny Kentro
Koolasuchus Breadstick | Koolaid Koola
Koolasuchus Gen 2 Discount Kool-Aid Koola G2
Lythronax the foolsday winner Lythro
Magnapyritor MagnaPotato Magna
Maiasaura Jar Jar Binks | Maia Hee! Maia Ha! Maia
Majundasuchus Not-Megalo Majunda
Majungasaurus Blueman Group Majunga
Megalosaurus Skinny Basketball Megalo
Megalosuchus Poor Man’s Trike Meg
Miragaia Noob trap | Bane of Badlands Mira
Monolometrodon Poor man’s Magna Monolometro
Monolophosaurus #MonomimusStillMatters | #WeNeedMoreMono Mono
Monolophosaurus Gen 2 Low-Rent Rudolph Mono Gen2
Monomimus Dodgestrich the Prequel Purple Chicken
Monostegotops Bye Bye Ceratops Monostego
Nodopatosaurus hybrid fodder | Purple Potato Nodopato
Nodopatotitan OG tank Nodotitan
Nodosaurus Hedgehog dino Nodo
Nundasuchus Pest Gator Nunda
Ophiacodon Immune Hotdog Ophia
Ornithomimus Blueshi Blue Chicken
Ouranosaurus Probably imaginary | Iranawayasaurus Ourano
Pachycephalosaurus Stygi, I’m your father Pachy
Paramoloch Stone Cold Stunner Paramol
Parasaurolophus Elvis Para
Postimetrodon Mr Postman Posti
Postosuchus lower-tier rat counter Posto
Procerathomimus Los Pollos Hermanos Yoshi
Proceratosaurus Pennywise Procerat
Pteranodon Oh Yeah This Exists Ptera
Pterovexus More Disappointing Than The Superbowl Vexus
Purrolyth Crocbot the wannabe Indoraptor | Purro
Purrussaurus The one you don’t need for Purrolyth Purra
Purrussaurus Gen 2 The one you need for Purrolyth Purra G2
Pyroraptor Phoenix Pyro
Pyrritator Pirate tater Pyrri
Quetzalcoatlus Quetzal pretzel Quetzal
Rajakylosaurus The lesser anky hybrid Rajakylo
Rajasaurus You thought it was Rex Raja
Sarcorixis Grandma | Waste-O-rixis Sarcorix
Sarcosuchus The Side Croc Sarco
Scaphognathus Sky Hog Scapho
Scolosaurus #ReleaseFromTournaments Scolo
Secodontosaurus #EverySingle24Hour | Second-to-a-lot-of-saurus Secondonto
Sinoceratops Dollar Store Stegoceratops | Chubs Sino
Skoolasaurus Super Koolaid | bulbasaur Skoola
Spinosaurus T.rex Beheader Spino
Spinosaurus Gen 2 PleaseMakeaHybrid Spino G2
Spinotahraptor Budget Spinotasuchus Spinorap
Spinotasuchus Speedy Bleedy | TankReaper Spinota
Stegoceratops StunTrain Stegocera
Stegodeus Pinecone|Woodlouse Stegod
Stegosaurus #ReleaseFromParks Stego
Stygidaryx NeedsMoarHeadbutt Daryx
Stygimoloch Friar Tuck Stygi
Stygimoloch Gen 2 Green Bean Stygi G2
Suchomimus The bane of L4 Sucho
Suchotator The Strike Event God Tator
Tanycolagreus RIP | The emo raptor Tany
Tarbosaurus Turbocritter | Mean, Green, and requested by everyone Tarbo
Tenontorex Danger Pony Tenrex
Tenontosaurus Ten Ten Tenonto
Thoradolosaur Drax The Destroyer Thor
Tragodistis HowDoesItRunThatFast Trago
Triceratops Make global again | Sarah Trike
Triceratops Gen 2 now im useful Trike Gen2
Trykosaurus Captain Crunch Tryko
Tryostronix Undead Turkey Tryo
Tuojiangosaurus Django Untamed Tuojiango
Tuoramoloch Spikey Green Weirdo Tuora
Tupandactylus Tupac Shakur Dactylus Tupan
Tyrannolophosaur Cheetosaurus | 90s boy band hair Tyrannolopho
Tyrannosaurus Rex Sharptooth T-Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 False prophet T-Rex G2
Utahraptor Thief from Utah Utah
Utarinex Fancy Draco Rinex
Utasinoraptor Peacock Utasino
Velociraptor Running in the 90’s Velo
Wuerhosaurus Huevos Rancheros Wuerho


Original April Fools Nickname Results Post

The day has finally arrived! You’ve voted, and we heard you. I now present you with the list of OFFICIAL nicknames that we will be using going forward to describe all of our dinosaurs.

Now, I do admit, we had quite a rush of write-ins at the 11th hour, and some of these names are a bit… weird. But we promised we’d go with what was selected most, so we’re holding to that promise.

Again, as promised, we’ll be doing our best to enforce these official nicknames in our Discord chat (and we even got our robot Mr. DNA to help out a bit), so if you’re not on discord, you should drop in by clicking here.

So without further ado – I present the OFFICIAL list of nicknames for Jurassic World Alive.

Dinosaur Rarity Tier Nickname
Alankylosaurus Legendary Apex Shield Maiden
Alanqa Epic Alpha Alan
Allosaurus Common Omega Allo
Allosinosaurus Legendary Apex Stun Chomp
Amargasaurus Rare Omega Amarga
Amargocephalus Epic Survivor Amargo
Ankylocodon Rare Omega Ankylo
Ankylosaurus Epic Survivor Golden Potato
Ankylosaurus Gen 2 Common Hatchling Rotten Potato
Ankyntrosaurus Legendary Apex Wrecker of Ankles
Apatosaurus Common Scavenger Apato
Arambourgiania Rare Alpha Bananarambo
Argentinosaurus Rare Omega Argentino
Baryonyx Epic Omega Bary
Baryonyx Gen 2 Rare Survivor Bary G2
Blue Epic Alpha Smurf
Brachiosaurus Epic Apex Little Foot
Carnotaurus Rare Survivor Carno
Charlie Rare Alpha Whiskey
Concavenator Epic Survivor Concave
Darwezopteryx Legendary Alpha Darwez
Darwinopterus Epic Alpha Darwin
Deinocheirus Common Scavenger Deino
Delta Rare Alpha Foxtrot
Dilophosaurus Rare Survivor Dilo
Dilophosaurus Gen 2 Common Hatchling Dilo G2
Diloracheirus Unique Tyrant Murder Duck
Diloranosaurus Legendary Apex Frog Face
Dimetrodon Rare Scavenger Dime
Dimetrodon Gen 2 Common Hatchling Dime G2
Dimodactylus Epic Alpha Dimodac
Dimorphodon Common Hatchling Dimorph
Diorajasaur Unique Apex Mecha Godzilla
Diplocaulus Common Hatchling Frog Lizard
Diplocaulus Gen 2 Rare Scavenger Diplo G2
Diplodocus Epic Alpha Diplodoc
Diplotator Rare Omega Diplotat
Dracoceratops Legendary Tyrant Kevin
Dracorex Rare Survivor Draco
Dracorex Gen 2 Common Alpha Original Heart Breaker
Dsungaripterus Rare Survivor Dsungar
Echo Rare Survivor Gamma
Edmontoguanadon Epic Apex Avocado
Edmontosaurus Rare Scavenger Edmonto
Einiasuchus Rare Alpha Reeb’s Favorite
Einiosaurus Common Scavenger Einio
Erlidominus Unique Tyrant Freddy
Erlikosaurus Epic Alpha Save a Cow, Eat a Chicken
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 Rare Survivor Erlik G2
Euoplocephalus Common Survivor Euoplo
Gallimimus Common Scavenger Galli
Gigaspikasaur Legendary Apex Terror Noodle
Giraffatitan Rare Alpha Giraffa
Gorgosaurus Rare Survivor Gorgo
Gorgosuchus Epic Alpha Gorgosuc
Grypolyth Unique Apex Worse Than Lythronax
Gryposuchus Epic Survivor Grypos
Hatzegopteryx Common Scavenger Hatz
Iguanodon Common Scavenger Iguano
Indominus Rex Legendary Apex I miss you, you hit me
Indoraptor Unique Apex Indiana Jones
Irritator Rare Scavenger Mildly Annoying
Irritator Gen 2 Common Scavenger Irri G2
Kaprosuchus Rare Omega Kapro
Kentrosaurus Epic Alpha Kentro
Koolasuchus Epic Omega Corgi
Koolasuchus Gen 2 Rare Survivor Koola G2
Lythronax Common Hatchling Lythro
Magnapyritor Unique Tyrant Purple Dragon
Maiasaura Epic Alpha Maia
Majundasuchus Rare Survivor Majundasuch
Majungasaurus Common Hatchling Majunda
Megalosaurus Rare Scavenger Megalo
Megalosuchus Legendary Apex Tiger, Wrapped in Razorwire
Miragaia Common Alpha Mira
Monolometrodon Legendary Alpha Monolomet
Monolophosaurus Epic Survivor Mono 
Monolophosaurus Gen 2 Common Hatchling Mono G2
Monomimus Legendary Alpha Purple Chicken
Monostegotops Legendary Apex Confused Diet
Nodopatosaurus Epic Omega Nodopato
Nodopatotitan Legendary Alpha PotatoTitan
Nodosaurus Rare Survivor Nodo 
Nundasuchus Common Scavenger Nunda
Ophiacodon Common Hatchling Ophia
Ornithomimus Rare Apex Pidgeon
Ouranosaurus Epic Alpha Scenting on a Prayer
Pachycephalosaurus Epic Alpha Pachy
Paramoloch Legendary Alpha Paramol
Parasaurolophus Common Scavenger Para 
Postimetrodon Epic Alpha Posti
Postosuchus Rare Alpha Posto
Procerathomimus Epic Apex Bird Up
Proceratosaurus Rare Survivor Procerato
Pteranodon Epic Survivor Ptera
Pterovexus Unique Apex Zubat
Purrolyth Rare Hatchling Purroly
Purrusaurus Rare Survivor Purru
Purrusaurus Gen 2 Common Scavenger Purru G2
Pyroraptor Epic Alpha Pyro
Pyrritator Legendary Omega Kung Fu Parrot
Quetzalcoatlus Rare Survivor Quetz
Rajakylosaurus Legendary Alpha Rajakylo
Rajasaurus Epic Omega Raja 
Sarcorixis Epic Alpha Sarcorix
Sarcosuchus Common Hatchling Sarco 
Scaphognathus Rare Alpha Scaph
Scolosaurus Common Survivor Scolo
Secodontosaurus Epic Survivor Seco
Sinoceratops Epic Alpha Sino
Skoolasaurus Legendary Omega Skoola
Spinosaurus Rare Survivor Spino
Spinosaurus Gen 2 Epic Alpha Spino G2
Spinotahraptor Epic Alpha Spinotah
Spinotasuchus Legendary Apex Seahorse
Stegoceratops Epic Apex Stun-lockatops
Stegodeus Legendary Apex Marshmallow
Stegosaurus Common Survivor Park Prisoner
Stygidaryx Unique Apex Fruit Loops
Stygimoloch Epic Alpha Stygi
Stygimoloch Gen 2 Common Scavenger Stygi G2
Suchomimus Common Scavenger Sucho
Suchotator Rare Apex The TermiTator
Tanycolagreus Common Alpha Tany
Tarbosaurus Common Omega CritBit
Tenontorex Unique Apex Hi Ho Silver
Tenontosaurus Rare Survivor Tenonto
Thoradolosaur Unique Apex Reptar
Tragodistis Legendary Apex Turtle
Triceratops Rare Omega Trice
Triceratops Gen 2 Common Scavenger Trice G2
Trykosaurus Unique Tyrant Rancor
Tryostronix Legendary Apex Skeletor
Tuojiangosaurus Rare Survivor Tuo
Tuoramoloch Unique Apex Beakysaurus
Tupandactylus Rare Survivor Tupan
Tyrannolophosaur Legendary Alpha Tyrannolo
Tyrannosaurus Rex Epic Alpha OG Tyrant
Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 Rare Omega T-Rrex G2
Utahraptor Rare Omega Utah
Utarinex Unique Apex Steel Pidgeon
Utasinoraptor Legendary Apex Queenie
Velociraptor Common Survivor Clever Girl
Wuerhosaurus Rare Alpha Wuerho

That’s it folks! Thanks again to all who voted! We’re so excited to get these results into the JWA Field Guide app!

It appears our Discord Robot Mr. DNA got away from us and caused a real ruckus with these nickname results. He may not be Blue, but he’s clearly just as feisty.

April Fools. The REAL list of final results will be up later this week.

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