Looking at Tyrannosaurus rex’s sky-high attack and health you might assume it’s a beast in arena that can rip through entire teams. In this article, I will tell you why that’s not the case, and how to effectively use and counter Rexy (and similar dinosaurs) in the Jurassic World Alive arena!

Which Rex is the Best Rex?

There may only be two versions of Tyrannosaurus rex in this game, but there are four dinosaurs with very similar stats and skillsets. Below, I’ve listed them in order of usefulness in arena (see our tier list for the full comparison).

  1. Tyrannosaurus rex – The biggest and baddest of the bunch is, not surprisingly, OG Rexy! With great health and the highest attack in game, she can rip through any tank with a devastating Defense Shattering Rampage (and 30% crit chance!)
    Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Gorgosaurus – Unable to hit with the immediate devastating blows that T. rex can deliver, this rex-type dino can hit for massive damage on turn 2 by using Ferocious Strike and Defense Shattering Impact in combination.
  3. Tyrannosaurus rex Gen 2 – Though not able to hit as hard as her epic counterpart, this rare version of rex still packs a punch. Notably, this dinosaur really suffers from not having Defense Shattering skills.

  4. Allosaurus – Though unable to hit as hard or break shields, this dinosaur has one edge over the other three that gives it an important leg up in the current meta: extremely high health. This is the only one of the three able to survive the initial two turn onslaught from Velociraptor and kill it.
    Jurassic World Alive Allosaurus

When to Use These Dinosaurs

All four of these dinosaurs hit super hard but are very very slow. This means they will almost always go second in a match. This leaves them susceptible to being debuffed and stun-locked. The do best against dinosaurs that cannot lower their attack, cannot dish out fast, big damage, and cannot stun them. Since stuns are RNG-dependent, this is somewhat less of a threat. All three raptors are able to put out big damage AND lower attack so they hard counter these dinosaurs (except for Velociraptor against Allosaurus, as mentioned above). Your best bet is to bring out these dinosaurs after one of your dinosaurs is killed against a tank with high armor. Rexy and Gorgosaurus work best because they can also go straight through shields to ensure there is nothing the foe can do to stop you. Dinosaurs like Euoplocephalus, Ankylosaurus, and even hybrids like Amargocephalus will really hate seeing T. rex come out.

How to Counter These Dinosaurs

As I’ve said a few times, raptors absolutely destroy these critters in nearly every situation. Importantly though, NOTHING likes to switch in and take an impact or rampage from any of these dinosaurs, especially given their higher than average critical chance. This means that if one of these dinosaurs comes out against something it can kill, you may need to pick a dinosaur to (potentially) take the hit and die. There are 0 safe switch ins for a T. rex. Once able to pick something to come in cleanly, simply pick a raptor like Pyroraptor, a debuffer like Proceratosaurus, or hope for stuns from the likes of Triceratops and go for it! T. rex et al. are pretty easy to wear down and, even if they take out one of your dinosaurs, they are unlikely to take out two with such abysmal speed.

The Verdict

While these four fearsome carnivores pack a punch, they are slow and easily countered. Best case scenario, they can help get rid of a pesky tank (which is often really helpful), but it seems they are often dead weight in a meta so strongly dominated by fast dinosaurs that can quickly kill or weaken them. I hope this article helps new and continuing players alike in their quest to climb to the top in arena! I suggest you search hard for both Allosaurus and T. rex as they are fusion ingredients in two excellent hybrids, Allosinosaurus and Indominus Rex, respectively.

For more information on T. rex, check out my YouTube In-Depth Review. If you want some more detailed advice catered to the dinosaurs you have, please stop by our Discord page!