So… you want to join the Metahub kiddo? Well, sit down, I have a story to tell you 🕵️.

Metahub is a growing community of mobile gamers and enthusiast writers. That sounds like corporate B.S. right? Let’s rephrase that. Metahub is a place where you can come in, write a review, or a guide, or a news item about a game that you like and share it with our tens of thousands readers across the globe. We don’t mind how well your article does in terms of views / clicks, but we deeply care that it’s a good article.

If you’re a passionate gamer and you love writing, this is arguably one of the best places on the interwebs for you.

About us

Here are our rules:

  • No clickbait. No B.S. No false information or fake news. If you join our ranks and you violate this, you are banned for life.
  • If you use someone else’s data or infographic or graphic assets, you are obliged to credit the person. Corporations are not people, so you don’t have to explicitly credit a game studio X for using a cover of their game Y.
  • Readers’ time matters. Be informative, be honest and know your ****. Otherwise people will end up watching poorly edited videos of screaming Youtube children and learning bad advice on how to play their favorite game. We don’t want that, right?

What are we looking for:

  • We’re looking for enthusiast writers for <INSERT YOUR FAVORITE MOBILE GAME HERE> who are ready to take one simple mission: give the game’s community good, informative and useful guides.
  • You don’t have to be a professional writer to join. We won’t ask for credentials or references. We just value well-written content. That’s it!
  • We’re looking for guide-style content: stuff like deck building, unit guides, farming guides, that sort of thing.
  • We’re also looking for news-style content: what’s new, event breakdowns, etc.

What do we give in return:

  • We’re offering you an opportunity to share your enthusiasm of a game to our wide audience of viewers.
  • You get to deliver the latest news and detailed strategy guides to help players improve and grow the audience for your favorite mobile game.
  • Via the Metahub platform, some of our writers have also built relationships with game developers. They’ve tested unreleased betas, been given advanced warning on new events and patches, and even visited the studios where their game was created!
  • Oh, and we also pay a modest fee per article. Hopefully as Metahub grows, we can even increase that fee. You’re paid monthly via paypal.

A few notes:

  • There is no monthly minimum for how many articles you need to write. We’d love it if you could stay active every week and every month, but we know that life often gets in the way.
  • There is no secrecy about what we do, or what we are. We are a gaming website focused on mobile. We earn some money from ads and will probably open up Patreon in the future, and this mostly helps us pay for our servers and hosting and a little to our writers as well.

So, in essence, if you’re a mobile gaming enthusiast and you’d like to write and earn a little cash for your in-game purchases, we’re here to help. On average, Metahub is visited by ~6000 people every day. Not bad for a scrappy website aimed to provide guides for gamers.

Write for Metahub

With that being said, here’s the next steps if you want to join us as a writer:

  • Send in an example of a <INSERT YOUR FAVORITE MOBILE GAME HERE> guide to this email address: [email protected]
  • We’ll review your grammar and language and we’ll try our best to review the contents of the guide. We can’t play every mobile out there, but we’re kinda good at figuring out what is a good guide and what should never be published.