This guide has been written to give you a brief overview of our recommendations for Ghostbusters World. As of today, the game is now available worldwide, therefore we thought important to provide you with a guide to help get started!

If you’re not familiar with the game yet, and would like an overview of the features right…/ghostbusters-world-general-overview-and-review!


First off, you want to collect as many Ghosts as you possibly can. There is a book called ‘Tobin’s Guide’, which tells you about the Ghosts you have already caught, and gives you a special description about them.

Each Ghost has a set of stats, including: Attack, Defence, HP, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Speed and Resistance. These all accumulate together to form CP, basically a total, telling you which Ghost is the strongest.

Ghosts have 3 main attributes to them: their tier, element and rating. Their tier is the amount of stars they have, from 1-6 stars, and so far we believe that you can find up to 5 stars in the wild.

There are 5 different Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Dark and Eletric. More common Ghosts may have different forms depending on their element (i.e. Water Golem, Fire Golem, Earth Golem).

A Ghost’s rating is what ‘letter’ they have on their profile. The letters are D, C, B, A and S – with D being the worst and S th
e best. Depending on what rating your Ghost has, gives your Ghost a bonus for multiple of its stats. The percentage bonus depends on how high the ‘letter’ rating is.

At the start of the game you’re going to be getting 1 and 2 stars, and possibly 3-5 stars if you’re very lucky. However, most of us won’t be, and instead we recommend that you focus on trying to get the highest rating Ghost, and therefore the highest CP. Don’t worry about getting a good team, just put your highest rated Ghosts in (of course, if you find something that works well for you, use that).

To unlock more moves (to battle with), you need to upgrade your Ghost’s rank. Each Ghost has a Special Skill, Normal Skill, Passive Skill, and Leader Skill. As far as we know, Ghosts start off with their Special and Normal Skills, gaining their Passive and Leader Skills at rank 3 (with 3 stars) and 5 (with 5 stars) respectively. As you increase your Ghost’s rank, you can equip it with different things, such as Runes.

Levelling Up

To level up Ghosts, you need Pke Crystals. We recommend focusing on Ghosts you’re going to use, and not just upgrading everything, like you may in other games. Ranking up increases your Ghosts’ tier, or amount of stars they have. You need specific items, such as Coins, Pke Crystals, Element Shards and Slime Shards, all of which can be found while progressing in the game’s various modes. Once you get your Ghost to a 3 star or above, it seems that it takes quite a lot of items to rank them up, so only rank up Ghosts that you really think you’re going to use. Hopefully we’ll bring out a tier list soon, so we can give you a bit more detail on what things to focus on!


As for battling, we recommend you try and get as many battles in a day as you can. You get one scroll every 10 minutes, and seem to have a half decent amount of scrolls that you can store, but levels seem to vary on the amount of scrolls they need, some not needing any!

The actual battling system is relatively simple and there is an auto and manual battle mode. For lower level battles, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, but for higher up battles, we recommend
choosing manual, just in case!

There are many different kinds of battling systems, with ones such as Gozer’s Tower being unlocked at level 15, so you don’t need to worry about those for now, as they are likely to succumb to change when the official release happens.

There is the Arena, and this unsurprisingly pits you against other players. It  seems you can earn stars to get boxes that give you rewards, as well as there being Seasons that give you rewards depending on where you’ve placed. This is about all we know for now, as it is again likely to succumb to changes. However, you should go ahead and have a look around in there – after all, what’s there to lose?

We also have Raids, which are not unlike Pokémon Go’s version. You team up with some friends, try to beat an overpowered boss, and reap rewards from it (it is just rewards, mind you. No catching the Boss Ghost ☹).

The main battling feature is Story Mode. As the name suggests, this game mode has a story as you progress through the levels. You earn rewards for each level you beat, with many levels and chapters to progress through, battling increasingly harder Ghosts as you go.


When catching, as shown to you in the tutorial, you’re essentially fighting a Ghost until you can capture it, not unlike Pokémon.

To begin capturing said Ghost, you first need to get it down to half health. You can do this in 2 ways. One is by using you main weapons, another, your counter weapon.

To use your main weapon you just aim and fire at the ghost, aiming your weapon by moving your device around in the real world. This weapon needs time to reload once you have used it for a certain amount of time, however, it has an unlimited amount of ammo.

There is a  secondary weapon you can use that deals more damage, but you need to buy and create ammo for these.

Your counter weapon is another cool feature, where, when the Ghost is warming up its attack, you press a red button that appears on the screen, and then your avatar attacks for you, dealing a fair amount of damage!

If you miss this counter attack, the Ghost attacks instead, dealing damage. You need to capture it before it defeats you. You don’t really need to worry about being defeated, as it just spawns you back to the same place you started.

After you have managed to get the Ghost down to half health, you need to throw out a trap, by pressing on a button down in the right-hand corner, and then using your proton gun to drag the Ghost over your trap, for a certain amount of time before the Ghost is drawn into the trap.

If the Ghost is moving further away from the trap, you can slam it down, dealing damage and making it easier to capture for a short amount of time.

The Ghost isn’t definitively caught and can escape. There are 3 shakes, and then a shock of electricity around the trap, before the Ghost is caught.

To be able to battle Ghosts in the first place, you need to create traps and ammo. Ammo is only used for weapons that are more special, your basic weapons all have infinite ammo.

We recommend you focus on spending your coins on traps over ammo (obviously don’t spend all your coins!), as all Ghosts that are 3 stars or lower don’t really need anything special to trap them.


We don’t know much about the spawns yet, especially since they may change as the game progresses.

However, from what we’ve seen, Ghosts spawn pretty commonly, which is great! We’ve usually had at least 3 or 4 Ghosts around us at one time, and when we trap one, another usually appears to take its place. 1 and 2 stars spawn very commonly, 3-4 stars less so, and 5 stars very rarely.

As of the time of writing, we don’t believe you can get 6 stars in the wild, only through upgrading.

It also seems that Fire, Earth and Water each spawn equally, with Dark and Electric spawning rarely. If this game is anything like PoGo and JWA, we’ll likely find out that water types, for example, spawn nearer the water.

Other Small Features

We also have some other small, cool things:
– Achievements – there seems to be a wide array of these, so get playing!
– Daily rewards
– Destabilization – when you sell your Ghosts for more room, and some quite good items!
– Remote Gates – little portals you drop down that give you rewards after a certain amount of time.

Parting Words

With the release of the game just around the corner, we’re very excited to see what new features and improvements the full release will bring! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them down below.

Also, a huge thanks to Raptor 22 for lots of the information and photos!