Welcome new Explorers! After a few hours of fumbling around in this new game, tripping over bushes to catch that Diplocaulus and sending your level 5 Sarco to its death at the claws of a lvl 2 Velociraptor, you might be thinking, “Am I doing this wrong?”

If that’s what you were thinking, then you’ve come to the right place! This article is made specifically for newer players who are struggling and would like to know what to look out for, so they don’t make newbie mistakes!

How to spend Cash wisely?

This is the most common question I get, “What should I spend my cash on?” “Should I spend my cash on Epic incubators or Rare incubators?” The answer to that is: no. Do not spend cash in the shop to buy incubators. The most valuable resource in this game is not darts, it’s not even DNA per say, it is coins.

Many new players would think that coins are useless and plentiful, that they will never run out. Sure, when your lvl 2 lvl 1 common Dinos only need 10 coins to level up, it really doesn’t seem much considering you can get double that in one spin if you’re lucky, but when you start getting higher level Dinos, especially if you start working on fusions, you’ll need to farm coins to the coin limit for multiple days straight just to level up one of your Dinos once. For example, my lvl 19 Stegoceratops needs 40k coins to level up to lvl 20.

The maximum amount of coins one can get from stops per day is 4300 coins at level 10 without VIP. That will take me 9 days of farming coins 6-7 hours a day just to level up that Stegoceratops once. So this is where you should spend your cash on, coins. The 200 something epic DNA that the incubator gives you is not much at all when you have VIP and get to a higher level, that amount of DNA can be easily acquired by only 2-4 epic encounters. For just a few hundred more cash, you can buy 250000 coins which will help you progress way more into the game than a mere 200 epic DNA.

Leveling up your Dinos

The only way to level up in the game currently is to level up your Dinos or create new Dinos. Higher levels grant you perks like better free incubators and more DNA per dart. When starting off, try to get all your common Dinos to lvl 5 to get as much exp as you can. After lvl 5, the leveling up process starts to get a bit more expensive, as from 5-6 it will cost you 100 coins and it will grow until crazy amounts of coins. Also, when leveling up your Dinos, be mindful that some Dinos like Gen 2 Irritator, Suchomimus, Nundasuchus, Einiosaurus and Majungasaurus have hybrids at lvl 5, so do not level them over level five before at least getting their hybrids

No need to worry about darts

As catchy as that phrase “gotta catch ’em all” is, there is no point in catching every single dinosaur you see. After getting them all to level 5, there is no need at all to dart anymore Diplocaulus or Gen 2 Monolophosaurus once they’re at level 5 (for now). Trust me, you won’t have the spare resources to level them up anyways, they don’t have hybrids (yet?) and are pretty bad in the arena.

Once you get to a certain point, you will be very selective of your darting. Many Dinos like those mentioned above and even rares like Koolasuchus Gen 2, Edmontosaurus you won’t even bother to dart due to their rather uselessness so even though it might seem that you run out of darts a lot when you’ve just started the game, once you get in a bit more, you’ll never have to worry about darts again.  

Parting Words

Finally, this is a really fun game and a great AR experience, as long as you don’t fumble across these newbie mistakes, you’ll become a Dino master in no time! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in our Discord!