Ghosts are at the very core of Ghostbusters World and they’re used in almost every aspect of the game. Understanding them is very important, especially when it comes to understanding their stats and type properties. Let’s dive deep, shall we?

Obtaining Ghosts

You can obtain Ghosts from only two different sources:

  • Capture battles where you use your weapons and traps to defeat and entrap a Ghost
  • Ecto-Spheres which can be hatched by using a Cyto-Converter

About Ecto-Spheres

  • Ecto-Sphere can be bought for Gold or Diamonds
  • 1-3 ★ (tier) Ecto-Spheres cost 2000 gold
  • 3-5 ★ (tier) Ecto-Spheres cost 300 diamonds (around 3.00 USD worth of premium currency)

1-3 tier Ecto-Spheres take 3 hours to hatch (convert as per in-game lore), while 3-5 tier Spheres take 24:00 hours to hatch. Just hope you don’t get a Tier 3 Ghost from a premium Sphere!

Ghost stats and stat mechanics

Ghosts in Ghostbusters World have several important stats that describe them:

Stat Description
Attack The amount of damage dealt by skills
Defense Damage reduced from incoming attacks
HP Health points
Critical rate Percentage chance to do a critical strike (how often you crit)
Critical damage Percentage damage increase on critical strikes (how hard you crit)
Speed Determines priority in combat
Resistances Percentage reduction of incoming elemental damage

In addition to stats, each Ghost has a few special categories that are arguably more important than their raw stats:

  • Role determines how the ghost should be used. Can be:
    • Attack
    • Defense
    • Support
  • Type determines ghost’s elemental alignment. Can be:
    • Water 🌊 is strong against Fire, weak against Earth
    • Fire 🔥 is strong against Earth, weak against Water
    • Earth 🌱 is strong against Water, weak against Fire
    • Light ☀️ is strong against Dark, weak against Dark
    • Dark 🌑 is strong against Light, weak against Light
  • Grade determines the random stats increase that the ghost gets – similar to IVs in Pokemon GO. Think of it as ghost genes – the better they are, the stronger your ghost can be when compared to other ghosts of the same specie. Grade can be:
    • D: Common
    • C: Uncommon
    • B: Rare
    • A: Heroic
    • S: Legendary
  • Rank (★, star rating) affects ghost’s overall power and the max level it can be upgraded to. Different ghosts have different starting Ranks, but all of them can be upgraded to six stars ★.
    • Max upgrade levels per rank:
      • – level 10
      • ★ – level 20
      • ★ – level 30
      • ★ – level 40
      • ★ – level 50
      • ★ – level 60

Ghost skills and passives

Ghosts in Ghostbusters World can have up to two passive and two active skills:

Skill Description
Leader skill A passive skill that activates on the start of the battle when a ghost is assigned as the team leader. Not all ghosts have Leader skills!
Passive skill A passive skill that activates on the start of the battle.
Normal skill Active skill that can be used every turn.
Special skill Active skill that has a cooldown when used.

Skills with additional on hit effects activate only when the skill actually hits the target.